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Two Worlds Two Worlds combines the dynamic combat system with the meaning and freedom of exploration. The ultimate goal of the Two Worlds project is to deliver a superior Role Playing Game to the PC and Xbox 360 market where players have a real chance to shape the game world with their actions - to an extent that has yet to seen in other productions. This premise is supported with a strong, non-linear storyline and stunning combat sequences. The world comes to life as it immediately reacts to the player's actions and changes accordingly - offering new and exciting challenges. Players can shape their own story by choosing the path of conducting the main conflict and resolving meaningful side-quests. The combat system combines intuitive steering, tactical challenges and movie-like visual experiences. Players can experiment with different careers and even reverse their former choices with the help of "career changers". Players can travel and fight on various animals from horses to tamed lizards and beasts. Randomly generated pieces of equipment, thematic sets and combined items offer the space to experiment and satisfy the need to collect. [SouthPeak Interactive]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3266
Genre Role-Playing, Third-Person, General
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
SouthPeak Games / Reality Pump

Two Worlds reviews ( 7 )

EricP., May 1, 2008

Great game, very fast at least the version 1.6 on my 8800 GTS (compared to Oblivion), a lot of action, greatly balanced, no bug so far, more variety of landscape than Oblivion.

C.IC.I, Feb 6, 2009

People always complain about "perfection" in a game. games are made to entertain ourselves. like in life, NOTHING is perfect. games are not made to be perfect. they are made for people to spend..enjoy and having a good time playing. Of course i rather play oblivion that this one, but still, oblivion is just one game, and to see another RPG with another story is just great. im really happy to been able to play this game. it gave me a lot of hours of entertaining. i dont give a 10 because like in every game, there is something i dont like. but still great game.

Swayne, Jul 29, 2007

First impression is bad because of lack of graphical detail especiallyin faces - but then the experience gets richer and richer the more you travel the world - and then you realize that the atmosphere is great, there are a lot of great items, interesting plot, great sidequest and some real graphical gems at times/in parts....try it!

MrButtermancer, Mar 29, 2011

This is an absolutely terrible game. However, it is also quite a lot of fun. I really don't know how else to put it. The storyline is so bad it's good. The voice acting is pure cheesiness. You'll get sick of the word "verily" after about ten minutes of play. They try to make it old English, but they messed it up. Combat is fun, character development is fun, crafting is fun, exploring is fun, and spells are fun. You really get that "I'm getting stronger" feeling the best RPGs give you as you develop. If you can get it for cheap, pick it up. I'd spend $10-20 on it. It'll amuse you for a week or two.

knight0fkh0nshu, Sep 17, 2010

INTRODUCTION A world of chaos infested by the taint. Uncertain truths await at every turn. Your sister kidnapped by unknown assailants. You embark on an epic quest to find and save your sister from an ancient curse. Orcs seek to raise their god and somehow your family is connected. Why? How? With only your trusted weapon at your side, you seek to find the answers. Whether it be eternal glory or an oblivion of darkness awaiting youâ

CKelley, Jan 8, 2010

Lets just say theres a reason its so cheap. Its a knock off of Bethesdas work through and through. Take the setting of oblivion, take out the cool characters, take half of morrowinds equipment, and throw in a bit of fable 1 combat and you get this mutilated baby. Only buy if you happen to have some change in your pocket that you dont want

BillM., Sep 16, 2007

No LAN support!!!! Terrible art, graphics technology, sound, voice-acting, performance, combat-mechanics, no first-person combat... If they hadn't have compared this game to Oblivion, it might have been acceptable, but they raised the bar too high and have crippled themselves. I'm so disappointed in this game that I'm blacklisting the developer.