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WAKFU In WAKFU, players can use the skills of their characters to fight fierce fauna and flora using magic, martial arts or new technologies.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2536
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Fantasy
Company / Developer
Ankama Games / Ankama Games
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WAKFU reviews ( 7 )

SeptusCap, Mar 4, 2012

With any user-driven metric you have to remember that it will probably skew negative from some minority with a frustrating issue (frustrating enough to drive them to rant). I'll try to be as unbiased as possible (My rating is positive but that's purely subjective imo)Pro's: - turn-based, strategic combat rare in MMO's (very well executed for group PvP too)- player driven economy (everything from mining to minting currency)- player driven ECOLOGY (kill off animals/plants, re-seed an area, mix and match to a degree so you can - farm what you need in as close a distance as possible -- there is player competition here obviously over WHAT should be planted). - nations, governments, elections, laws, etc to give players the tools to shape the world- free client, $6/mo subscription (extremely cheap imo)CONS: - memory leak issue (sometimes having to restart client after a few hours)- bug preventing subscribers from grouping with free-to-play players (unresolved as of one week)- server desync bug (Fairly rare occurrence which drops you out of combat and/or renders you unable to interact with the world, requires relogging)- inventory space is sorely lacking (and there's a storage tax to keep items in your "house" unless you run quite a distance)- miscellaneous/cosmetic bugs (for example one complaint is that the "gifts" for subscribing apply only to one character, fairly ridiculous concern imo)- item mall (the devs promise this won't impact pvp but I'm still skeptical, I would rather pay $12/mo and remove the item mall)

BloodWist, Aug 31, 2013

A isometric turn-based strategy game (like Ogre Battle and FF: Tactics) with a very awesome art, 100% controlled by players (there are no NPCs in game). All the market, government (yes, there's a governor with Soldiers, Treasures, Ecologists...) is controlled by the own players! The ecology itself is also controlled by players: you may extinct a family of monsters or a type of tree, or plant/cultivation if you don't "replant" them! There's a VERY exciting system of GvG and territory conquests. LOTS of dungeons with all sort of mechanics. The PvP is very well balanced, one of the bests I've ever played, compared to games like Ultima Online and DotA! The guild system is unique. There's daily "guild quests" to help your guild get points and invest them on their own City! Called "Heaven Worlds" its an amazing construction system where you can build your own city, with money, resources and points! You can build portal, resurrection statues, roads, houses, monsters fields, plant/tree fields and even dungeons!! The updates are constantly and every month there's something totally new coming to the game!

kyoutu, Mar 26, 2012

Looking for a game which requires a little brain activity when running dungeons and battling monsters? The kind you cannot get from extreme tanking MMO like World of Warcraft and Runecape, you know the ones where you all basically surround one enemy and hit until it's dead? Then Wakfu is your game.Battle dozens of monsters in a beautifully constructed environment, each dungeons is a work of art and the rest of the game follows suite. Head off with your guildies and actually work as a team to take down monsters and master you abilities.Heavy grinding? Not at all, if you learn your surroundings and the environment leveling can be fast and fun, the only place I see grinding is withing professions. Spend longer then a few days on the game and you will know all the best spots.Why 8/10 if I love the game so much? Well, because I believe Wakfu has even more potential and how could I ever vote it higher without giving it an 8 at the moment?Come to Wakfu and fall in love.

Xardon, Apr 17, 2012

As a big fan of Final Fantasy Tactics I was initially skeptical of this game. Although the cartoon type style bothered me a little bit, my original thought was it was more for a younger crowd, I decided to try it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised at the CONCEPT of the game being an MMO. The way the game is presented on a functional level is pretty solid. I never tried Dofus, so being unfamiliar with the world some things were confusing, including the types of monsters, they just seemed odd. As many others have mentioned class balance seems to be an issue, I also did not see much in the form of a community. I found mostly people running around just soloing. Since I was under the assumption this was free to play, it wasn't until I read the forums that there is a huge disconnect between paying players and free players, mostly because of the games design flaws. The other frustrating piece was the fact that very early on you get quests that you cannot complete because you need to pay to be able to use or do certain abilities or skills to complete even the earliest of quests. Overall, I do wish for the success of Wakfu only so that I can hope someday they will do a Final Fantasy Tactics online with that universe and job system, as the core concepts would be easily able to be transferred over. Unfortunately, because of the limited things you can do as a free subscriber, the game turns in to just an exp grind very early on making one lose their interest very quickly.

yopukainvencibl, May 7, 2014

1/10, the game was released like two years ago and still have some beta issues: -bugs everywhere -some bugs even eat your items and pets and of course ankama never gives an answer to the people affected -memory leaks make nearly impossible to play the game even with only one account. -endless grind fest -horrendous drop rates -the custom service its a myth

fallendeus, Jul 1, 2013

Nothing to do but grind and grind and.... grind. Seriously this game is absolutely awful, that is if you can get on their horribly made website and actually create an account. It took multiple tries on their buggy site, somehow they even managed to up and make doing the captcha a grind, before i could make an account then i finally managed to get in and play and found that it is sincerely not fun at all.

dzonib, Mar 27, 2012

The game is in beta test yet even its released , its full of bugs , client crashes , unbalanced classes and more , isn't worth paying for, i recommend stay away from it for another year or so.