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Underworld Ascendant In 1992, Ultima Underworld changed the rules of what a fantasy RPG could be.  It introduced the concept immersion, a player-authored experience, and an open-world to explore.The games is considered one of the most innovative and renowned RPG’s of its generation.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 38 / 100
User rating
Downloads 105
Genre Role-Playing, General
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
OtherSide Entertainment / OtherSide Entertainment
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Underworld Ascendant reviews ( 6 )

Babutto, Apr 17, 2019

Very, very, very bad. The engine is bad, physics are bad, game play is boring. Guys, I was waiting for this game and at the end I was more than disappointed. Just pass this one.

mau_v, Nov 19, 2018

Feels more like an unfinished, uninspired technical demo than an actual game. The first two leves (out of eight, including the hub) are almost ok, even though filled with bugs, but the others are clearly unfinished. Movements are clunky (you get stuck in the environment quite often); the much vaunted physics system is broken and not funny; the game lacks a meaningful save system; the missions are just a bunch of semi-random fetch quests, where you have to go through the same levels over and over, and the levels will reset after each visit (i. e. the enemies you killed, the doors you burned down, the chests you looted are all back again, like nothing happened). Finally, the user interface feels cheap: many objects share the same icon and the inventory slots give you no clear indication about the kind of protection currently in use (be it leather or steel).

Hexen-Slayer, May 19, 2020

Ouch! UNDERWORLD ASCENDANT is a really bad game. No, I'm disregarding the bugs here, even if they all would get fixed, it would still be a bad game. ASCENDANT sees itself as an inofficial ULTIMA UNDERWORLD 3, and compared to ULTIMA UNDERWORLD I & II it fails miserably: the game world seems empty, dull and non-immersive. They promised physics-based puzzles, what they offer is putting items on pressure plates to open doors. Sound familiar? Yes, EVERY dungeon crawler from DUNGEON MASTER in the 80s to LEGEND OF GRIMROCK II offers this type of physics "puzzle". Both UNDERWORLDs from the 90s had a more interactive world than ASCENDANT, yes believe it, games that are 30+ years older than ASCENDANT have a more interactive and immersive world, wrap your head around that! The world feels dead and empty. There are 2 NPCs in the whole game, one is for leveling up, the other is a shopkeeper. Both have two sentences each. "Quests" are ripped of a board and turned in there as well. These are the most basic of all fetch quests, requiring you to travel back to already cleared areas to collect x amounts of x. Combat is the very basic, with left clicking doing a quick and weak attack, while holding the left mouse button does a strong attack. The AI does not require ANY strategy or movement as it is just palin stupid. When it comes to enemy design there's just a handful of lazily designed creatures (mostly skeletons and saurials) with several reskins. UNDERWORLD ASCENDANT plays and feels like an Unreal Engine tech demo rather than a real game. UNDERWORLD ASCENDANT isn't only bad, it's VERY BAD! ULTIMA UNDERWORLD I & II are spinning in their graves!

MindFlavor, Nov 19, 2018

I wanted to like this. I really did. I applied to the Kickstarter campaign because I loved Ultima Underworld. It was fascinating, intelligent and the combat system was damn fun (for the time). But this game is awful. The controls are sluggish. So sluggish that if you suffer from motion sickness you won't get past the intro level. But, ok, I can live with that. The "story" is a joke: there is a bad guy and you have to stop him. You have a guide that tells you are their last resort (of course you are) but as soon as the bad guy notices you he laughs (of course he does). So cliché. But, ok, I can live with that. The immersion: the world is beautiful, old. You can see it crumbling beneath your feet. But there are a lot - and I mean a lot - of unblemished wooden boxes laying around. Why? How come stone collapsed but the wood of that box remains intact? The reason of this destroys the immersion: the boxes are there because they are part of the "fun". You can stack boxes, burn boxes, throw boxes. Imagine if the whole plot of the "fellowship of the ring" were "a bunch of guys towing boxes around". That is underworld ascendant. You can actually kill guys with boxes. Unbelievable. Speaking of fun, you are faced with ridiculous puzzles like: "Is the savior of the universe able to open a door?". "Will he burn his hands while holding a burning box"? (yes, boxes everywhere!). No, I cannot live with that. That's too much. I did not sign for a sluggish sokoban clone. And you cannot save during a mission. You have to complete a "level" from start to finish otherwise you lose all the progress. The game is so stupid that even if you complete a level and come back later (and you will because the locations are used more than once) the level "resets" itself. All the boxes you moved are magically arranged as before. All the doors you smashed throwing boxes will be replaced with brand new doors. It's like there is a god who doesn't want you to displace his precious boxes. So buy this game only if you want to have a good laugh. Taken seriously this game will have you throw you pc out of the window in frustration. But that's ok, the god of boxes will replace it during the night, right?

DerPlayer1987, Nov 20, 2018

So stellt sich der Entwickler Otherside also ein Rollenspiel vor: gib dem Spieler ein Schwert, gib ihm eine minimale Hintergrundgeschichte, steck ihn in sieben oder acht bugverseuchte kleine Level und bitte ihn, diese paar Level immer wieder aufzusuchen, um einen Gegenstand oder Gegner zu finden. Das Schöne daran, diese immer gleichen Quests sind nicht in eine Geschichte eingebunden und werden auch nicht von einem NPC gegeben, sondern man darf man sie als langweilige Zettel von einer Wand pflücken. Dann wird man per Portal in das Level gebracht, wo sich der Gegenstand befindet, in der Regel der gleiche, den man schon zuvor geholt hatte, nur diesmal an einer anderen Stelle. Und die Level sind so klein, dass die einzige Herausforderung darin besteht, nicht die Geduld zu verlieren. Das Beste kommt aber jetzt: die Level werden immer wieder in ihren Ursprungszustand versetzt. Was heißt das? Alle Gegner sind wieder da, alle Objekte sind wieder da, was schlimmer ist, als es erst mal klingt, denn bestimme Bereich des Levels kann man nur erreichen, wenn man einen Holzboden oder eine Holztür niederbrennt. Das heißt, man darf diese langwierige Niederbrennen immer und immer wieder vollführen, da sie ja wieder auf magische Weise repariert worden sind beim Neubetreten des Levels. Die Entwickler haben das damit begründet, dass sie es nicht geschafft haben, alle Zustände der Spielwelt abzuspeichern... Aber seien wir ehrlich: selbst wenn sie es geschafft hätten und auch die tausenden Bugs bereinigt wären, das Spiel wäre trotzdem todlangweilig, weil man eben die immer gleichen Aufträge in einer sterilen Welt absolvieren soll, ohne richtige Storyeinbettung, ohne jeglichen anderen Anreiz wie tolle Rüstungsgegenstände/-sets wie bei anderen RPGs, ohne andere Charaktere, mit denen man sich unterhalten könnte, ohne Multiplayer, ohne das Belohnen von Experimentierfreude und und und. Gerade letzterer Punkt ist eine Schande, da Otherside behauptet hatte, dass das Experimentieren das Besondere sei am Spiel, aber da man (hab ich wohl vergessen zu erwähnen) NICHT ABSPEICHERN KANN, riskiert man zum einen all zu viel und geht sicherere Wege, denn sonst darf man am Levelanfang wieder einsteigen (oder wenn man stirbt beim Silver Sappling). Zum anderen geht dem Experimentieren schnell die Luft aus, da es immer das Gleiche ist: entweder auf Gegner zustürmen oder vorbeischleichen, oder ein Feuer mit einem Wasserpfeil ausschießen oder ein Holzbrett anzünden. Das hat absolut nicht das Niveau des Ausprobierens wie bei anderen Spielen wie Deus Ex, System Shock oder auch Underworld 1 & 2. Den Entwicklern scheint schon vor Jahren das Geld ausgegangen zu sein, denn schon damals wurde dasselbe Spielmaterial gezeigt wie das, was man heute bewundern darf: unfertige Level, kaputte Spielmechanik, lächerliche Bugs, kein Speichersystem, versprochene aber fehlende Rassen und Umgebungen usw. Dieses Spiel ist die größte Rollenspielkatastrophe, die ich je für Geld erworben habe.

Ereborn389, Nov 18, 2018

The countless bugs are just the tip of the iceberg. The game itself is the most boring RPG I've played in the last 20 years: after playing for a few hours I had to realize that the game designers want me revisit the same small and few levels again and again just to find meaningless objects for a faction that is not present in any way. And the quests aren't given by a NPC, no, you have to pick a letter from a wall. Is this good quest and story design, why should I be motivated to spend another minute with this game? There are other games like Diablo where it can be fun to take the same quests repeatedly just to get better equipment with harder enemies but in this game the very few items look all the same and have no visible benefits, the enemies and environments are the same all the time. There are games, especially multiplayer games, where the concept of taking countless generic missions can be fun IF the rest of the game is rewarding. But for a game that claims to be an immversive RPG this is a disgrace. Please, OtherSide Entertainment, tell me where the entertainment lies and what this "game" has to do with a RPG? This is the weakest RPG game design I've ever witnessed for a game that costs 30 $.