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VVVVVV VVVVVV is a retro styled 2D platformer by Terry Cavanagh, creator of dozens of free games. You play as the fearless leader of a team of dimension exploring scientists who inadvertently crash, and are separated. The game involves exploring the strange world you've found yourself in, and reuniting your friends. VVVVVV explores one simple game mechanic: you cannot jump - instead, you reverse your own gravity at the press of a button. The game focuses on playing with this mechanic in a variety of interesting ways. The game is designed not to artificially gate your progress. In VVVVVV there are no locks, no power-ups, no switches, nothing to stop you progressing except the challenges themselves.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2606
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Terry Cavanagh / Terry Cavanagh

VVVVVV reviews ( 7 )

arcadesdude, Apr 27, 2011

Very Fun Game! The retro-esque gravity defying platformer VVVVVV takes one back to the days of better gaming -- where skill actually matters because the reward is worth it. You'll find the game-play difficult but not overly so and the payoff of finding new areas or making an "impossible" maneuver worthwhile. The music gives me goosebumps and fits in quite well with the game -- that of exploring space in an strange and unknown dimension to find your crew-mates. Precision platforming -- retro style -- at its best! 10/10

smilzoboboz, Nov 14, 2015

A perfect game, on all compartments. Want to play for the story? Then hop on a journey to rescue your crew-mates who got lost in space, the game is extremely fun and with a "normal" difficulty degree if you don't go for trophies. Want more challenge? Then challenge the game and try to get all the discs to unlock more hardcore content. Mad enough? Then get to play one of the most balanced, fair, and difficult arcade platformers ever made (yes there are speedrunners too). Everything I wrote above seasoned with an intense mixture of 8-bit music and graphics that are just perfect, nothing more to add. If you're unsure you may like the game or not (if you don't then probably you don't understand what's good and bad and you don't deserve this game) you can try the first two levels on kongregate, somewhere. Anyway I recommend this game to everyone, even just to understand when you can really say that a game is GOOD and not just fancy or cool like most games nowadays.

DDilettante, Jan 17, 2015

I give this game the award for Best Game Title. Trying to say it sounds like a 1950s busted alien spaceship trying to take off. VVVVVV is actually a really fun ultra-retro style puzzle platformer. With its unassuming story and gameplay, it turned into quite the challenge. In essence, you are Captain Viridian, who is lost in an alternate dimension aboard his spaceship, and is trying to locate the other members of his crew (all with names starting with V. There you go). Instead of jumping around, you can control the direction of gravity. This presents some interesting and unique gameplay when trying to traverse this basic, fluoro, and incredibly dangerous landscape. The music is entirely chiptune, to fit in with the retro style, and is extremely funky and addictive. Grab this one. It's great fun, even if for a short while.

CptJuggins, Jan 7, 2011

My initial reaction to this game was "No jump? What do you mean no jump?" but the original gravity switching concept works seamlessly and makes for a fun and challenging experience. For its price you get a decent amount of playtime, especially with the 20 Shiny Trinkets to collect. It's worth playing just to try the "Doing things the hard way challenge". The sense of achievement when you do it is unreal. All in all, a fun cheap, interesting game. Well worth the money.

JohnWitten, Jun 8, 2014

[Condensed] VVVVVV is incredibly cheap regardless of the platform you purchase it for, and for a rough $10 max- a perfect choice for a decently shaped and sized indie game to play for a few hours and then return to every once and a while. The story of a doomed space ship and its crew being teleported to the far regions of the cosmos, and then being sought out by their ever-faithful captain is kind of touching at times, and the platforming proves to be addictive and intense. Remember, as already stated via the GI review of the game, this "isn't for the faint of heart," and you will easily test your wits and patience, as well as skills and story-telling and following throughout the run-through of this little gem. While quite good for an independent game, and clocking out at around 4-5 hours should you search every nook and cranny of the game, the game falls just short of great- but makes for a good experience nevertheless. Here's the "GI"-type scoring I'd give to the game: Concept: Simple concepts that create excellently crafted challenges varying in difficulty revolving around the one main tool: flipping gravity. Graphics: Very minimal details, and use barely any graphics save those of Flash players on the PC versions. Sound: Complete with all the nostalgia of those old games you love, however repetitive they may seem. Playability: The character's speed is annoying at times, and the character- albeit rarely, can encounter glitches that speed up or slow down momentum at weird and unfortunate times. Entertainment: While entertaining and utilizing an interesting concept, the game could branch out a bit more- but the game was independently created, so some leeway can be given possibly... Replay Value: Medium Overall Score: 8.0 Written 2011

AWG, Jul 18, 2013

VVVVVV is a very good platformer, with a great set of music and a compelling grade of difficulty. Map navigation is a bit confusing but I guess that's how it was intended to be. 7.49/10

1192249287, Jun 1, 2013

I don't know why i can't save!?? This game makes my steam window shaking all the time!!! And when i'm using T-Chinese input method the captain becomes crazy!!! That small man can't stop going left!!! Yes the plot is great but it should be able to be played.