Ultima Online: Age of Shadows Crack Plus Serial Key

Ultima Online: Age of Shadows Journey to the land of Malas in this massively expanded Ultima Online world. Build your new custom house, explore Britannia's largest dungeon or join with others to build a new community. Learn the art of Necromancy and use new spells to summon undead monsters to assist you in battle. Build your skills as a holy Warrior by taking on the role of the Paladin. Acquire new magic items and rare collectibles through directed quests against over a dozen new monsters. Whether your skill lies in magic, battle, trade, or in your ability to construct the most incredible structures imaginable, make your mark on the Internet's deepest role-playing adventure - Ultima Online! [Electronic Arts]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1229
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Fantasy
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Electronic Arts
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Ultima Online: Age of Shadows reviews ( 4 )

SirNuttox, Mar 13, 2003

This game rocks!! It's completely changed, and now there is more to do than ever!! I am glad about some changes, I do wish the loot was better though..

DrewP., Mar 26, 2003

This game Kicks ass, for all u panzy's whos guys r pussy's and suck ass and complain that the monsters r too hard! DONT F......N PLAY THE GAME!

RoxxerYourArse, Mar 14, 2003

Nerfed the tamers again. AOS really hurt the veteran player. A confusing new weapon system, beefed up monsters, terrible support system, long lines of complaining irritated players.

Aran, Aug 30, 2010

Ultima Online: Age of Shadows is the expansion pack that destroyed not only Ultima Online, but the hearts, minds, and souls of all the players to ever enter Britannia. Between destroying the core Ultima feel and the addition of needless elements, in addition to removing the heart of the game, it also caused a rift in the community that can never be healed - Publish 16 and its community-dividing game changes.