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Universal Combat Fight anything anywhere anyhow... and by any means necessary! Universal Combat takes you into a seamless universe full of epic space battles, massive ground skirmishes, fierce naval engagements and even tense dogfights above the planet's surface. In solo mode or in multiplayer, in first- or third-person view, play as a marine, a star ship commander with a full crew, or a pilot in the latest space fighter. Universal Combat brings together the greatest components of any war together in a single game. Conceived in late 2001 as Battlecruiser Generations, the fifth title in the long-running Battlecruiser series, during development it morphed into much more than a massive space simulation. As Universal Combat, the new action-based focus, direction and premise of the new incarnation caters to a wider audience of action and space sim fans alike. [DreamCatcher Interactive]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 56 / 100
User rating
Downloads 957
Genre Simulation, Sci-Fi, Space, Large Spaceship, Civilian
Players 1-64
Company / Developer
DreamCatcher Interactive / 3000AD, Inc.

Universal Combat reviews ( 6 )

Justin, May 5, 2004

Just as it was said in the manual: you need to have an imagination to play this game. The depth and thoroughness of the game just takes it. The graphics are alright, but graphics don't totally make a game. Furthermore, this game isn't for someone who requires a walkthrough strategy guide to complete every mission. For once there's a game that requires some sort of intelligence and thinking to complete. I rate this game 10, i could play it for hours.

ChristopherD., Feb 7, 2004

Well I just started to play this and I think it has a lot of potential and a lot of bugs. First as you know you can do any thing.... however its far to open and unless you know where the action is it's kinda weak. Second there is A LOT of cliping issues, try to land on top of a building, and you will know. Also with long fllights you will see that your ship will consantly roll and you have to adjust to this and while on foot if you head almost north South East or West and you let go of the mouse you will see that cammera will move to directly on the compass rows. .... there is more but... the developers of UC had a leagle battle about the publisher changeing the price to $19.00 and well sorry 3000AD I can see why. This game is not bad for the current price, BUT IT NEEDS A PATCH TO BE GOOD.

KajetanP., Mar 16, 2004

1 Point if you're just an average gamer: Stay away and go buy something else. 3 Points if you're a serious space sim gamer AND heavy into sado-masochism, because this game hurts you with all the might DS has to offer to his poor customers.

HetNet, Apr 19, 2009

Same great concept as the original BC2K, but just as unfinished after 20 years, and as unplayable, as that was...Every aspect of the game is unfinished and unrealized..It just feels like they got bored halfway through each aspect and moved to another one..The spaceflight, atmosphric flight, FPS, space marine combat....ALL of it is just substandard and incomplete...Could have been such an world-changing series....if someone else had done it...But DS just doesn't seem capable of turning out even average quality gameplay or programming.

MarkusL., Jul 16, 2004

Justin, are you Derek Smart...sorry, DR. Derek Smart? 'Cos I can't believe anyone else could like this piece of s**t! I hated it, and these two points I give for the idea, but...maybe Derek Smart really should read of reviews his games, 'cos all off his games have the same problems (sh*tty gameplay, tons of bugs etc.). Sorry Derek, two points. Please don't sue me.

ugura, Apr 8, 2016

Universal Catastrophe 2.0 I don't wanna be yet another Derek Smart basher, but sometimes you do well to listen to (what could otherwise be) your community of dedicated players and fix dat stuff before boldly making mess where no one has messed before.