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Tyranny In Tyranny, the grand war between good and evil is over – and the forces of evil, led by Kyros the Overlord, have won.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4571
Genre Role-Playing, Western-Style
Company / Developer
Paradox Interactive / Obsidian Entertainment

Tyranny reviews ( 7 )

stratioti, Nov 10, 2016

So far a very sophisticated piece of game! If you just liked Pillars of Eternity you will LOVE Tyranny! Prerequisite is to have some evil in you. ;)

Celeborth, Jan 16, 2017

Next amazing game from Obsidian, The only thing that for me is kind of upsetting is that I cannot enter all areas in one play if I take particular choices. But apart from that, amazing combat and lore (really great job in storytelling and creating brand new universe). Obsidian bases heavily on their PoE engine and mechanics, I can see a lot of content being reused which is great - no point in reinventing the wheel. One minor drawback is that of the game being kind of too short (what I mean is that we can clearly see where the game could have been easily continued if Obsidian spent more money on the game). Anyway great game, and worth money and time.

aboldi, Nov 15, 2016

Very well crafted and thoughtful game. While it does feel a little rushed towards the end, both story-wise and loot wise (finding a legendary item in random barrels scattered around starts to feel a bit pointless), it really kept me absorbed throughout. The gameplay is satisfyingly complex, without being annoyingly micro, and the characters along for the ride are both well thought out and 'realistic', in that they will seldom sway out of character regardless of how you try to convince them. The story starts off interestingly, with choices making a solid, tangible difference and they continue throughout. Some things start to feel out of your hands towards the end, but they aren't too out of sync with the rest of your decisions. All in all a 10/10, with 1 point deducted for the slightly rushed end game.

Derf3L, Dec 10, 2016

Tyranny is a solid isometric RPG, which is easily comparable to Pillars of Eternity. The game has the usual isometric and slightly outdated graphics. The settings remind of the Age of Bronze era. There is very little "fantasy" in the game, as most enemies are humans, with few exceptions. Forget about dragons and elves.. but still pretty captivating as it's not a common atmosphere in RPG games. The choices you make through the game totally change the outcome of your playthrough, making it very personalized. I must say the factions reputations system works very good: you are always aware of the effects of your choices and you can keep track of your reputations against any group or companion in the game. I believe the story is very good and it's not true you are the "evil" character, as you can take very "good person" choices to mould your story. It's just that you are in a war, therefore there won't be easy situations to solve.. The combat is fun, they added combos with your party members, but it has less skills compared to PoE. Also keeping only 4 people in the party can be a bit limiting in terms of strategy. Overall I would say PoE combat was better. What dragged me down a bit was the companions: the dialogues with them are very limited because you basically have the same round of questions for each of them, with no real personalization. Also no side quests for companions... As I said, the game is very solid and, despite the abrupt ending, I must say it's one of the top games released in 2016

szszsz, Nov 16, 2016

this is by far the most uneven rpg games ive ever played it has amazing potential, interesting lore, cool characters, great spellcraft, nice skills, very climatic 'conquer' mode, all the small things like 'hyperlinks' during speech, etc - 10/10 but at the same time its just look incomplete i dont mind lack of cutscenes, voice acting, and other 'nowadays' stuff but the game gives you an opportunity to play your role yet the execution is poor most of the time SPOILER-FREE EXAMPLES (made-up but with the sense of actual gameplay): lets say that a farmer asks you to find his cattle, you go and find it, yet because of reasons you decide to kill his wife on a way back, once you go back to the farmer he talks hostile mouring his wife, but as soon as you mention saved cattle he becomes happy, starts cheering and celebrating and forgets about the bad things or youre told to take part in huge battle between good guys and bad guys, HUUUUUGE battle - you get there and theres 5-6 ppl on both sides, you kill all the baddies (normal weak troops), epic win, bards start creating songs about you, etc its still very playable, ive sunk into the world and lore but at the same time it is so fresh and it might have been perfect, if didnt lack polishing and sometimes common sense hope PoE II will learn from tyranny's mistakes

C-Pu, Feb 28, 2017

Does Tyranny live up to the standards that Pillars of Eternity set before it? Personally for me, the combat was one of the redeeming factors of this game, as it can be really brutal(i played on path of the damned difficulty), having to micromanage your party and try to get right characters to do the right things, tanks to taunt enemies away from your casters, casters to use heals and CC the heavy hitting enemies, and damage dealers to well... kill the correct enemies or focus fire. Theres plenty of customization as all characters gain "talent" points after each level, allowing you to build them as you see fit, and a correct build for each character goes a long way if you are having trouble with combat. The same goes for spells, each and every spell can be customized to your liking, adding bouncing effects to CC spells, increasing radius of effects or such. Want to make your fireball spell cast two balls or even add frost effect to them? You can do that, and plenty more. And all characters can use spells, except the most advanced ones ofc, as they require a really high lore skill that is primarily found on mages. Later though, the game became really easy and i was surprised that even on PoTD difficulty, i was just mowing down huge groups of enemies and barely even getting wounds or damaged. So either it was me equipping my party correctly and using correct combo abilities or spells, or there could be a balancing problem, where the game is really difficult early, but gets super easy later. Even the bosses became pushovers(and btw, there aint many epic bosses just so you know). This happened at around level 13 mark, which is pretty far into the game. Sirin is OP btw... just sayin >.> For me though, the major problem was the story and the games length, and lets just be frank here. This game is NOT on par with PoE in terms of story, writing and quality. The main story is pretty much this: you are a puppet of a major **** theres 2 **** factions and they are both big ****s to everyone and each other. You can either side with one of the ****s and stay loyal to the major **** or kill all of them and try to throw the major **** off his/her throne. Theres a lot of politics involved and warfare. Sadly, when you feel like you are midway through the game and its starting to get interesting, the game just abruptly ends, suggesting that either this game was initially thought to be much longer, and they just didnt have the time to finish it, OR the ending is just a plain sequel bait. There is never any reveal of the major **** here, as he/she doesnt exist in this game, even tho he/she is referenced through out the entire game. The main antagonist is not even in the game... really? Theres not even side character stories that initially were hinted at. Many of your party members have troubled pasts that could potentially be fixed or explored. Like Bariks armor as an example, theres even dialogue that suggests that at some point you could maybe be able to help him remove it, but no such thing ever happens and its just kinda forgotten after a few pieces of dialogue. They just get a small mention at the epilogue, "Barik lived with his issues" mkaayy then game... missed opportunity. This game is approximately 20-30h long compared to PoEs 60h+, but one thing to say tho, is that the game CAN be replayed to possibly change some of the outcomes. But i cant say much about it, because i didnt bother to replay, as many choices are superficial at best. And yes, i save scummed to test. Id rather spend 100h to complete the full game and everything in it, than complete a 50h game and do most of the same things again that i did before. Personal preference i guess... Theres also some technical issues still present, that havent been fixed after PoE. Such as long loading times, pathing problems, AI not registering ability uses, and theres also some bugs that may not allow you to finish some quests etc. Also, i just couldnt help but roll my eyes like a hundred times during some of the dialogues, as the game constantly wants to remind you, that this games world is ruled by matriarchy social system. Most of the important characters are also female. And just to be clear, i have no problems with this setup or lore, but the writing was just so poor and it made me feel as if the writer wanted to inject his/her own political beliefs into the game. Thats not good, especially when it comes out forced. It immediately takes the player out of the experience when you are confronted by real life agendas in a game, that many use to escape from reality for a brief time. In the end, the game is ok, but it just doesnt live up to the standards that PoE set. It improves on combat and AI, but fails in other departments, such as telling a compelling, complete story and keeping you invested in it. So if you want a good dose of CRPG where you get your moneys worth, get Pillars of Eternity or better yet, wait for Divinity: Original Sin 2.

clarky, Sep 8, 2017

Forced Cutscenes mean that I gave it 30 seconds, still mashing away on the keys and the introduction kept going.... kept going.... kept going. Unfortunately it kept going for longer than I have patience. Alt+F4. 1/10. Please learn to add "Skip this **** with any key".