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Valfaris Set in a far corner of space, Valfaris is a heavy metal infused 2D action-platformer and the next game from the team behind Unity Awards finalist, Slain: Back From Hell. Brutal combat. Deadly enemies. Stunning pixel art. Savage soundtrack. Get ready to rip the galaxy a new wormhole.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 107
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Big Sugar Films, Big Sugar / Steel Mantis
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Valfaris reviews ( 5 )

SulyKaz, Oct 14, 2019

actually i play it slain before and i enjoy it and i trust big sugar films they can learned form mistakes and make super bad ass game like VALFARIS this game is crazy madness bloody sci fi as hell

FogCityRoller, Oct 10, 2019

There are various levels of sheer awesomeness that exist in the world. These levels exist on a scale from baby pink socks to Keanu Reeves using two great white sharks as skis while shooting Nazis with machine guns and backed by a soundtrack made up of 80s hair metal. Keanu should feel honored to relinquish his throne to this game.

sadarnwn4, Oct 22, 2019

Игра обалденная как и предыдущее творение данной студии, только в разы лучше:) прошел демку 2 раза и очень очень ждал релиза. Купил не задумываясь

Dean_Demon, Oct 13, 2019

A really excellent variant on Contra or Turrican, graphics are of a high standard which the backgrounds are of a higher standard than the foreground and enemies etc, sound is also of a high standard with really decent sound effects but the soundtrack you are either going to love or hate as it is metal. All in all it just works but do be prepared for a challenging game in which you will die alot so i rate it an excellent 8 out of 10 with only minor things holding it back from greatness.

Vasot, Oct 25, 2019

1) A Gamepad is necessary unfortunately the developers don't mention anything in their site but trying playing this with a keyboard is a huge pain if you really want to play this game i highly recommend you buy a gamepad first 2) Upgrades are few and useless they only give a minor boost to weapon damage even at max levels they are still feel really weak 3) Small stages with repetitive spamming enemies and way too many mini-bosses for my liking 4) Gets boring after a while and difficulty gets unbearable at late stages 5) Music is ok but classics like Turricane have way better soundtracks 6) Game story is forgettable