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Unstoppable Gorg Unstoppable Gorg is a thrilling space defense game inspired by vintage sci-fi from the 1940s and 50s. Expect wholesome heroes, rubbery aliens and dodgy special effects as we pay homage to a great era of film. In Unstoppable Gorg you defend our solar system from the relentless march of a fearsome alien race by sending satellites into orbit around planets, moons and space stations. Unlike other tower defense style games, in Unstoppable Gorg you can move your satellites around their orbits to best defend against each wave, a convention defying mechanic that brings new vitality and interaction to the tower defense genre.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1342
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General, Defense
Company / Developer
Futuremark Games Studio / Futuremark Games Studio
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Unstoppable Gorg reviews ( 7 )

Des, Jan 24, 2012

I'm not a huge fan of TDs, but this one I love to play. Rotating the towers is a very nice idea. The game can get a bit hard to beat, but somehow that doesn't annoy me. It's steamplay, so I can play it on my mac as well, which is very nice.The videos are awesome! Love the 50's scifi style!

Becks21, Jan 26, 2012

Unstoppable Gorg.. and unstoppable fun. Because of the different difficulty levels the game is not repetitive or boring. The learning curve is not high, but the advanced levels become harder and harder to master.

Fonzee, Jan 21, 2012

Back in the day I used to love TDs. As the genre got more saturated and more and more copies of the same recipe were released, I got bored. It's great to see that recently there have been new titles which introduce new aspects to the already boring "build and wait" mechanics.In my books Unstoppable Gorg is a 9. The main story could be a bit longer and as a PC game it could be a little bit flashier. Overlapping enemies are also sometimes a bit annoying, as a bigger creep might hide something else under it. However for me the pro's outweigh the cons. I love the presentation and the oldies sci-fi. There's also a huge amount of replayability, ensuring that even if I get bored after a long session, there's still alot to come back to. The game keeps introducing new interesting stuff as the story goes and especially the last couple of weapons are extremely fun to use.I love that the game isn't too casual and offers a real challenge although it's very easy to get into.I wish there was a multiplayer mode, like a co-op or something though.

lach1223, Nov 19, 2013

This is a solid game with some interesting mechanics, but there are some problems. Aside from the embarrassing voice acting, the game is quite darn difficult, meaning you will likely need to repeat levels quite a few times to move forward, and it won't be long before repetition starts to sink in. Being in space, there is no terrain, meaning all levels kind of look the same and add to this the low variety of different enemies and repetition really sets in. While there is fun to be had here, you will likely get bored quite quickly as the game is mostly just same same every time.

Kamidutten, Jan 20, 2012

I like TDs, ive always liked TDs, so after watching the TB "review" of this game i thought this was a no-brainer, i just gotta have it. But, after spending about two hours in the game i get struck by buyers remorse. Its a very neat game in some aspects: The graphics and style of the game with the 40's inspired cutscenes and general laoyt are fun. The dynamic aspect of the game is a great idea and i bet alot of people will applaud the game for just that. But well, i dont like it that much to be honest. You see i hate juggling in TDs, i hate when the game forces me to always replace towers to make it optimal for just that wave, i much more prefer to build a solid defense and watch if kill everything. The dynamic mechanic here where you move around the towers all the time is sorta like juggling, and i just feel stressed and annoyed when i have to "kite" an enemy with my towers. And since i dont like that part, its kinda hard to like the game since its such an major part of the game. I guess i will play thru it, but im not having as much fun as i thought i would. A pricetag of 9â

Pomornik, Jan 30, 2012

Unstoppable Gorg is one of the most original and unique tower defense game i have ever played, both in artstyle and gameplay design. But in the end, its just not addictive like other games in the genre, in fact its hardly fun to play at all. Even the most dull and unorignal TDs that just copypasta the old scheme, are more addictive and fun than this, less frustrating to be sure. Sad truth be told, if I had opportunity to play the demo first, i would never buy it, not for the full price. I only gave it a positive score because i appreciate devs who are not affraid to try new things, even if they fail.

ave, Feb 7, 2015

For me Unstoppable Gorg falls into the Tower Defense genre, and promised something new and fresh with the system of "orbital" towers. The game offers you to approach each mission with the difficulty level of your choice (I rarely went beyond the first two levels, among four) ; and once you've finished them, you are awarded medals depending on your efficiency in different fields - like Anomaly Warzone Earth does - plus Science Bonus to spend into your towers to level them up before battle. Different enemies and towers are introduced all along the storyline, so each mission feels like novel. In spite of these nice elements, the game puzzled me to the point of giving up. I expected some level of careful planning for both the tower type and placement but the later missions mostly felt like unforgiving. Any wrong choice could sentence the planet you're trying to protect to a general abduction - even if you can reposition you towers at frantic speed. Even if I was initially enticed by the idea of orbital towers, the game felt like too hard to beat even in easy mode. Eventually this drained the potential fun out of it so I never finished it. Sadly, I cannot recommend it.