Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress Crack/Patch

Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress is a DLC for Two Worlds II.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1502
Genre Role-Playing, Third-Person, General, Action RPG
Company / Developer
TopWare Interactive / Reality Pump

Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress reviews ( 7 )

jakoby, Oct 5, 2011

I think this is a very good expansion, and is almost 15 hour!!! ( the TW2 was max. 25-30 hour) The TW2PoFF is a new chapter in Antalor's history with new monsters, armors, and of course with new boss fights and multiplayer maps! I only gave 9, becaouse (for me) was too easy. ( i played at first in medium-and after in hard)

TiesTorN, Feb 23, 2014

Better in every aspect compared to the original game... Eveything has been improved like voice actors, graphics, new effects & weathers etc. A more refined game than the original.

senstaffsen, Nov 25, 2011

Bigger better, and we're able to sail now. I think this adds a huge amount of playtime if you want to complete it on all Easy Hard, Medium. And the new Multiplayer maps on this Fantastic expansion that have been received Positively by reviewers. They've made a huge amount of Fun, and there's allot more then expected of new Features. I did like their new story, and i enjoy their new Graphics. So i got allot of hours, and it's just totally worth the money. The story is about pirates, the Expansion title, explains it all! Basically if you like ships you should give it a try. There's Almost new spells, A new campaign, Ships, Weapons, Games, Voices, Characters, Maps (And even more) Very good expansion.

Garnog, Oct 23, 2011

I got many hours of fun out of this, mainly because I love to explore and try out different weapon combinations against the unruly mobs. There is a definite improvement to the graphics, especially the lighting. Hold a torch up inside the ship and you'll see not just shadows, but detail from bump mapping as light plays off various textured surfaces. Gameplay is much the same as the original TW2 (sailing has been tweaked for the 'landlubbers' to be easier) but the enemies are more robust, hence the requirement for a high level character. My only complaints are that you cannot return to the 'real' world to kick ass and take names, and there is also some pronounced audio stuttering when looting and opening inventories, which carries over to the main game as well. This didn't happen before the expansion, but oddly does not affect multiplayer. Otherwise, if you're a fan of TW2, this is well worth getting for the additional play time and the new loot (thank the gods, I can finally ditch that stupid pointed Mage hat!)though the price point is too high, IMHO. When it comes on sale , definitely get it.

jacklop21, Oct 6, 2011

I really enjoyed this DLC, a very unique storyline and some new unique things, i think it is worth the purchase. There is a whole new location, horse armour, and you can play as your original character.

sweet, Sep 5, 2015

I read the review of CoolDadTx, and while I think a lot of his complaints are valid, I don't see them as terribly as he does. It makes sense to me that there was a fairly broad mix of enemies, and that taking out the mages and ranged enemies first is a logical tactic. Tactical positioning and timing is important, knowing when to use special moves matter, having retreat avenues or preparing beforehand matters. This game is a long way from being the worst I've played combat wise, it forces you to think tactically rather than button mash. I like games where you can roam around and explore, there's plenty of unique and interesting quests, and the characters have well... character, and this game provides that. It doesn't take itself too seriously, provides plenty of humor, and the ending was satisfying. It's not without its problems, and there are many minor annoyances, but overall it was a good experience.

CoolDadTx, Jan 8, 2014

The expansion should have added to the experience but beyond the good story it did nothing but take what was good in TW2 and mess it up. Let's start with the enemies. Almost everyone is either a mage or range specialist. The range specialists do a tremendous amount of dmg and you're generally surrounded by 2 or 3 of them in addition to melee. The mages are even worse because they basically start spawning in enemies and never stop until you kill them. The result is that you have to quickly find the mage and kill them while avoiding the increasing enemy count and range specialists. It would be fine if it wasn't every battle... Even worse is that strategy got thrown out the window. In TW2 you could sneak up on an enemy and kill them. In the expansion I wasn't able to sneak up on anyone. In fact if I got within range of a bow they immediately knew where I was at. This is the (few) times that you actually see the enemies. The expansion has almost every group of enemy spawn around you when you enter a new area. Get to a crossing in the path, enemies spawn in. Walk down a ravine, more enemies spawn in. It isn't like these are ghosts or anything. All the enemies do it with predictable frequency. The enemy counts have gone up, the amount of dmg they can take and dish out has gone up and they always spawn surrounding you. Combat went from fun to boring because it was repetitive and unbalanced. The expansion introduced a boat but the only purpose of using it is to get from one plot area to another. Once there then the teleports were available. It is really nothing more than a gimmick. The only redeeming quality of this expansion was the story.