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Valdis Story: Abyssal City Valdis Story A.C. is a side scrolling action adventure for P.C. with an emphasis on intricate and rewarding combat as well as deep play style customization. The player will assume the role of Wyatt as they explore the ruins of a holy city that was lost many years ago. Wyatt must battle various types of demons, angels, and a new threat tentatively known as Ferals using swordsmanship, martial arts, and sorcery. There are many customizable skills and equipment that will aid Wyatt on his journey. Over 40 years ago the Dark Goddess Myrgato attacked and killed her creator, the All Mother Valdis. Since this event Myrgato has been at war with her twin sister the Goddess of Light Alagath. The war has wreaked havoc on the land and the hope of mankind is dwindling as they are forced to choose a side or perish. Wyatt has been following a trail of clues for the past 5 years left by his father that he believes will lead him to find a way to end the Goddess War. Features: - Intense combat weaving sword and sorcery together seamlessly. - Equipment and Customizable skills to fit your own unique fighting style. - Unique magic souls that aid in combat and traversing the ruins of the city. - Interconnected zones allow you to explore new areas or backtrack.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1866
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Endless Fluff / Endless Fluff
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Valdis Story: Abyssal City reviews ( 7 )

Ezkimo42o, Nov 5, 2013

First thing is first, the other reviews I have read on this giving this game a 1 is utter and total **** Let me start by saying I am a metroidvania enthusiast, I live for these games and they are my favorite genre in the fastness of video games. I grew up with super metroid and to this day is my favorite game of all time, the "what the do I do next thing" sold the whole franchise to me. SoTN just nailed it in every way possible. In other words: I've been waiting for Valdis Story: Abyssal City for years. On the surface the game is tight, as in the controls and the overall JRPG is there, but its a action RPG. It feels sometimes like a action fighting game, kind of like devil may cry, where the combos are so different depending on what you hit (jump included). The combat focuses on melee, and uses magic as a means of navigation, kind of like metroids' ability's. I will admit the crafting interface could be a little easier to do, like maybe check a item you want to farm for, so you can see your progress. The only way i could do that is wright down the mats needed for it, then go off fighting the mobs who drop it. The artwork is outstanding, it brings me back to when I was first learning how truly powerful games could really be. All this 1080 HD next gen couldn't make me thing this game looks anything but beautiful. This is hand drawn, and it looks great. Overall, I can not recommend this game enough, If you liked SoTN, buy this game. I am using a xbox 360 controller and the controls are very good and tight,

IM_MT_, Jan 13, 2015

I will try to keep this short, but if you are a big fan of Castlevania SOTN and Super Metroid this is a must have. The game has tons of areas to explore, loads of weapons/armor items to find, a whole lot of customization, and everything about it is basically top notch at a budget price. The combat never gets boring, even if it takes a little getting used to. This game borrows quite a bit from SOTN but puts its own spin on things with a lot of platforming challenges (puzzles maybe) and unique spells and abilities for both of the playable characters. leveling up gives you points to distribute to your stats and they all make a big difference. There are tons of different abilities and skills to learn. The game really nails the exploration aspect of Super Metroid. I constantly found myself running around looking for new areas and items to acquire. There is a real feeling of mystery and adventure as you're adventuring around, even if you have specific goals most of the time (find a character here, make your way to a certain town to the east, etc.) I am not just giving this game a 10 because I like it a lot, I think it deserves it. It's hands down the best metroid-vania style game to come out in a LONG time. It's criminally underrated and it's really a shame it's so under the radar. A game with this much going for it should be on year end "best-of" lists. My only complaints would be that the jumping arc of your character is a little weird. Sometimes it makes the platforming kind of wonky, but you get used to it. If you think about it, the jump arc on Super Metroid was pretty weird, too. :P Also, the story wasn't bad and I'm glad that it didn't bog down the gameplay (it never spits endless long winded dialogue at you) but it wasn't exactly memorable for me. Maybe I wasn't paying a lot of attention because I wanted to get onto one of the awesome memorable boss battles. Only other complaint is that some of the enemies get palette swapped and reused throughout the game. There's a decent diversity but I would have liked to see some more enemy types. I will give it a reprieve since it's an independent (and amazing) budget title. I've played other so called "great" metroid-vania style games (the underwhelming Dust: Elysian Tale and the extremely disappointing Xeodrifter), and I am a harsh critic. But i can without a doubt recommend to this anybody looking for a great, challenging, and rewarding action-rpg-metroidvania type game. I've put 30 hours into it and I'm still coming back to playing it after beating it once already. Even the music is top notch, creating the mood perfectly and adding its own flair on the whole thing. Really high quality stuff. I'm serious. JUst get this game. It's worth every penny. It's a freaking steal. I hate most modern games and the direction gaming is going, and this is true to the classics in every way. Like I said, it borrows a lot from the best in the genre but changes it up with a unique and fun combat system and lots of customization with quite a bit of challenge thrown in. It all comes together being one of my favorite gaming experiences I've had in a really long time.

auditionko, Nov 2, 2013

i understand why some people don't like this game.the game's challenges are quite hard .it's save system is old and unforgiving but, that's exactly what i love about old school games.The combat is great.The art style is brilliant .it has a good character customization and a lot of replay value.just buy it it's worth more than 15 bucks.

kasparius, Jul 17, 2017

As a big fan of Metroidvanias, I had heard good things about Valdis Story, so I got it during a steam sale. I wasn't sold at first, it seemed a little silly and unrefined, but as I kept playing I discovered that the combat was far better and customizable than I thought. Kind of like a platinum game combat, with combos, super powers, etc... Far deeper than you would expect from a indie platform game like this. I played on normal mode and it was still a fair challenge. The bosses are really good in this game. As for the rest, it offers a nice selection of areas with various timed puzzles that are quite fun to do. The only main issue is that it is hard to remember where you've been and where you need to go, or where a place is. There is a map when you are in an area, but you can't access a bigger map with the names of the place, etc... There is also a tram that brings you to 3 different towns, but sometimes a fast travel would be nice when you've been wandering about for a while. The game offers new characters to play with, once you finished the game and even items that can port over to a new game, and I can definitely see myself playing this game again in the future with a different character build.

Christos_, Jan 6, 2014

Very good and enjoyable game. The only negative thing is that it confuses you with the map about the places you must go. They should give more details... But overall is great.

sh4dow, Jan 3, 2015

It's a decent enough game and I didn't really mind the platforming puzzles but I find it disappointing that the game was released unfinished and over a year later, there still has been no update on the other content that was supposed to be there. Also, if I remember correctly, the difficulty is a bit all over the place, with a lot of fights being manageable while others are just insane. This has kept me from finishing the game a second time with the second character and on the highest difficulty. I got to the first boss just fine but then I was like "You got to be kidding!" That said - it DOES take a while to get through the game even just once, so depending on what price you pay for it, it is still absolutely worth it. I just find it unfortunate that it possibly will never be finished and I'm also not a huge fan of the art style. It looks more like what you would see from a hobbyist on deviantart rather than a professional game artist (even if it's indie games - just check out Bastion, Braid, This War Of Mine, etc.).

cornfingers, Dec 3, 2014

Valdis Story: Abyssal City: A game that only got a high rating because nobody actually finished it and definitely a true gem in examples of why people actually have to use Game Maker Studio... because through all the poor design choices and clunky menus... it's obvious that this game only made it because of the artwork. The kickstarter promised great fighting mechanics and combos, but all everybody really got was the same three moves repeated over and over along with poorly placed, unrebindable controls and the worlds most annoying cancel... which is really JUST a glorified dash, that other games let you bind to the proper keys. But hey! The enemies can infi-combo you, so maybe the kickstarter was talking about how good the combos would be for them! Oh and the spikes... apparently those can infi-combo better than the player character as well. In the end though I guess you can't really talk about how responsive controls are when a game even has slow down issues on an i-7 processor... I guess it should just be expected at that point. The controls are definitely not stellar, no matter how many die-hard fans accost you with "git gud" memes and an obvious attempt at feeling superior for once in theirs lives. No, the controls are bad and unresponsive... yes, you can make them work, but that doesn't mean it's an excuse to have them and the difficulty shouldn't be in fighting them to do what you want. The real truth is it's a platforming game, with bad platforming and a wall jump mechanic that seriously needs a revision. The bosses start off fun and challenging, but soon spiral down into mass projectile and minion spamming nonsense, and by the end of the game you're fighting a screen of bright colors and no discernible hitbox while you're being infi-comboed because you missed one dash because the game felt like being unresponsive that one time. I guess it's hard to invent a new boss pattern after you've used up all the ones you know on the first two... The story is terrible and the writing makes you wonder if they've even written anything before, as it's littered with bad habits and constant references to things that have never been previously explained... similar to a fan-fiction, but imagine the subject the fan-fiction was about simply didn't even exist... The ending was anti-climatic and left the feeling of "So? Big whoop? Was that supposed to be surprising?" It's not a twist if it isn't even relevant to the story and came off as nothing more than a corny way to end the game. Overall, unenjoyable story and definitely worth mashing your buttons through. The artwork is great, and definitely the best, if not only (read as only) aspect worth playing the game to experience.... although, just like the combo system... the artwork is repetitive and doesn't have a lot of variety. The townsfolk all consist of the same 3 character designs and the portraits next to the speech dialogs always show the same emotion; lending absolutely nothing more than getting in the way of reading the situation properly. In fact, the whole game comes off as a concept or prototype that you'd pitch to a publisher... and not a final game. To summarize, if you want to play a good game, just go play SOTN or co. and if you want to play something obviously made in game maker... don't... or better yet, just hire their artist and make something yourself, because it'd be hard pressed not to be a hundred fold better.