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UFO: Aftermath UFO: Aftermath is a 3D isometric, tactical strategy game a rich and compelling sci fi story. Combining global strategy with small squad tactical combat, the challenge offered is to fight against an alien invasion. Featuring run time generated tactical missions with innovative simultaneous combat action; the genre is also enhanced with strong RPG elements, offering a quite unique mix of strategic ideas. [Cenega]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1218
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, General, Sci-Fi
Company / Developer
Cenega Publishing / Altar Interactive

UFO: Aftermath reviews ( 5 )

WiktorZ., Oct 13, 2003

Truth is, if sequel is made after so many yeatrs, it is not made got please die-hard fans of series (they will buy it anyway :( ), but new players who never tried it before. So, I assume it's best we can get out of X-com these days, where most games are made for lazy kiddos :(... I miss whole menagement thing (but hey, you can start game with base in Europe or Asia!, just check out game menu) and complex combat enviroment, but at least i can sit and watch earth sphere with terminator moving hours long again... Still loads better then Apocalypse (THAT was a mistake!)

AlessioC., Dec 3, 2003

Finally after many years an x-com like game. A good game, good story. Similar in many ways to the OLD X-Com with the lack of economical administering and base building features. Play it, you'll never regret it!!!

DonRadkos, Sep 7, 2014

UFO After series took it upon it's shoulders to continue the legacy of XCOM Ufo Defense. As the commander of Earth's Remaining forces you fight to take earth back from the Aliens known as the Reticulans. Aftermath has a quasi-real time battle mechanic with an active pause and the ability to queue up multiple orders. On the global map you can do research, manage your troops, with a pretty well fleshed out leveling system and intercept UFOs. It's definately not as good as XCOM or it's 2011 re-imagining but it's an interesting position to try out. Altar Games went on to create two more installments of the game and good on them, since Aftershock and Afterlight were noticeably superior to this one. Unfortunately mechanics here are clunky, the game gets unfairly difficult WAY too fast and longer sittings can turn into boring chores. With all that in mind Aftermath is a decent albeit flawed first attempt at an XCOM successor. It's definately worth a playthrough as the music, the atmosphere and the overall feeling of the game give it more of an X-Files vibe.

SupaIndependent, Aug 21, 2013

Taking place in the far distance future of um 2004 immediately after aliens have wiped out the overwhelming majority of life on earth, UFO Aftermath was supposed to be a mix of strategy via a global view central command with real time tactical missions and a somewhat crpg element in regard to control of tactical teams. In addition to this if you had played this title you would have been required to do research to advance your cause against the aliens. A seemingly interesting balance of game elements right? Wrong. So what went wrong? The game was also to advance via the tactical missions. However, poor game balance blamed partly on an impossible learning curve left this aspect of the title unappealing. Except, perhaps, to those with nothing else to do, at all. What was leftover for those who did not free themselves from UFO Aftermath after a mission or so was a tedious and repetitive rut in an unoriginal game with unappealing graphics, amateurish voice acting and no sense of any real point to it. In addition, a frustrating optional hybrid system could auto-pause the game allowing the player to plan their next ''move'' before unpausing the game. Perhaps as an attempt to appease or appeal to the legions of fans of the venerable turn-based X-Com, some of whom were lead to believe that this clunker was some sort of ''spiritual'' successor to the X-Com series. A retro isometric style presentation would have been a better tribute to X-Com instead of the low grade 3D graphics that look so tediously similar to dozens of other Jim Crack RTS games. However, not even that would have saved this pot boiler from sub-mediocrity. Furthermore the old 1024x768 resolution leaves wide screens half empty. So please, do yourself a favor today choose the easy option and just avoid it. RATING 12%

Jok`RdeMo, Oct 7, 2003

Well, if it would be stand alone game then it would be OK, maybe even good. But as it was proclaimed as follower of X-COM then only thing what I can say is - it SUCKS!!! Why? Because it looks like for children, because it looks like for console, because it is so simple... 1. You cannot plan your bases, 2. U cannot chose where your base will be (for example I want it to be in Europe), 3. There is only one floor. 4. Walls are unbreakable. 5. There is no scientists and manufacturers to hire. 6. You can abort mission whereever your crew is - they all will be saved (if they R alive). etc... (list goes on) So it was only marketing to say that this is follower of X-COM or Dreamland. Its Sucks - I better play Jagged Alliance 2 - at least you can get on the roof there...