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Victor Vran Victor Vran is an isometric Action-RPG with a vast selection of weapons, items, outfits, demon powers and destiny cards. Experience combat action with dozens of enemies attacking you from all sides and unleash powerful skills to finish them off.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1925
Genre General, Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Haemimont Games / Haemimont Games
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Victor Vran reviews ( 7 )

x10, Jul 27, 2015

It fills the void of the disappointment that was Diablo 3. The game has a very dynamic combat system that is - in my opinion - superior to Diablo 3. In D3 it always felt like "I am doing DPS to the enemies". Here, it feels like "I am slashing the enemies with a sword". Each weapon requires a different playstyle - it's not like "The rapier is like the sword, but it's faster and does less damage". There are many clever secrets that hit the right spot of being "fun to find", but not "too tedious to find". In terms of humor: it's hit-or-miss, but at least there's a lot of it. There is a soldier called Stash. Private Stash. He manages your... private... stash. So yeah, lots of dadjokes. If you like that sort of thing, you'll have a great time. The story could've had a bit more to it, but I suppose the money runs out quickly when you hire Geralt of Rivia to voice the main character :) It still has its moments, but this is more of a gameplay-driven experience. I've spent 10 hours on the game so far, and I plan to 100% complete it. Given that it costs much less than $50, most of the criticism can simply be ignored.

AthanasiosT, Aug 21, 2015

This is an excellent and enjoyable arpg. Filled with atmospheric and beautiful music, exploration and secret areas, stylish detailed graphics. Control with mouse and keys is pretty normal for PC and you also have the capability to jump to higher (sometimes secret) areas and roll to avoid enemies. Plenty of bad guys to kill (but not too many as in previous failed arpgs) and good control over your actions, give a nice game experience. Weapons are of specific type (so far discovered 4) which use certain different types of attack (area,single,etc). There is not an enemy respawn system for every area, for which I am grateful (they do respawn but in smaller areas which you can try again and again for certain achievements-bonuses). Spells and bonus passive cards, enrich your character. All in all,a very satisfying game.

Ignatius_Reilly, Dec 29, 2016

A real diamond in the rough. If you like you're ARPGs to be more on the blistering hard action side, than a simple loot grind, this is a game you'll likely enjoy. A lot of deaths have more to do with player error than simply not having enough HP/armor. It's definitely not the sort of zone out and farm ARPG most are used to. The game also has quite a bit going for it in the area of customization. There's a lot of cards/powers/weapons to mix and match to figure out the most effective play style. Often an area will demand you totally change up your play style to achieve the goals within. Through out an entire play through I never stuck with one build or weapon for long. It keeps things interesting and avoids the typical feeling of grinding one build for hours on end. If you want to clear the harder challenges, there's an obsessive level of planning involved. The challenge system is great. It puts your focus a lot less on loot, and more on succeeding through game play, which is a bit more satisfying than waiting for the RNG to give you what you want.

mweagle, Jul 28, 2015

After a long time of frequent disappointments from AAA titles, this game is a relief! Only €17,99 and the game is very solid and enjoyable. This action RPG is a little different form the rest. For example, the armor is tweakable: there are only a couple different armors and you don't really upgrade of loot them (well, sortof). The armor doesn't work like conventional armor, but it gives you a different effect of your Power. Weapons are also not really jupgradable, but you find/buy different weapons. These weapons are divided into classes (rapier, sword, shotgun etc) of which each class has 3 skills to use, which are sometimes very fun and can combo extremely well if executed properly. E.g. rapier dash-ability followed up with a bleeding strike to kill a minion to reset your ability-counters, so you can do the dash again. You can also switch between two weapons during combat, which makes the game a lot more divers. Combat is solid, skills are fun and leveling is done with destiny-cards, which basicaly give you some bonuses or passive abilities (like more health or an AoE strike when you do a critical hit. Everything feels rocksolid. Downside is the sloppy mouse-control. Many times the attacks just go into a different direction than anticipated, kinda killing your momentum in combat. Also, the character building isn't superb, but that's not really a huge issue. Again, the best thing about this game is the price for the quality. When Ubisoft would have released this, the quality would be worse and the proce would be higher.

AbeMC, Jul 10, 2017

Victor Vran, a Witcher and Torchlight hybrid, is a top-down, monster-hunter hack’n slash. Blessed with fun combat, great ambiance and large level design, it is cursed with mediocre voice acting, been-there-done-that story and an overly generous loot system (hello, clogged inventory). Four-player coop and a detailed challenge system are welcome additions. Worth a purchase at 66% off or more. Total size on my hard-drive: 4.3 GB + Large level design. While there are a few smaller levels that house challenge bosses, most are large and spacious, with secrets hidden everywhere. One of the best features of Victor Vran. + Good level of challenge. New areas are difficult, and after leveling and becoming OP, activate different hexes (Hex of Pain reduces Victor Vran’s health over time, Hex of Time speeds enemies, and so on) for additional challenge and greater rewards. + Nice graphics. Won’t knock your socks off, but the level of detail (especially in the city levels) is excellent. + Smooth and stable. Not a single crash or hang in 24 hours of gameplay. + Good choice of weapons. Shotguns, lightning guns, swords, rapiers, scythes, hammers, spell books. Each type of weapon can be found with a large number of different specializations – which bring their own buffs and debuffs. + The card-based skills system. Victor can equip of number of cards for passive combat bonuses. There are over a dozen varieties, and again each can be had in a number specializations. One of my favorites was “The Moon” card, which, when equipped, grants an ice-explosion when Victor lands a critical hit. Another good one is the “Blademaster” card, which adds over-drive at a faster rate and grants health-regen on crit with swords. Each card is available in a number of levels as well; Levels 1 through 4 were most common, but I did loot a Level 8 card (yes, the bonuses were massive!). There is limited number of points available to equip cards, though, and each level counts as a point; equipping four Level 4 cards isn’t possible when the point limit is less than 16 (the point limit increases as Victor levels up), forcing a continual mix-and-match of available cards in search of the best build. + Nicely ambient soundtrack. + Four-player coop. Drop-in / drop-out works well. The large levels work well with four players. + You can trade items with a demon named Geban. 10/10 would trade with Geban again. +/- Demon powers. Their usefulness is limited because their use requires over-drive. It can take a while for the over-drive bar to fill in the early stages. Certain weapons and cards can boost the charge rate, making them more useful. Then there are other cards that provide bonuses only if the over-drive bar is full – rendering demon powers useless, because emptying the over-drive bar by using a demon power would deactivate the bonus. +/- Bosses are nicely placed and paced, but don’t require any special tactics to defeat. +/- Someone made a pact with a demon and now the kingdom has to pay when the demons come to collect on the debt. There. That’s the story. +/- Victor Vran is voiced by the same actor who provides the English-language voice of Geralt in the Witcher games (Doug Cockle). Victor is a near carbon-copy of Geralt. I’m not sure if Cockle was told to do this, or if this is the limit of his skills as a voice actor. Other voice actors are good, but not special. +/- Too much loot. There are several different ways to sort it, but even for a loot-based game, there is a ton of loot. There is no limit on inventory space, though, so the primary issue is managing it. +/- + Leveling gear. Most things can be leveled using Transmutation in the hub. The outcome is completely RNG, though (unlike in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel where using Moonstone in the weapon grinder would guarantee an increase in rarity. Nothing like that here). - Some area challenges are impossible to complete unless massively over-leveled or playing online with other players. The online mode had about a dozen players active in it every time I started the game, so not an impossible task. - Some level challenges are mutually exclusive, meaning you are expected to re-play levels. - Some grinding for better gear required if soloing. No worse than in Borderlands, but expect it. - Armor is tied to outfits, which are only awarded via chests and level-up bonuses. That means the best plan is to kill the enemies fast and have a good stock of potions on hand. Worry about armor later. There are passive bonuses which can help. Overall, the looting, combat and level design are the most attractive features of Victor Vran, but unless grinding and completing challenges for loot is why you play games (not that there’s anything wrong with either!), you could get bored with it quickly. A good effort by developer Haemimont with franchise potential. Hopefully, future installments will showcase refinements of some great core systems.

Fuz, Aug 12, 2015

What a nice surprise. Victor Vran is basically a Diablo clone, and a good one at that. The skill/weapon system is good and quite interesting as the is outfit system, the maps are fun, well designed and thankfully not too big, so you're not stuck in a giant map for too long, the actual gameplay is very enjoyable and the graphics are quite nice, clean and very readable (which is something that often lacks in this sort of games). The map system is great and lets you skip useless and unwanted backtracking. A really good game, but it does have flaws: Worst issue, by far: The controls are clearly designed for a gamepad, and using a mouse and keyboard is quite often bugged and VERY unresponsive; there are issues with jumping directions, sometimes the character just stops and sometimes goes where isn't supposed to go, making you die or unnecessary lose health. The pathing with a mouse is quite bad. This is extremely frustrating especially in some long boss fights. Not fun when your character doesn't respond to your imput and instead of moving off the attack it jumps right in or keep attacking. Very annoying and it costs the game a few score points. Another flaw, yet minor, is the framerate that sometimes just go down to 20-30 fps without any reason, when it's usually on a stable 60fps. That shouldn't happen, the graphics, as nice as they are, aren't very complicated and taxing and the FPS shouldn't drop so low on a i7 and GTX970 build. Another issue is the crafting. It's quite bad and not thoroughly thought: you combine items, weapon and cards in an attempt to improve them. Too bad it's extremely confusing and forces you to clutter your inventory with tons of stuff, making very hard to discern what you should equip and what it's an improvement over your current gear. This is especially true for the cards and their various effects. It's also a bit of lacking in the variety of monsters. All in all, a very nice game.

CoolDadTx, Jul 13, 2016

Utterly infuriating game that gets old after the first couple of hours. The enemies are grossly overbalanced, almost all of them have to be killed twice because they respawn instantly and the bosses overwhelm you a couple of hits. It's like the devs didn't even bother to playtest this thing. The loot is junk. It is rare to find anything useful. The "crafting" system is a checkbox for the game with no actual logic or perhaps behind it. The devs tried to throw lots of different stuff into the game and none of it is really well thought out resulting in lots of gear that really don't amount to much. The challenges are meaningless. They all boil down to either running through an area as fast as you can or defeating an area without using any abilities. This pretty much forces you to play a certain way and makes your ability/gear selection meaningless. This game is a drag and drop RPG where too much was stuffed into the game without any real thought as to how it should work. It needs a serious amount of pruning, updating and overall balancing. Cannot possibly recommend this to anybody.