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Universe Sandbox Create and destroy on a scale youve never imagined with the ultimate space simulator. Harness the power to create black holes, collide galaxies, and manipulate gravity with just a few clicks. Inspired by the software astronomers use to unlock the mysteries of our universe, never before has astronomy been so interactive or so much fun. Spawn a massive moon to tear apart Saturns rings or launch a rogue star to rip the planets from their orbits around our sun. After unleashing catastrophic destruction, create your own solar system and share it with friends. Key Features: - Interactive, real-time, n-body gravity simulator - Change any property of any object at any time - Real physics, real data, real units, real science - Compare the objects in any simulation with chart mode - Supports anaglyphic 3D glasses and 3D DLP televisions - Built in tutorials and step-by-step activities - Includes 70+ simulations both real and fantastical - Extensive editing and creation tools make it easy to build your own simulations - Latest version of Universe Sandbox 2.x with Steam Achievements

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1642
Genre Simulation, Miscellaneous, General
Company / Developer
Giant Army / Giant Army

Universe Sandbox reviews ( 7 )

DrCola, Nov 10, 2011

Guys, this is a game that Carl Sagan, Galileo, Newton, and whoever else looked up in the stars in wonder would kill for, its worth its price, its not anything that you should pay more than 10 dollars for. But I love it, being able to distort the gravitational flow of entire galaxies and seeing the stars fly off in every direction in a grand web of stars and lights in a great cosmic dark. Maybe because im just a cosmos nerd. If you dont have any interest in the stars, dont buy this game

Imperator, Dec 22, 2012

I don't get it why people say it's very user unfriendly, like most simulation game you just have to be patient and eventually when you get how it works it is awesome. So many possibilities.

LonelyDeer, Jun 1, 2011

This game, although arguably just a simulation, is magnificent. It doesn't try to be a big game that appeals to everyone, but it does manage to appeal to the unborn astrological physicist in everyone I've seen play it. Its library of different scenarios and locations can keep even the most unmoved, unimaginative people entertained. The game file is less than 100mb and it can run on most computers, making it the perfect toy for 5 minutes between meetings or lessons. This is the only game i have ever seen that successfully makes education fun, and i think its because you can shape what you do and because its your choice whether you learn from it, it doesn't require that you understand any previous facts, save the easy to use controls, to be able to play any part of the game. My favorite part about this game when you are looking across a scale of hundreds of light years across at two galaxies that you have just sent towards each other and the smooth immersive graphics let you slip your focus away from anything but the spiraling motion of the two galaxies. My second favorite part is changing scenario to two solar systems crashing into each other, and knowing that my favorite part of the game sees this happen hundreds of times over on a far larger scale. This game deserves a 10 because it successfully puts the player in the shoes of god, and its your choice whether you are a creative or destructive god.

JonesR, Jul 19, 2011

I was expecting something more like a Garry's Mod toolbox environment with the ability to quickly place stars, planets, moons, black holes, galaxies, etc. The GUI is not very user friendly making it very cumbersome to try things out. It has a lot of potential, but they really need to focus on cleaning up the user interface so you don't need an astrophysics degree to figure out what is going on.

BlueCatPK, Feb 13, 2017

It's a decent space physics simulator, if that's what you're looking for, but there's no reason to buy it anymore. The developer made a pretty major update to this simulator, but decided to release it as a sequel. From what I have seen the sequel is much better, so you should consider buying that one instead (although it is rather pricey, so I suppose there is one reason why would you want to buy inferior version.)

Lockinvar, Dec 22, 2012

I love astrophysics but this simulation has left me disappointed. In an hour of play I've experienced seven crashes, and as many in-game errors that didn't result in a crash but made restarting my universe a necessity. On my modern and overclocked system increasing the speed to the point where you can really see things happen (more than 1 second = 50 days) quickly results in gross inaccuracies occurring. There is a lot of potential, however I have been left very underwhelmed and the price tag is indefensible with the "game" in this state.

deromu3, Dec 23, 2013

You would be spending your money better if you wiped your ass with the money you would spend on this game and then set that money fire. seriously you shouldn't buy this game.