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War Thunder War Thunder is a next generation MMO combat game dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets. You will take part in all of the major combat battles, fighting with real players all over the world.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 7307
Genre Action, Simulation, Flight, Vehicle, Combat
Company / Developer
Gaijin Entertainment / Gaijin Entertainment
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War Thunder reviews ( 6 )

kokolas2000, Aug 16, 2014

The best game i have ever play because it has got very good graphics and gameplay !I think that this is the best simulation game that it discovered ! So try it and u will play lots of hours and u will catch yourself get stucked with it!Play for ever !Have fun ansd keep safe lalalalalalalalalalala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps:Nick(in warthunder:nickolas.zaf)!ha

innervizionman, Apr 1, 2015

Игра на твёрдые 9 баллов ,удивляет проработка всех деталей игры ,начиная от кокпитов самолётов и до звуков выстрелов , всё сделано на высшем уровне ААА игр. Помимо хорошей графики и оптимизации большое разнообразие игровых режимов,удобное управление,много контента. Без сомнения игра уровня ААА проектов. 10 баллов не поставил только из за небольших шероховатостей физики в наземной составляющей игры.

Revikk, Oct 3, 2015

The graphics are great, but unfortunately is the only purely good thing about this game. The company markets it as a "historically realistic simulation", which is not true. The economy is terrible grinding, flying models are wrong, ground forces are unrealistic (korean war tanks fighting ww2 tanks?) The worst part is the way users are treated in the forums. I started playing but these things drove me away. There is a lot of frustration. It is fun for 1 or 2 matches, after that... it is frustrating. Try it and get a tranquilizer beforehand. And if you have any problem with it, do not waste your time in the official forum.

Ciemnoczarny, Jan 12, 2014

+physical model of flight and damages, +quite realistic airplanes performance [in realistic and historical mod] (specific for each plane, it makes player closer to real, historical technical specification of each plane) - some mistakes are still there, but I hope they will be solved during game progress. +graphics/sound, - bad research model (after last patch), - bad economy model - it is still beta and it seems that it will stay like that for a long, long time... I'm giving low rate only because of research/economy model which is very annoying now. Anyway, it is F2P game so all of us can check it and decide if it is worth of playing and paying for premium content or not - that is positive side I guess. Thank you for attention

KidPaul, Jan 5, 2015

This game got nothing going for it atm, except the graphics that are good. The driving, damage and flight modules are a joke, if they are broke the will not fix it unless it is a Russian tank or plane under performing, then they will turn it into the beast asap. meanwhile a really bad design decision on the tiger tank had to wait 4 months to be fixed, i mean it only toke the dev 2 days to screw it up in the first place but fixing it was something that had to be done by expert. yes historically all Tigers fought with headlights on comrade, completely historically accurate, infact all german tanks came with builtin headlight anti-gun depression.... Oh this Sherman tank do not have this thick armor here it has to be fixed... wait we did something wrong, read wrong paper comrade we will fix it eventually... The Tiger and the armor "fix" on the captured German Sherman was just two example of one of the biggest problem with Gaijin and is the next point in this review. Extremely Russian bias, yaks, yaks, laggs and more lagg every patch. for other nations they will release one plane and then you have "modules" for it so can only fly it out once. but for russian the will make exceptions and will seperate it into different planes even thou it is the same plane except a gun change... just look at all those yaks and you get it. the German will have one plane with "modules" instead. The community is a joke with abusive moderators and a community manager that would have been fired if it would have been any other company. just look at the German tanks snafu, where the community manager called the community a bunch of whining *****. for being right, yes the community was right Gaijin had to revert their change eventually or trademarked soon. side note apparently the Russian forum section is ok with none abusive moderators but do not know if that is true so no plus for that. Nope that is not your kill. kill stealing is something you will find in all games but in this game it is amazingly bad. a player can take out basically everything on the opponents plane or tank and you can just roll in put a few round in the enemy and get a free kill. I have it done to me and have it done to other people, it is just that the system for kill counting is so bad you just abuse it to the max. Production server is beta server, beta server is basically alpha testserver, yes they are not runing a finished game on the, infact atm they are running a paywall "closed beta" on the production server. yes you to pay to get access to all the American tanks in an effort to "test" tanks before they are released in the public every other few day, ehh no weeks, no wait what did we promised them new tanks every other few days. hahahah stupid community shut your mouths we do not care what we promised you, we decide what you get so **** you. yhea that is the response from Gaijin when people ask what happen to the American tanks that is behind a paywall. Basically this game was ok back in the days like way back, but with every patch they just add more frustration and fix less and now im not supporting them anymore. im gonna wait for my premium to run out and then bye bye gaijin.

HellHammer9182, Mar 12, 2018

Don't waste your time, it's all about arcade mode, not very realistic, super buggy and glitchy, tanks appearing out of know where when they should have been visible, hits not registering, full of hackers and cheaters, please don't bother with this game it's complete garbage. Also if you post any kind of criticism in the forums they just delete it and if you persist they delete your account.