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Valhalla Hills Valhalla Hills is a humorous new civilization-building strategy game from Daedalic Entertainment.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1435
Genre Strategy, General
Company / Developer
Daedalic Entertainment / Daedalic Entertainment
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Valhalla Hills reviews ( 6 )

Lesyl, Dec 4, 2015

As a huge fan of Settlers 2 and the Cultures series I was very excited when I heard about Valhalla Hills and my expectations got fulfilled. I purchased while early access was still running and right then it already felt like a complete game. I love the simple art style and already spend hours with this game.

PrivateParts, Dec 4, 2015

I really enjoy the graphics. Watching the cuddly vikings doing viking stuff is really charming. Yes, there's a quite steep learning curve especially if you're new to these type of strategy games, or haven't played it for a while (which was my situation). But in later levels (one hour of gameplay or something like that) you'll manage to rise a nice village and are prepared for the (sometimes tough) enemies. And run up to the final portal. And that's basically it. I have to admit, that it might doesn't sound quite interesting at first, but I was searching for a game I can play for an hour or two and return later on to continue my play without any frustrations or disorientation. Since you found a familiar pattern for each of your villages you feel comfortable at home every time you return. For me (and at least for a fair price) it's a great fun to play. Very recommended!

MildDoodle, Dec 4, 2015

It's fuuuuuuun! Playing the early access version was alright, but since then they changed and added so much stuff and now it's really fun! I'm literally sitting here playing this game for 8 hours in a row. When I heard that you always have to rebuild your village after you finished the map I thought it would be annoying but it actually adds to the fun of the game cause you can always try out new stuff and new ways to win a map. They also added more enemies, like the dwarfs which take your building space if you don't stop them. I recommend this game!

Eldryr, Dec 2, 2015

Nice litle gem. A lot of Vikings in a funny graphics style.What I really like is that every Viking gives you the impression that he/she is unique. If you like strategy games like settlers, cultures and so on Valhalla Hills is a must have. Lot of fun and a really nice game.

APOD, Jan 13, 2016

Probably NOT the best gamer in the world. But man I love gaming. Today I found my viking roots in the game, Valhalla Hills. It's a sweet strategy builder game from Funatics Software. Odin, the ruler of Asgard, is in a bad temper and trough his son and vikings out of Asgard since they lack of honor. Your mission is to protect and help the vikings to regain their honor so they can return to Asgard. POSITIVES: I found the graphics very appealing (except the water line) and the viking animations are quite smooth and nice. I like the cartoonish style and the environment looks good to my eye. I like the music but hope it will vary a bit more since I progress trough the game. NEGATIVES: The game play and tutorial is confusing to me, and I don't understand exactly what I'm doing. What's on auto, and what's not... I think it's not to bad as soon you get the point, sort of say. I need a few hours before I get it. So, at a first look I like the game very much and I definitely recommend others to try it. Se my "First look at - Valhalla Hills" video here:

dsr07mm, Dec 8, 2015

Lead your people. Survive the wilderness. Fight for honor. Reclaim your eternal reward. A brand new strategy game from the developers of Cultures and The Settlers II. Valhalla Hills is a indie-strategy game where you build your village with focus on objectives and achievements through every mission. Developed by Funatics Software, published by Daedalic Entertainment game got published on steam platform on 2nd December. Story follows Leko, son of Odin, the ruler of Asgard who get banished by his father to the Earth where he need to become useful. Leko decide to help fellow Vikings and as God of the builders he will try to bring those Vikings to the portals with hope to reach Valhalla. You are controlling couple Vikings indirectly by making buildings as Toolmaker, Woodcutter, Quarry, Fishery, Hunter??�s Lodge and many more where they will need to adapt, start gathering resources, create tools and expand their settlement to be able to reach portal. In begining islands will be smaller without too much challenge where you aim to get enough teritory and reach portal where you will need to deal with choice, do you want to sacrifice something or you want to deal in violent way. How ? With viking army ! So among many buildings you will be able to create army and military camps and train your vikings with couple different weapons to fight and defend their village. Food, place for sleep and weapons will be required to keep soldiers up aswel as good production in your village to keep building new stuff without longer delays. Problem with game in current early-access stage come with fact that whole game is goal-oriented which means that after creating your village, increasing population and setting up everything as you want will be removed by going through portal, where essentially you get forced to start from scratch with couple new unlocks most of the time, but with same goal; expand your village, create army and get near portal to see what awaits you. After completed 20 levels things didnt change and almost every single time you will need to go less or more in same order with buildings aside from experimenting and trying to find faster way of developing every aspect. All come to end fight and decision what to do without knowing what will come out if you decide that your army is stronger no matter what. That idea kinda kills potential which is enormous with this title and overall concept. On the other side Art style is amazing. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, yet game looks adorable and amazing in every single aspect. Vikings, buildings, water and especially lightnings during night time are very well done and it??�s impressive that all of that come with no performance loss which is almost common thing with Unreal games. Sure, there are no radicilous number of units through levels but amazing graphics fulfill that spot. They hit the nail on the head. It fits perfectly and the scenery is simple and enjoyable. A nice cartoon-ish setting fits the casual play of the game and doesn??�t overwhelm you. Also a fun bit in the background that you??�ll love is each time you open a portal a volcano on another island explodes. Who doesn??�t love exploding volcanoes ? Mapsize depends on your progress and eventually you can make different seeds aswel as bigger map through campaign where you get more challenge among many other additional unlocks. By playing more you will be able to create your own Vikings along with fact that at any point you can rename any of your Vikings aswel as seeing their attributes. AI is pretty solid with fact that in most similiar games you would have roaming units trying to kill your people and distrupt building while in this one that isnt really a issue even though you can find some roaming creatures. Having time to organize your plan and buildings without being disrupted this make fairly enjoyable and relaxing game, just dont expect crazy fights and fast response from your side. Keep on mind that game is still in early access so more features might be added, aswel as not having official statement about multiplayer aspect which could be game changing especially due to fact that campaign become repetetive at one point. Overall, game is totally worth of playing especially if you are huge fan of Settlers games. If you are not looking for crazy and huge fights, more focus on casual strategy-building genre, with goal to take your vikings on adventure to Vahalla through fighting, gathering and building along with making decisions this is right title for you.