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VoidExpanse VoidExpanse is a science fiction, top-down action role-playing game set in outer space.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1386
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
AtomicTorch / AtomicTorch

VoidExpanse reviews ( 7 )

loudent, Apr 18, 2015

This game delivers on a solid experience. It's plays like a cross between Privateer and Sentinel worlds. Its a sandbox world that allows you to make a living in many different ways. You can mine ore, trade goods, bounty hunt pirates or hunt aliens (or all 3). there are standard random quests in every system and there is a SP quest storyline you can complete (when you do so, you can generate another Galaxy and keep playing with them). Each Galaxy is generated from a seed at start and can range from small to large (large is huge). And when you're done with all that you can hop onto one of the many servers being hosted. Some offer PvP some offer Coop play. The game is also extremely easy to mod. Anything from new ships to entirely new quests. The one downside is that the individual systems can seem a little lifeless and uninteresting. This is helped by hidden pirate bases and well protected crates of alien tech. This game is well worth the money (A steal at around 14 dollars).

rootz, Jun 5, 2015

Very enjoyable space game , with fast controlable spaceships and a lot of options to fit items /weapons/ boosters for upgrade your ship . Good fast skill system . Missions are fun also how some people talk in the stations to you or about each other is fun . Good loot from destroyed ships . This game is fun and very addictive . For the price of a bottle Bacardi you have a lot of fun . Also i like i can run it on my 4 years old laptop (but settings everything on minimum on my laptop) . Ship manoeuvre , hull , shield , fueltanks , engines..thrusters ect...everything is upgradeble . Need more money ? Than go mining , easy and fast mining no stress but prepare for pirate attacks . Excellent mission system . Good fun space game .

neowiz73, Jun 18, 2017

You create a custom pilot with a few preset skill choices or even go with no presets and choose skills as you go. you also get to choose the size of galaxy you want to adventure in. there are 3 main storylines plus a 4th with the expansion. The story is decent with some funny bits, more-so in the fanatic storyline. overall it's a space shooter, with RPG elements that include skills and character progressions. set in a sandbox of a galaxy with random missions and a number of storylines. you can be a miner/trader or a fighter/bounty hunter or even all the above if you devote enough time to developing your character. there is a bit of a level grind but not much different than any other shooter or hack 'n slash type game. modding is real easy (xml and javascript), with near limitless possibilities when it comes to all the things that can or could be added to the game.

Greywolf2001ca, Feb 10, 2016

A good 2D space game. I think it is quite the underdog. I bet that in a couple of years people will look back at this game and say "Hey! How come it never really had any big success?" If the designer keep working on the game it will become a really great game. Trading should be more significant than just profit margins. Stations and sectors should improve when you bring needed commodities. A station that has all its needs fulfilled will be much more efficient, having a much better production rate, more ships under its control and the system would get additionnal structures built like refineries, shipyards, mines on huge asteroids, restoration of an old derelict space station, etc. Anyways, this game has lots of potential that is not being exploited yet but it is still nice. So imagine if they push this game to the limit! :)

kyokei, Apr 10, 2015

The game, is so well made, is highly moddable and the developers are, if the game is a success, keen on continuing development to improve their game. In addition to this, the developers have really listened to the community. Discussions have been ongoing on the forums and when an idea was found good, it was implemented. New patches were delivered on a frequent base which showed the community that they really wanted to have a good game. Now that the game is released they have continued listening to the community and have stabilizing and improving the game. Based on feedback they are also working on a content patch which will be going live in a few weeks. The game, being an open world space action game, really lets the player do anything they want. They can follow a storyline or just go cruising and play the game like an mmo-rpg. To be able to advance to the Alien zones you do need to do the quests. The game was launched with Multiplayer software and interestingly enough the game is very fun in Multiplayer. When you are cruising around in the world with other people you do get a sense of the game being a mini-mmo. Only costing 14,99 euros, this game is worth every penny as it is already. For 14,99 you get plenty of hours of fun. Since the Steam pre-release I have already spent 34 hours ingame. This is excluding the hours I put in when the game was not yet on Steam. This should already be an indicator that the game is worth it's money. With all the improvements that the AtomicTorch want to do, I am sure that they can make the game even better than it is already. If you are done with the game, then you can always look at the community mods to give the game another twist. Some users are already talking about creating a full custom story. Now not everything is positive, the game has some launch issues for some people. The server part was unstable for the first week of the launch and the game does sometimes feel a little bit empty. I would and have recommended this game to all my friends and I would like to see that this game becomes a hit - that the developers get the appreciation they deserve - and I am curious as to what their future plans are!

mrsandbags, Apr 18, 2015

There are a lot of things to like and a few things to dislike about this game. Given that it's still pretty early days I think that's a great start. The core gameplay works well and stability has improved dramatically. The game hangs occasionally at load time but in-game is now solid. So flying around is pretty cool, combat is difficult (aiming is hard) but quite satisfying, tractoring in spoils of war, jumping from system to system, mining, hunting pirates. In general it's all pretty fun. The basics are pretty much there. The downsides, a lot of the quests are over formulaic, the universe doesn't feel very "alive" or responsive to your actions, there's not enough variation or development. My hope is that all of these things will be fixed as the game heads towards "finished". I'm hopeful because the developers seem very committed (new releases coming every few days at the moment), responsive, and interested. And modding is very much baked in so its possible for the community to create interesting new content. All in all I think VoidExpanse is a good game now and has the promise of being a great game in the future.

Mryx, Mar 28, 2017

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