Tycoon City: New York Crack/Patch

Tycoon City: New York Here's your chance to make it big in the Big Apple… New York City, the city that never sleeps! Go for broke building your own Manhattan empire, creating and customizing over 100 types of major businesses: run a hot nightclub, oversee a media conglomerate, open a lucrative Broadway theater — the choices are endless. As your success grows, so will your reputation — your face on TV reports, your name in lights, and the city at your feet. With world-renowned landmarks, true-to-life neighborhoods, and spectacular New York events, you’re constantly in the thick of the action, becoming a major mogul in America’s most exciting metropolis. High-profile industries, real-world brands, and a bustling 24-hour city give every player the chance to make it big. [Atari]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1262
Genre Strategy, Tycoon, Management, Business / Tycoon
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Atari , Atari SA / Deep Red

Tycoon City: New York reviews ( 3 )

JackS., Jun 7, 2008

This game is awesome!, I mean just look at the scenery and all the buildings like times square and the virgin megastore and the chinese restraunt. its so amazing. This is my vote: 10 out of 10 (*****).

Spgsamuel, Aug 17, 2013

Ive been playing this gem since it came out, The game still has superior graphics compared to other simulation games. This is not a town planner type style of game play, you are in competition with 15+ other business people (AI) and must buy land and make it profitable, various areas have more appeal to students, moms and dads and the type of business they would like to shop at, for e.g a student wont buy a super car so there is not much point building and super car showroom in an area full of students. There are so many business's you can get into, you can become a landlord and earn money from rent, you can also rent out office space to increase revenue in an area and earn rent. you can start a specific resturant chain like french food, there are numerous real world brand names like lacoste, NBA, virgin mega store and many more. when you have a sufficient amount of a store chains you may invest in a depot which is a huge business building and you go on the leaderboard with the other AI, The idea is to have the most sucsessful stores. you do this in so many ways but that is all the gameplay. What makes me play this for so long is how insightful the AI is, i have had 1 deli store turn huge profits because its the only food store in a heavy office area. I mean you can take a really bad business idea like a chain of locksmith (ace idea, cutting keys and mending shoes) and acctually somehow make it semi sucsessful. you cant really explain it but it always does real gooduns like this. Then youll want to buy out the competition and totally domintate locksmithing in new york. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO HAVE THIER SHOES MENDED BY ME ALONE, its a passion. There are also little side quests that unlock historic areas, and sometimes a student just wants a stationary shop. You earn points that you can spend to give you the abilitiy to entice in new business for exsample more seating in resturants or flashing lazershows, mascots and clowns. and if you get bored you can stalk people, and thier AI is actually good and they tell you what they want what thier job is what they would like to do and you feel like you are asking them questions as the details surround the business consept the game is built on plus they dont look like mine craft models. I cant explain why or how the gameplay works, but it just does, it is a business model dressed in cool gameplay if your not interested in business models and simple economics like supply and demand, it might not be for you. 9/10 because eventually you run out of space to build more depots, and you need to buy out things you cant afford

GameOver2016, Jul 12, 2016

The game is really good, the only problem is that you can easily get stuck in a district after completing all quests (called Oportunities), without knowing what to do. Also some quests require a specific date to complete, which annoys me a bit.