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Wargame: Red Dragon The Wargame series returns to duty, larger, richer and more spectacular than ever before. In Wargame Red Dragon, you are engaged in a large-scale conflict where Western forces clash against the Communist bloc.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2631
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Historic, Tactics
Company / Developer
Focus Home Interactive / Eugen Systems
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Wargame: Red Dragon reviews ( 7 )

Nuts, Oct 13, 2014

Another great game to the series with so many improvements. The added Navy has forced players to always have a defence planned. The creators have focused heavily on RTS not just spamming large amounts of units. Once again players have to think about troops and how they are used. Infantry in the open will be mowed down by anything, but in a forest they are a worthy force. Players will always need air support behind their Offensive/Defensive lines, supply trucks must refuel and re-arm units and so on. This is a game that does have an intermediate learning curve but is extremely addictive once you get your head around the game dynamics.

willy2008, May 5, 2014

Great.. yeah, well i was expecting this and it came as what i exactly wanted. I'm having so much fun these days with my friends. I've been playing this from European escalation.

Dogman, Apr 17, 2014

This game is incredible. The graphics have been enhanced immensely and the game looks incredible. The new units and the ships are very fun to play and add a new dimension to the game. The old spam tactics from Airland battle are completely gone now due to the many new changes to the units, the mechanics, and the balance. The game is even more tactical and the large maps add a whole new strategic dimension to the game. The new factions are all unique in their own way and add alot of character to the game. The best strategy game without any doubt since both multiplayer and single player are now extremely fun and provide many many hours of gameplay. The best RTS on the market!

Yoki, Apr 20, 2014

Love this game, Love this series, Keep the train roll !!! I very like the direction they went, focusing on the campaign - as this makes battles much more interesting and with some contexts ... cant wait for next iteration .... please please make it Middle east. The only Con i currently see & i hope wi;; get better is some performance issues - as game slight choppy at times (i have strong Machine with CrossFire)

proteus555, Jun 17, 2017

One of the best RTS in my life! Singleplayer campaign have hard mission where you can easy lost your army because computer is very very good but mutiplayer is so hard :(

Sharky0922, Sep 27, 2014

3rd game of the series. And have some Improvement over previous Wargames. Best strategy game at the moment for sure. beats COH2 and MOW series easily In making sense and realism category. But its not enough to give it 8 or 9. Especially when they wont learn from previous games. Really huge maps and beautiful maps. Again plains and now Ships!. Rivers can be crossed now by swimming units - no choke points. You can really go crazy tactic now. It became much harder game since tank spams are not that successful any more. I personally stopped using tanks at all. Def. you have to be much more smarter and careful with your units. Unfortunately instead of fixing basic issues they just keep adding more and more units. Looks to me they spreading they attention on everything ships, planes and miillion units and nations. Instead of narrowing and making it flawless. After 2 games they finally added some features people were asking from beginning ": - map view in lobby, - ban option from room , And it only took them 3 games to do it! Congrats Eugene! You are fast learners hehe. Ask yourself a question why it took you soo long. What kind of people work at Eugene that don't what's going on in multi games that you need to sometimes BAN people. Once again, it took them 3 games to do it! Stupidity of that team is pretty much visible. Yeah add more units to counter that. But that would be it. Still no black list, still no availability to see what kind of deck your team-mate have. And other simple things that should be straight forward for strategy game. Looks like they hit their mind capacity and ideas limit. Good to know its last game from this series. Still no strategy level in multi. It is in single player, but in multi ? nope. Just one map game where everybody throws units on each other mindlessly without bigger picture option. It seems nobody from strategy games devs can do it these days. Wonder why is that? Would that mean people who make strategy games have no clue about those games and are not fans of them.. like Eugene. Eugene studios had potential and some great ideas but it run out of them long time ago. Since then their motto is "ADD MORE UNITS". Only because of the forum they were improving game. This is just sad. Still you should buy this game despite my harsh review . Its only playable strategy game going towards realism atm. But don't expect miracles here. And like always in Wargame series - good team-mates. Without them you are screwed. I say like this On W:ALB I had 812 hours. On W:RD I have only 100. So if you didnt played before in wargame series. BUY IT you will love it. If you did played before in wargame it wont have that initial sparkle to keep you long on it like me. Eugene - make good strategy game! Hire some people who actually have good idea about strategy! I dare you.

Suen, Jun 21, 2014

I was addicted to this game. Can't control myself. In the end, the game banned me for complaining the units on the forums. That's good because I can finally stop playing. If you want to play this game, have good self-discipline or otherwise, you will end up like me. Annoying the forums for better units. What was I thinking? Same as to you when you are mad at the unbalanced units. Hope you find this review useful. All in all, the game is outstanding but lethal.