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Viking: Battle for Asgard Viking: Battle for Asgard thrusts players into a twisted mythological world overrun with demonic warriors unleashed by Hel, the Norse goddess of death. As Skarin, a rage-fueled Viking hero, players will wage all-out war to free mankind from the grip of evil and ultimate annihilation. Enemies will suffer graphic dismemberment with disturbing realism from an array of Skarin's melee, range and magic attacks.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1776
Genre Action Adventure, Fantasy, General
Company / Developer
Sega / Creative Assembly

Viking: Battle for Asgard reviews ( 7 )

Viacota, Feb 2, 2013

un juego "hack and slash" con ambientación en la mitología nórdica, lo cual me encanta. Amo las temáticas vikingas. Si bien, el juego no puede considerarse obra maestra, ni aportar nuevos conceptos, si lleva bien a cabo un sistema de combate sólido y la posibilad de protagonizar inmensas battallas junto a centenares de aliados. No es un juego de Rol, es más bien solo acción y aventura con locaciones y personajes de la mitología nórdica que repito, me encanta. Recomendado para los fieles al género hack and slash y amantes de la mitología nórdica.

Jhurley, Jan 9, 2013

I bought this game originally for Xbox360 and played it on there, therefor i cannot speak for PC experience, i never actually completed the game but i did get around over the half way point of the game and found it pleasantly enjoyable, however at times can get frustrating due to how hard some of the bot mobs can be. the battles tend to get repetitive but there is always something you can buy and a different place to explore, which an adventure action game like this should always have, all in all i found it sometimes glitches in the map and some mission glitches but nothing to severe, all in all a very enjoyable game which i would say is well worth the purchase

bastobasto, Apr 15, 2018

I was forced to buy this with the Total War Pack. That is already one downside. Otherwise, it has good graphic but a cheap gameplay that is pretty much like all other game of it's genre.

Shaide, May 22, 2016

Bloody, Savage and just a wee bit barbaric. I loved it! The game is completely gamepad compatible, despite the fact that the store page makes no mention of it. The combat is very fluid, with some nice execution moves. Combine that with the beautiful graphics and open world, and you got a winner. Sure it's not as story rich or cinematic as I would have liked, but I still enjoyed myself, and had a decent time chopping my enemies in half.

krikaoli, Apr 30, 2013

The game probably is nice, but have a lot of bugs that will annoy you, besides that the resolution options are terrible and the worst, mouse control is not working, at least not in my Steam version...

Tomle1202, Apr 15, 2018

Viking: Battle for Asgard feels more like a collection of concepts than an actual game. Its mythical settings and large-scale battles may sound epic on papers, but the end result plays like a mess.

Kopter, Oct 23, 2015

Sistema de combate penoso, historia sin sentido, tutoriales estúpidos... El peor hack and slash que he jugado en mi vida. El peor dolar invertido en Humble Bundle, no sé si el dinero de caridad era directamente para la compañía que creó este juego porque madre mía...