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Unity of Command Unity of Command lets you replay the epic conflict that was the Stalingrad Campaign of World War II. In this turn-based game of strategy and cunning, observe how opportunity leads the German army to advance recklessly into the steppes of southern Russia. And as the story unfolds, join the Soviet campaign to repel the invaders... As these legendary battles play out on the hex board, the tension of decision making and difficulties of conducting operations on a massive scale emerge. Command armies and fronts in maneuver warfare, thrust and encircle, capture cities and cross continents; but never, ever forget to watch your supply lines.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1063
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Historic, General
Company / Developer
2x2 Games / 2x2 Games

Unity of Command reviews ( 7 )

nirvycn, Jun 25, 2012

Wow, How did i miss this one? i like war games, but many are too much for me to learn, this is incredibly deep but surprisingly easy to learn, glad i spotted this one. Has a lot of scenarios to play, and seems to be a big community. For a wargame it is beautiful, normally we are use to 20 year old sprites but this one has a perfect UI and graphics, challenging, elegent game, Superb!

Tweedledumb, Dec 16, 2013

This game is exactly what wargamers have been looking for from a computer wargame! Not as complex as Gary Grigsby's massive (but great) games and not as simple as Panzer General. This is a subtly deep system which rewards careful play with those hard-to-achieve "Brilliant Victory" rewards! Multiplayer can also work but to be honest it is set up for solo play primarily. I was also amazed that this is produced by a four person company somewhere in Croatia, the hotbed of computer game design! Buy it on sale direct from them or on Steam and you won't be disappointed! Looking forward to further DLC and applications of the system. Highly recommended!

Surprise, Mar 8, 2013

This is a very enjoyable and relatively simple tactical WW2 game pitting the Germans vs the Red Army on the Eastern Front. I note that the user that said that you have to entirely repeat the campaigns if you lose is wrong in his statement. I admit it's a little confusing to figure out, but you merely need to restart the mission and meet the victory conditions. The game is inexpensive, and I've played and enjoyed it far more than any other game I've purchased in years. It's mainly single player, but has multi-player via capability via internet for all the scenarios (you need to arrange the multiplayer match thru means other than the game for you to find the other party). I think the game has some minor flaws, and there is room for tons of other features if they could be thought of and implemented, but I really have to say that if you like tactical games you should not skip this one because it is challenging and unique. It is NOT a Hearts of Iron type game or the like, it is far less complex and mainly focuses on theatre tactics.

flotsam, Nov 5, 2012

Yes, the game is worth playing if you like war games--but only on sale. Like Steam $15. But full price--no way. I jumped into this thinking I'd have hours and hours of play for the campaign but finished it quickly (like I'm married with kids and don't have time -- quickly) on 3/7 scenarios. Unity of command seems more like a gamelet than a game. It does get you thinking though. Supply chain and tactics are fun. Graphics are definitely a plus. But way too short and the stale map really never changes much. They should have taken notes from Panzer Corps (and Panzer/Slitherine should have taken note of Unity's good graphics). If anything Unity makes me want to play Panzer Corps--the updated version and put Unity away (most likely for good). But I still say buy it on sale and have fun because it is fun and engaging--just too short, a little stale, and somewhat pricey for what you get.

auditbadger, Jul 30, 2017

I think that this is truly a unique game and I would recommend that if you are a fan of this type of genre then I think you should give this game a try.

hlavko, Dec 11, 2013

I like turn-based games and world war II theme, so I was obvious looking for this game. Tactical options, lovely graphics and mechanics are really great but I were not still fully satisfied. Maybe, it is by lack of variety in the campaign missions or monotony which really ruined the game. Anyway, looking forward to DLC.

nickjack, Apr 15, 2013

To explain this one best: for the simple-minded. This game portrays the hard fought eastern front of ww2 as a fairy tail, with generics and odd terminology. The AI is nearly non-existent and the graphics are below normal compared to other strategy games of its kind. The number of campaigns are lacking and the tutorial is bugged completely. Stay away from this mess if you value your money.