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UFO: Extraterrestrials The year is now 2025 and on the newly colonized planet Esperanza our space devices have not just been approached by alien machines but attacked. The player controls a squad of soldiers, light and heavy support combat vehicles, robots and air units located in a base on the planet Esperanza that had been colonized by the spaceship Magalhaes in the year 2023. This squad was brought together by the Esperanza government to face a threat that comes from deep space. In case the player succeeds in averting an alien impact on Esperanza, the story will continue on the planet Earth which has been subdued by alien forces. The title combines global strategy with small, squad-based tactical combat against an alien invasion. To repel the alien invasion the player must take full advantage of the terrain and his surrounding environments. [Tri Synergy]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1526
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Sci-Fi, Tactics
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Tri Synergy , Matrix Games / Chaos Concept

UFO: Extraterrestrials reviews ( 6 )

nomanredd, Mar 20, 2013

I am reviewing this game using the UNI Mod which I think made this game the legitimate successor of the original XCOM. I have heard tha vanilla was not good but the one I purchase was the steam version using BT mod. It was okay at first and I would rate it as a 7 but it made the game for me TOO EASY. So I have research and some recommended the UNIMOD for advance players and I have not looked back. I even restarted my game and I love every piece of the UNIMOD for this game. This game thus elevates itself as one of my all time favorites.

TeemuH., Jul 12, 2007

Definately the best UFO remake yet, and easy moddability makes up the few flaws. Playable out-of-box, but like in TES4: Oblivion, the game transforms from good to excellent with a good modpackage. After you try couple of those, playing without 'em is like driving a bicycle with your hands tied behind your back.

LeSaviorNoah, Jul 31, 2012

I agree with the guy that gave it a 100... Easily... If you haven't played an X-COM game, I don't see how you couldn't enjoy this for the amzing strategy/rpg game that it is... If you have played X-COMs, then you would have to be compelled to say that his is by far one of the most challenging, yet fun one in the series!

ChrisL., Aug 7, 2007

Good quality game, modding makes it even more enjoyable. Will be playing this one for a very long time. Shame that this is such an "underground" title.

IUnderwhelmed, May 8, 2007

It's an Xcom clone, no doubt about it, and while it doesn't go out of it's way to be unique or set itself apart from the classic title, UFO:ET is something that all of the UFO: titles are not: A really good game, and a really good remake of the original.

SeanD., Nov 21, 2007

I wanted to like this game, I desperately did. Something about it, I just couldn't get into it. I am a massive fan of the X-Com series, and it rings fairly true to UFO Defense. The controls are annoying, but manageable, and from what I can tell, there are mods to take care of that problem. Some of what I've seen calls this UFO Defense with a graphics update, but to me the graphics are ugly and horrific. They honestly ruined the game for me, I'm not one to be picky about graphics, but they completely ruined it for me. I realize this isn't a major studio game, but that's no excuse, there are games from outside the main studios that still look good. I actually uninstalled this and started searching for user-made patches for X-com so I could run it on my computer. As for the complaint calling normal difficulty like insane, if you played the old X-Com games, then you expect it to be hard regardless of what difficulty setting. If you can get past the ugly look of it, and the unwealdy controls, there is something good underneath. As for me, I'll stick with UFO Defense and Terror from the Deep(which by the way is on steam for $5).