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Umbrella Corps Umbrella Corps brings a competitive experience featuring new types of strategy and technique blended with elements from the world of Resident Evil, to create a "unique" kind of shooter.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 38 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1788
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Tactical
Company / Developer
Capcom / Capcom
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Umbrella Corps reviews ( 7 )

RevolverOcel0t, Jun 21, 2016

This is by no means a perfect game. However, with that said, I did and will continue to enjoy playing this game. From my first hour I can tell that this game does feel more like a free to play game than a retail game. Amazingly enough though, The game feels balanced with how you can properly strategize to win a round. I'd recomend it if you want to play an arcade style shooter with zombies for extra challenge. However, try to get it on a sale if you can. The cost seems a bit high for the content. (They might add more content down the road)

Joeveno, Jun 21, 2016

Definetly Reccomend if on sale somewhere. Fun little tactical shooter, quick matches. Mouse Aiming right now is iffy but it works fine on a controller. You can get used to the Mouse controls by just turning up your mouse sensitivity. Might not be perfect but it helps if you don't happen to have a controller. Only 2 competative game modes right now, 1 life per round team elimination and an objective mode where the objective changes every round. There are zombies/plagas infected B.O.W.s on all the maps and they can kill you very quickly, especially the dogs. It adds something else to worry about other than the enemy team some times. It's fun, looks nice enough for me and its getting free DLC. Unlike many of the negative reviews, I have had no crashing or problems of that sort at all. You may also want to take into account how much of a Capcom/RE "fan" the reviewer is, since the more they proclaim to love RE the more they problably hate this game or Capcom in general. If you are looking for a quick to pick up 3 v 3 tactical shooter with Resident Evil flair this is the game 4 u gamerz.

LoveBooty, Jun 21, 2016

Honestly, I'm quite enjoying this the little bit of time I've spent with this so far. The controls do feel a little wonky with a k+m but i'm sure it will be fixed since it seems like the same issue that Revelations had on launch. A controller is heavily recommended, even on the store page. Personally, I would stay out of the forums for a little while until alot of the anger subsides in it. If you plan on getting matched and matched quickly at the moment of writing, i suggest going into ranked.

Kaprawiec, Jul 13, 2016

Watch out! Scores 10/10 from guys who rate 3 games: Umbrella corps on 2 systems and Mighty no 9. All 3 games with score 10/10. So this game would have even lower User Score - something like 1.2/10 :P Seriously capcom - this is ridiculous. You think users of the Metacritics are this stupid? Besides - why moderators from Metacritic dont ban this IP and delete this posts? Shame... This site is so popular, we really need new site like this runned by people who really cares about their users!!! BTW - about the game - Its just like I wrote in Downwell review - why bother with AAA games like Umbrella Corps when You can have tons of fun with a game with asking price of 5$?

Scritty, Mar 29, 2018

I notice that the top 3 scores on this page give a 10 - and all three are accounts that have only ever rated 3 games ever. This, it's prequel and Mighty number 9 (by the same developer) they have done nothing before or since and all gave all 3 games 10 out of 10. Clearly the developers abusing the system. If I could give a minus score to balance that cheating - I would. 0/10 - and that's being generous

Mindgame, Jul 7, 2016

It is pretty obvious all of you three 10/10-voters here do not understand how to give a review.. Why would you give it a 10/10 when you only 'quite enjoyed this' and think it's 'by no means a perfect game'? Nice try Capcom employees, nice try! ;) The game is btw in fact the worst ¤¤¤"%&!ing game I have ever played in my poor !#& life. LoveBooty Jun 21, 2016: Honestly, I'm quite enjoying this... RevolverOcel0t Jun 21, 2016: This is by no means a perfect game...

BariscanBozkurt, Jul 3, 2016

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