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Utopia City Utopia became a "purgatory" for its people as it promised to grant them the ability to create their own paradise. In exchange, the Mastermind was allowed to freely scan each person’s emotions, thoughts and feelings. The experiment turned out to be such a success that the Mastermind offered Utopian citizenship to the rest of the non-virtual world. Over time, the experience of Utopia became so popular that its inhabitants eventually outnumbered those remaining in the real world. Thousands of Utopia’s users refused to exit the virtual world. Hoping to gain immortality each inhabitant sought to become a "digital god" and create his or her own paradise. The physical world fell apart in their absence. The deterioration of the physical world prompted the government to establish the Department of Anti-Utopian Affairs (AUA), created for the sole purpose of sending elite teams of agents, called Removers, to Utopia. The players have a choice: they may conform to the ways of Utopia and abide by its laws; or, if they figure out how to free themselves, they can attempt to destroy the Mastermind and rescue the other hostages trapped in the great virtual dream. [Reef Entertainment]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 25 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1322
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi
Company / Developer
Reef Entertainment / Parallax Art Studio
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Utopia City reviews ( 4 )

oooooooooo, Aug 2, 2009

Cool game but i like the story more then the game it gets boring when u need to find the artefacts that means that it gets boring from the very start so thats not good anyway i like it so,but it could be better i give it a 8 because it is like Deus Ex who created utopia city didn't have enough imagination to do it more interesting but still cool game . :) Somebody23

MattyS, Dec 11, 2009

I have bought it for few cents, and I think that was good choice. Graphics are good, but they might be better, at least shading and lightning. Optimilisation isn't good enough, but I have had a really great time though. The game gets better as you go further and further (the "outer city" was some kind of masterpiece with speed artifact). Finally - graphics are not important, if gameplay is good and not repetetive.

LeszekS., Sep 8, 2007

Great idea and an interesting world. Nice graphics. However models are not very good, and gamplay is a bit umimaginative. All in all the quality/price ratio is very, very high.

JohnA., Jul 2, 2006

While the DEVs of this game tried to do something unique and unsual they ended up with a Deus Ex knockoff. Not a very good one at that. The UI is pretty rough, gameplay us pretty boring, AI is mindless and the objectives are poorly planned with no details telling you what the hell is going on. This game was complete waste of time, if you want a cyberpunk sort of game thats worth a damn. Pick up the original Deus Ex or even the IW sequel, but don't even think about this!