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Unreal Tournament (1999) The stakes are high. On the one hand, fame, fortune, glory; on the other hand, death. Prove your skill in the arenas of the future, leading your team of computer-controlled "bots" to victory in the Grand Tournament, or compete with the best of the best via LAN or the Internet in seat-of-your-pants battles. While Unreal Tournament offers the finest in classic "Deathmatch" play, right out of the box you can compete in Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag. Control strategic points on the map to rack up your score in Domination, or test your skills in Assault, as one team defends its base from the other. Each game type comes with its own special maps and rules, for never-ending variety and challenge. Add gameplay mutators such as Jump Match or InstaGib, and Unreal Tournament will keep your wits honed to a razor edge. [Infogrames]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 94 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5092
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Players 1-32
Company / Developer
GT Interactive / Epic Games
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Unreal Tournament (1999) reviews ( 6 )

Dalek, May 21, 2011

One of my all time favourite FPS of all time, the graphics are very good for 1999, weapons are awesome, music is amazing, maps are designed good, I mean everything about this game is awesome. Multiplayer isn't as enjoyable for me because I get killed 95% of the time. But singleplayer with bots is so much fun. When they're easy, they're easy. When they're hard, its hard. So definitely buy this game.

johns, Feb 22, 2009

Best fps I have ever played. Its so much fun I'm still playing it. Its still alive and this is 2009. That's how good this game is. While its way more alive in Europe and South America than North America its still a flourishing game, depending on the mod. Team deathmatch, ctf, 125 speed ctf, and ig. This game is definitely still going.

NyreX, Sep 17, 2013

Even if Unreal Tournament is not that popular and covered by the recent FPS these days. If you are looking for real challenge on aiming and A LOT of game mods - Siege Probably the most popular one, unique game play that everyone should try - CTF Rocket-X The community is still going strong, fast-paced flying type, VERY ADDICTING - Instagib Where your true skills of aiming is showed and where the competition is harder - Combo Instagib Same as above but with the Alternate Fire - Sniper I'm not sure if the community of Sniper are still alive, but camping there with custom maps is big win. - Bunny Track If you want to challenge yourself or beat a time record by *Jumping-Dodging* and beating all the obstacles, it's all about Jumping skills but it can be very frustrating I'm probably missing some but If you want to give UT99 a try, do it before it's too late. A MUST TRY AND PLAY

Norman, Oct 6, 2006

Unreal Tournament is one of the best games ever made. It's been seven years since this game was unleashed upon an unprepared PC gaming community and it's soundtrack still holds as the most memorable videogame soundtrack ever made, it's community is still massive and growing & it's online popularity has never faltered. No matter how old it is or how much you've played it, this game just keeps making you come back for more.

murut87, Feb 9, 2012

Yes i suppose to say about this game,it was fun to play and still addicting as ever.I spend playing this game from 2001 and still now i still like this game.The fast-paced gameplay,the graphics,the voice actor,the maps are great and i call this game as the Best 1999 game i ever played.Bravo Epic Games!

TheSpiritofFire, Jan 3, 2007

This game is great on bot play, but is ridiculous on online. SO MUCH LAG, and I dont mean RAM lag, but latency lag. VERY bad support. Can someone tell me what # the latest patch is? I love the music, the graphics, the gameplay, everything, but the lag is infuriating.