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Van Helsing I: Complete Pack The pack includes the base game (The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing) and everything that's been introduced to the gameplay since the launch of the original. That means the three paid DLCs (Blue Blood, Thaumaturge, Arcane Mechanic), all updates since release (added scenario mode, improved UI, etc.) and new improvements that will be released now with the Complete Pack (PVP mode for 16 players, Endgame Content - Neverending Story and new Scenario levels, monster respawn, new netcode, PC controller support).

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1142
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
NeocoreGames / NeocoreGames

Van Helsing I: Complete Pack reviews ( 7 )

AerickTheRed, Dec 31, 2013

For an indie action RPG it doesn't get much better than this. The steampunk atmosphere and the Van Helsing lore are nicely done (not to mention the witty banter between you and your companion). The game play is solid and bugs are hard to find (companion pathing sometimes an issue). The DLC is good (the second skill tree for your companion and two new playable classes). I especially liked the ability to respect both you and your companion’s abilities points (both attributes and skills). The endless story mode that was added compliments the scenarios nicely once you've completed the story through in single player. I haven't played the multiplayer at all, so my opinions are bases solely on single player.

Ananisapta, Jan 7, 2014

This is a FUN game! You don't have to know about the original Van Helsing, or even for whom the Lugosi River is named. When I saw the busty blond ghost on the character selection page surreptitiously adjusting her top, I started to smile, and I haven't stopped since. Game-play is easy to learn but there's enough challenge to keep you learning. Items are useful or remunerative. Your ghostly companion is forever cracking wise, and the writing team had their tongues fully inserted in both cheeks. Don't miss Van Helsing!

insanity82007, Apr 23, 2014

They've put a lot of thought into this one and these are some of the things I love about the game. The best damage calculators I've seen in any ARPG. Stats up there with the best of the best. Awesome looting system. Checkpoints are placed perfectly. Insanely huge number of hoards of monsters to attack (probably the most I've seen in an ARPG). Great skill choices for both active and passive skills. An assistant creature that isn't useless and provides awesome buffs. Perks are great. Great upgrade choices in towns for all sorts. I really love that resetting attributes and skill points always costs the same, unlike most RPGs where it gets more expensive each time, and it's not expensive either, which means that I can constantly revamp my character, giving me a lot more scope to try skills out and reclaim the skill points if I don't like the way my character build is going. Basically this is just the insane slaughter-fest I've been looking for and it would get a perfect 10 if it wasn't for 2 things. Firstly it would be better if it didn't have some obvious bugs that cause the game to crash, but these aren't deal breaking once you know how to get around them from searching on Google. Secondly, it's just ridiculously hard to get started in the game and it isn't really until level 8 where your character doesn't have to kite and die all the time that the game becomes fun. I would suggest keeping the insane hoards for later in the game from a Dev perspective, as this may put people off. I'm a die hard ARPG fan and this put me off the game and I didn't pick it up again for a few months. This time though I looked on the internet for other people having a similar experience and found that heaps of people found it hard to get started, but once they persevered by dying 50 times and doing lots of kiting to get to about level 8 - 10, they found the game much better to play once they got some good drops and some skills going. I found the same thing for myself and now that I'm a higher level, I'm caning it and REALLY, REALLY enjoying the game! I can't wait to play every day!!

bloodyshan, Dec 27, 2013

A surprisingly good game, I'm seriously into ARPG games and this game literally sucked me in. The gameplay itself is fun, though not outstanding, but with it's ingenious dialogues and elaborate voice acting, it's a real deal for any single player ARPG fan. Despite the bugs that made the game couldn't go further (which could be fixed by typing in-game text) and crashing issue in Mac version (which is not a problem for PC), there's nothing to complain about and I think this game got it's replay value even if you play only as Hunter.

chevmech, Dec 26, 2013

Fantastic game. Originally slipped under my radar because of the TM main character. I generally steer clear of movie based games, but that mantra failed me in this case. This is the best ARPG since Titan Quest in my opinion. Already can't wait for the second installment.

tenmuter, Dec 16, 2013

Average. Not the best way to waste your time out there, but it can certainly be far worse. Reasons: the gameplay is stale and occassionally buggy. Nothing about the game excels but can only be labelled as acceptable.

Pc080972, Jan 26, 2014

Unfinished and definitely untested product when launched on OSX and it appears the developers are not in a hurry to fix it now they taken people money... * Constant crashing each 20-30 min. * Crashing when zoning happens frequently * Graphics GUI unreadable * Graphics glitches on various locations so you can't see where you are or doing * Quest break due to zoning crashes