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Vessel Vessel is a 2D action and puzzle game featuring the unique ability to simulate characters composed entirely of fluid. Arkwright, inventor of the world famous Fluro (mechanized-fluid automaton) is on a quest to finish his next great invention - The Device - that will alter existence in unimaginable ways. However, Fluros begin to mutate and run amok, and it's up to Arkwright to understand (and exploit) these strange evolutions. Explore physically modeled worlds, solve puzzles by controlling fluid and machines, and harness the power of the mysterious Fluro creatures that populate the land.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1688
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
indiePub / Strange Loop Games

Vessel reviews ( 6 )

D4rkTee, Oct 2, 2012

Indie games are often the more inspired and funny ones, and this is another proof of it. It is not just for fun, you have really to get your brain on to solve all puzzles, yet it is so satisfying when you get one solved. There is no help or hint, you just get simple observation of the protagonist about how things he encounters works: how to use it, in any declination of it, it's up to you. A great challenge not to be missed ;)

Ted_Tris, May 15, 2015

Nice feeling, graphic and sounds . Good puzzles . Good and witty gameplay . Very good small game . Is worth it to play out.... A picsába kell 150 karaktert írni...

wertygol, Mar 3, 2012

A beautiful physic game based in fluids and mechanics. Amazing graphics a good soundtrack, acceptable history and amazing playability with a correct learning curve.

AgentPothead, Jul 28, 2013

This is an awesome game. The artwork is incredible and the puzzles all deal with fluid interactions, be it water, lava, or steam. A controller is recommended in the loading menu and I only played with one, but it controls great.

Soulgraph, Mar 30, 2012

Impressive! Im a sucker for good in-game physics use and vessel has it in spades. Character control & interaction with the more mundane aspects of the game could use some fine tuning (ladder use, elevators and the feel of the jump action) but the game is great looking, fun & different.

Funksatron, Jul 15, 2012

I greatly appreciate that games like this can be made and I was inspired by the vision of Vessel, but after having completed the game I found that I wasn't enjoying it most of the time I was playing. The visuals are handled very well and I can't fault the game there. The physics are very simplified and cumbersome during many scenarios (dials, swinging bridges, aiming streams). The plot was compelling, but did not follow through on completion. The majority of the puzzles weigh in on the easy side, some quite clever, but many times I found myself frustrated that so much of the difficulty came from overcoming the clunky controls (I did use a gamepad as recommended) and finicking the AI Fluros into their positions. The minutes that passed between solving a puzzle conceptually and being able to execute it in the game dampened the joy of each success.