Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Crack/Patch

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne The Frozen Throne provides gamers with a vast new chapter in the epic Warcraft saga. In the single-player campaign, players revisit the war-torn world of Azeroth. Several months have passed since Archimonde and the Burning Legion were defeated at the battle of Mount Hyjal, yet a new threat has arisen throughout the land. One new Hero per race, each possessing powerful spells and magical abilities. A host of new units, each equipped with new abilities and spells, giving players the opportunity to create diverse strategic and tactical forms of combat. Player-built shops, unique for each race, equipped with items carefully designed to improve and aid the units of every race. Neutral Heroes, available for recruitment by all players, that can supplement and strengthen a player's army with all new spells and abilities. Expanded multiplayer options over Battle.net including multiple new game types, clan and tournament support. [Blizzard]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 90 / 100
User rating
Downloads 7465
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy, General
Players 1-12
Company / Developer
Blizzard Entertainment / Blizzard Entertainment

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne reviews ( 5 )

cyberdejin, Oct 22, 2011

CONTAINS SPOILERS ! This expansion, completes the story of the fallen prince leading him to became "ONE" with the Lich King. One of the best stroy telling in its Genre with an amazing story, Frozen Throne is not an easy game to beat in its single player campaign. One, should play this expansion before starting WOW series inorder to have a full understanding of the events. It is not satisfactory to read it from forums since it is important to feel like Arthas before killing him in WOW. Arthas had reasons before walking through his dark path. 10/10

ThecriticGoD, Mar 27, 2016

Keeps on with the great campaign from ROC, with new interesting heroes and units, the music is just as great as in the original one, the multiplayer is just so good with the new maps that it offers and stuff, the automated tournaments, the game is just as great as ROC or even more.

Aeryx, Jan 9, 2018

The Frozen Throne takes the best of Warcraft 3 and makes it better. Even by today's standards, this game is just phenomenal. I can still remember playing this game in the hardest difficulty setting so many years ago and constantly screaming at the unfair computer AI in the SP campaign where they mine gold and only 1 Gold is deducted from their mine whereas your mines will always lose 10 Gold regardless of the upkeep. Despite this though, the games was such an experience to behold with Arthas becoming the Lich King and everything else going to hell. The characters were all memorable and I can still remember Sylvannas, Furion, Kael, Illidan and the Naga's stories so many years after I played. The multiplayer was awesome and truly enjoyable with the map editor. You have to give a 10 to a game so good it gave rise to other genres of games--- MOBA and Tower Defense. This was long before mobile phones became smart. This game brings back so many good memories. Thankfully, it wasn't released today or it will be packed full of lootboxes!

max1c, Apr 14, 2013

Fantastic game. Improved on everything that Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos needed to be improved in. This game was everything and RTS game needs to be. Nice looking graphics, high skill cap, fine balance and even had great campaign with interesting story. This game was a great competitive sport for many years.

VortexTheory, Jul 17, 2017

Fix this ass game. If a human god (lyking) says it needs fixing then you know they did something wrong. Why are you allowing a tier 1 unit to counter a tier 3? Is Blizzard retarded? Daddy needs a better game and Blizzard needs to provide. We need good content for good steak dinners.