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Unmechanical Unmechanical is an award-winning 2.5D side-scroller which combines tricky puzzle solving, alluring exploration, and an engrossing atmosphere. The game had humble beginnings as a student project and since then both game and team has grown. "Unmechanical has been about taking on something for real and working our fingers to the bone to get it done. It's our hopes and ambitions combined into this very personal, unique, and awesome adventure that's crafted with lots of love." Said Marko Permanto, project lead for the Unmechanical team.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1674
Genre Action, Miscellaneous, Puzzle, General, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Teotl Studios , Talawa Games / Teotl Studios, Talawa Games
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Unmechanical reviews ( 7 )

LimoCowgirl, Feb 23, 2013

This is a great game and with plenty of personality and storyline if one has the patience to look for it. The little hero is being taken advantage of by a lazy, mean janitor. The great mystery is: how important is the heart to the planet? Will our hero dedicate himself to the heart or escape the place that kidnapped him? The complaint is that it is short. That is a plus to me in this game because I love playing it over and over, and doing the different ending depending on my mood!

lb90, Aug 9, 2012

I live in Sweden and went to Gamex a while back where they had a demo of this game. I remember liking it but I didn't have much time to play, and it was really loud around me and people were watching, so it kind of was difficult to think... I played the game all day and loved it! Playing it was different from other puzzle games I liked, because I was surprised at many puzzles and wasn't sure what the next problem would be... The world is also strange and you don't know what's in the next room. Both these things made it hard to put away...

Krispo123, Nov 24, 2012

This game is beautiful indie games i ever seen in 2D/2.5D. Its not too easy or hard. It have many varied tasks and its not the same over and over again.

pyrothegamer, Oct 10, 2012

A good puzzler. The environment was nice I think thanks to UDK. There are some really good moments in the game and it was good that it is short . It just can't keep you hooked for longer time.

DjNemes1s, Oct 17, 2013

A graphically gorgeous and charming game with some challenging puzzles that are hard enough to get you thinking, but not so difficult that they ever become frustrating. I would have given 10 had the game length not been so short and the ending so abrupt. Other a beautifully polished puzzler!

Chaychan, Nov 11, 2016

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huw12313212, Feb 8, 2013

I like the art style, but some puzzles in this game is weird and not really funny, I think these puzzle are too normal every time I solve the puzzles I never got impressed. but it is still not a bad game. I give (6/10),