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Vampyr Vampyr is set in early 20th century Britain as the country is gripped by the lethal Spanish flu and the streets of London are crippled by disease, violence and fear. In a disorganized and ghostly city, those foolish, desperate, or unlucky enough to walk the streets lay prey to Britain’s mostVampyr is set in early 20th century Britain as the country is gripped by the lethal Spanish flu and the streets of London are crippled by disease, violence and fear. In a disorganized and ghostly city, those foolish, desperate, or unlucky enough to walk the streets lay prey to Britain’s most elusive predators: the vampires. Emerging from the chaos, a tormented figure awakens. You are Jonathan E. Reid, a high-ranking military surgeon transformed into a vampire upon his return home from the frontline.Explore the darkly atmospheric streets of early 20th century London, and interact with a multitude of characters with their own identities and importance. Accept and fulfill the missions they give you, but don’t forget: sooner or later, you will have to feed, and make a difficult choice... who will be your prey? Absolutely all characters in the game are potential victims of your vampiric lust. Carefully study the habits of your next victim, his or her relationships with other characters, and set up your strategy to feed, unnoticed: seduce them, change their daily habits, or make sure they end up alone in a dark street…Be careful who you choose to hunt, as they will be gone forever, and their death will impact in a meaningful way the world that surrounds you. Feeding on human blood will not just keep you 'alive;' it will also unlock new vampiric powers to use. [Focus Home]… Expand
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 95
Genre Role-Playing, General, Action RPG
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Focus Home Interactive / DONTNOD Entertainment
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Vampyr reviews ( 6 )

Saric2017, Jun4, 2018

HISTORY Vampyr already starts with an intense and heavy prologue to already let the player involved with the story, even though this may leave him a little lost about how the game will be since the first hour of play is fairly linear. You take on the role of Dr. Jonathan Reid, a renowned physician who served in the war and has now been transformed and seeks answers and revenge from those who did this to you. The story is rather focused on the city of London, devastated by an epidemic. The Vampyr universe is greatly expanded in terms of mythologies and cultures, creating space for various types of organizations and groups in the game, such as secret vampire societies, shady sororities, hunter groups, and high-class vampire societies that govern the region, as well as other things that you discover throughout the game. The game is full of characters, each with its own characteristics and missions. Although Vampyr's promotional images that show cities full of people moving and interacting are a deceptive advertisement, you really feel inside a living and functional place. In the game you will need to know how to divide your bloodthirsty vampire side with your renowned doctor side, taking advantage to feed on these characters or helping them and improving the city. Your choices will affect the direction of the story of the game, as well as the direction of each city district and the destination of the characters that are there. As the game progresses (the main story takes 15 to 20 hours to be completed) the story is getting as intense as the prologue but leaving more room for choices rather than demotivating linearity. A big problem of the game is to force you to have a certain personality and affection for a certain character, something that I as a player did not understand where it came from and I could not relate because of the choices I made in the game. The DONTNOD Entertainment team had done something similar and forced on Life is Strange and it seems they made the same mistake. Gameplay As Vampyr it is an RPG of choices, open world and full of combat, I will divide this session into two parts: Choices and Combat. In terms of choices, the game has more effect on your actions than on dialog options. While it's amazing that you can just go on an NPC that would normally give you several missions, interact with the world around you and simply choose to kill him to quench your blood thirst (and gain a lot, but a lot XP with it), the dialogue options are almost always limiting and in the whole game only in 3 or 4 moments you will make big decisions because of these options. In some moments where you think you need to make a decision of extreme importance in the game, he chooses the destiny for you as well. Whenever you sleep, that is when you can evolve, the game shows the results of your actions in each district, showing if the district has become healthier or gone into chaos. Depending on the level of the district, certain NPCs will act differently and may improve the status of some and in worse cases, leading to the death of others. Already in combat, the game is sensational in every way. The combat is very similar to Witcher 2 and 3 (this is not going to be the last time I'll use Witcher for reference in this review), except that instead of being a hunter with equipment prepared to defeat a certain monster, you are the monster needing to watch out for hunters who know all their weaknesses. The game does not have a lot of variety of enemies (inferior vampires, hunters, monsters and vampires of high level), but knows to vary in the abilities that each one of them has as you get stronger in the game, which is great since, in a universe only of vampires, to escape of the pattern with enemies only to satisfy the will of the combat player, would be a negative point in the whole lore of the game. Hunters will only start with swords, torches and silver pistols, but as you progress through the game, the same hunters will start to carry crosses, garlic, higher precision rifles and even flamethrowers! The same goes for lower vampires, who will be stronger and have some new abilities. High level vampires find you only in some areas of the game and will start to use more skills similar to yours. Another thing the game has in common with Witcher 3 (not that this is Witcher 3's original or inspired by it), is the Witcher's sense. In the case of Vampyr, vampire sense. And it works the same way and is used by the game in the same way, you change your you change your vision to follow traces of blood or see enemies hidden by the map. Unlike the Witching sense, the vampire sense is not so charged to be used in so many missions and can be used more strategically by the player to avoid fighting or locating things hidden by the map. Concluding Vampyr is a very, very good game.

Evorian, Jul 23, 2020

I've geuinely enjoyed my experience with this game. I thought the story was good, the combat was a bit iffy at times but it never bothered me because this game excelled in its story, and the aesthetic for the game was spot on. Also, the music in this game is amazing, it really suits the theme perfectly.

Johnysh, Jun7, 2018

It's great, Finished,Full game! for 50€. At last something interesting on PC (for me). Graphics, not that amazing but not bad either needs some tweaks for lightning. Soundtrack not bad. Great story. Every person has a story and is unique. Choices have a real impact not like Telltale bs. Beautifull London and that atmosphere...Mmmmm nice. Theres not a lot of skills but it's a small game and it gets job done. Combat system like witchers no problem with that. The difficulty system is very interesting and you can be only mad at yourself if you are bad. Maybe a fast travel between hideouts would be great. No problem with optimisation. No long loadings. Very few bugs in my playthrough. This is't AAA game. This isn't Sony game where they give a billions of $$$ to a "never heard of studio". Buy it. We need more games like these. Don't hate it. With great sales we might have Vampyr 2 in future with better everything. But first I want dlc or something after that ending. I want more. It was enough (no open ending) but I want more. Vampyr doesn't suck. haha

AbueLaKoO, Jun 25, 2020

No es espectacular graficamente, la banda sonora regulera, pero es muy divertido, el poder alimentarte de todos los ciudadanos que confiaban en ti, o ayudarlos en sus miserias, una dualidad que le pega bastante bien a nuestro medico inglés, un doble A que sorprende en ciertos aspectos pero que peca bastante en otros, el sistema de combate es el impuesto por juegos como dark souls, y no le sienta mal. Una gota de sangre que no llegó a más.

dubesor, Jun8, 2018

the combat is dull and the way you level/sleep making the world move on and giving diseases to people just because you wanted to use your skillpoints is counter productive, I found myself often not wanting to spend EXP because then I would have to run around curing everyone again which is tedious as there is no mini map nor fast travel. The world is empty and locations just look the same everywhere. the dialogue and story were meh at best. I didn't find myself caring about any of the characters and even if you did their missions it never resulted in anything. Just a hint found, done. No conclusion, no twists, nothing. The way that enemies levels are tweaked to always completely outlevel you even when consuming citizens is annoying to say the least. I was 8 levels below all enemies and having troubles so I decided to eat 2 citizens and spent the EXP. By doing that the world advances and the enemies gain more levels again thus me sacrificing citizens didn't do anything.. Overall this game just has so many faults, I wasn't really enjoying my time with it, but I also didn't absolutely hate it. it is mediocre overall.

MinionX, May 18, 2020

The writing of this game is very poorly elaborated & rushed, so it frequently contradicts itself because of that.. throughout its entire plot..... Its combats are too easy, generic & repetitive.. to such an extent, that basically it's just about attacking & dodging, attacking & dodging, which causes its entire playing-throw to-be just like a bad joke, & this doesn't change even if one plays it on HARD! The AI of its enemies is extremely stup¡d & scripted, which is why they often get stuck with miserable obstructions in their pathways, such as columns, barrels, boxes, walls, etc.... {Especially in the indoors areas.} Its plot is too linear, & the options that are present during it are practically irrelevant during the course of the same; Basically everything comes down to: MC has killed or not non-generic NPCs, if he has.. then how many he has killed..... (つ◉益◉)つ