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UFO: Aftershock The sequel to UFO: Aftermath - Global strategy and small scale tactical missions intertwined...The year is 2054. Fifty years ago, something terrible happened and the surface of Earth became uninhabitable. The remnants of humankind escaped to an immense flying island, the Laputa. However a revolt against increasingly rigid and corrupt human leadership of the island escalated into a conflict that eventually destroyed it. The survivors of the survivors flee once again. Can they reclaim the Earth from the unknown forces now holding her in their grasp? The game features new amazing technologies and items to be researched and developed, new enemies and allies, resource and base management in the strategic game, and improved SAS and RPG systems in the tactical game. [Cenega Publishing]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1515
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Sci-Fi, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Cenega Publishing / Altar Interactive
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UFO: Aftershock reviews ( 5 )

PaulC., Oct 24, 2005

Got this Friday, played all weekend. Substantially better than Aftermath. Combat is slicker, and the base building is well implemented. Laughably they say the game is not inspired by X-COM games.....If this isn't a better implementation of X-Com Apocalype - then it's a small dog called Colin. (Aftermath was inferior to the flawed Apocalypse - Aftershock is IMO superior, and corrects some of the gameplay issues both Apoc and Aftermath had) Only many hours play will see how the game balancing works out - and this game encouraged me so far to invest that time...so far so good. :-)

VictorVictor, Jun 26, 2008

UFO: Aftershock is far better then Aftermath. XCom is something, UFO is something else. TBS, RPG and classical strategy in one single game. A good 9 from me, not 10 because I know other games far better then this one. Anyway, it's not borring, very good graphics and a good game!

CameronM., Jan 15, 2006

A huge improvement over Aftermath. Criticisms about repetitiveness are valid but hold across the genre and this game makes up for that with good graphics and improved RPG and strategy elements. Must mention : The Gamespot review is anomalous, ill-informed and written by a game-journo-hack who had no idea how to play this style of game. He certainly got no more that 10% of the way through the story. (Read the review to see what I mean) With this release perhaps now people and shoddy reviewers will abandon XCom comparisons and treat this and future UFO After* titles as elements in a solid independent series and worthwhile addition to the genre.

Muz, Sep 25, 2007

Unlike UFO: Aftermath, Aftershock is a long way off X-Com style gameplay. The game concept is solid and it has one of the best storylines I've ever seen. However, the game tends almost impossibly hard quite early on (before you get proper weapons) and in the late-mid game up to the point where I'd be happy that my soldiers even survived. In most other parts of the game, it simply got too easy and repetitive. The game has an excellent tactical concept, but many missions can be resolved without tactics. And worst of all, it tends to slow down badly if you have too many units on a mission and the base management can be frustrating late in the game. However, it's a great, fun game with an interesting storyline, worth a look if it's in the bargain bin or purchased as part of the trilogy.

RobE., May 19, 2007

Very sorry, loved X-COM in 1995, but copying it exactly in 2007 is not a good idea. Especially when you have everything you need in UFO: Afterlight. Stay away from this. Bad graphics, terrible interface.