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Wargroove Take to the battlefield with Wargroove, a strategy game for up to 4 players. Choose your Commander and wage turn-based war on battling factions. Design and share maps, cut-scenes and campaigns with easy-to-use editors and in-depth customization tools.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 76
Genre General, Strategy, Turn-Based, Tactics
Players Up to 4
Company / Developer
Chucklefish / Chucklefish
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Wargroove reviews ( 6 )

Se7en717, Feb2, 2019

Finally a game where I can live my nostalgic childhood of games like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars. On top of the fact that maps can be created and shared across PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. This game is also on PS4, but because of Sony's ruling, you cannot cross-play between the other consoles if you own it on that platform. GAME PLAY The game play is spectacular. It plays like Advance Wars but with a few differences. For example, instead of your commander issuing commands in the background, they actually fight with you on the battlefield and are pretty OP at that. You have to be careful though, if your commander dies, you lose. The map creator allows you to create skirmishes, campaigns, puzzle maps, and scenarios. Unlike other campaign editors, though, this game allows you to create your own cut scenes. SOUND The music is pretty good. I find myself repeating the melodies throughout battle. VISUALS The visuals are what you would expect from a Fire Emblem or Advance Wars game but to me, I find it scratching that nostalgic factor. Although, out of all of the good things this game has, I do however have a complaint here and there. You cannot save multiple games at the same time. You can exit and return to where you left off but that is it. This can be fixed in updates or mods in the future, though. You, also, cannot pick random AI or pick a difficulty for AI either for skirmishes. Again, this can be fixed in future updates or mods. Despite these couple of cons, I give this game a solid 9/10 or if I could, a 9.5/10. For $20 (with a %15 discount right now if you have Stardew Valley or Starbound on Steam), this game is a must have for anyone.

nitorita, Mar 19, 2020

Wow, I'm not sure why so many people are bashing this game so hard. People who are Fire Emblem fans should embrace every game of this genre, as well as the differences they have from their pioneers. Keep in mind, Wargroove is an indie! It is not an AAA multi-million dollar budget masterpiece. The story and gameplay is very solid and manages to maintain the heart of the genre. Wargroove has its own interesting story and a good mix of different characters with their own set of missions. The graphics are perfect and the game is optimized. There is a fairly good amount of missions in the game, which should last you a good week or so of active gameplay. This game is rather well-made, so I recommend anyone who can't get enough of this genre to at least give it a try. Now then, the primary issue with this game is balancing. The default difficulty is Hard, which means that both sides inflict the same amount of damage. This may sound fair, but halfway through the campaign, enemies start with significantly more troops and funds than you, making it impossibly difficult to beat them. You have to rely on trial and error, which is tedious since you constantly keep losing. I dropped the difficulty to Medium because the game just wasn't progressing, and after I did that, the game felt a lot more balanced. On the other hand, near the end of the game when navies and dragons become available, they are incredibly overpowered and the AI doesn't know how to properly deal with them and doesn't act logically when it comes to protecting their base, so missions are a lot easier than they should be. Again, balancing. DOUBLE TROUBLE DLC - 7/10 A free addition to the game; this DLC adds nine* extra missions for you to play (*excluding the tutorial). To access it, you have to go into Co-op and not the default campaign. You can play it solo just fine. The main issue with this DLC is, as you can guess, balancing issues again. The tutorial provided is a walk in the park, and then you're simply thrown to the wolves with missions that range from hard to impossible. Definitely not family friendly. As a solo experience, I would give this DLC a 7/10 for being a decent way to juice a bit more out of the game, although it doesn't really introduce anything new. As a co-op experience, I suggest just not bothering altogether, unless you're willing to drop the difficulty to accommodate your partner's skill level.

Mizuiro, Jul 14, 2019

Juego muy flojo, las tres facciones tienen las mismas unidades pero cambiando la skin ( lo cual me parece muy cutre y te quita las ganas de probarlas al no haber diferencias reales), los turnos son eternos falta fluidez por un tubo. Graficos bonicos, lo ??nico. No recomendado.

Ughduty, Feb 15, 2019

Most important: UNITS DO NOT GAIN EXPERIENCE!!! And they don't level up. Something even Advance Wars had. The two are therefore not really comparable! The game is relatively shallow. It is more like a puzzle game. There is just not much room for strategy or tactics being the battles and maps are of a rather small scope and you do not have a lot of options with your units. Second the AI is dump as bread. The game still has some appeal but it's for sure no game you want to play for hours on end. It's a game I would advice to pick up when it is on sale for no more than 8?��. Single-Player Score 0/10: If I would had to pay only 8?�� for it I would give the game a score of 6/10 but because of the asking price of 16?�� I can not advise anyone to buy it if you are only interested in the single player portion of the game. Therefore I give it a single player score of 0/10. If there were unit experience implemented I would give this portion of the game a 6/10. Multiplayer Score 6/10: The multiplayer experience is a bit better because you do at least have a human AI to cope with. Nevertheless the missing units gaining experience thing pulls down the fun with this too. If there were unit experience implemented I would give this portion of the game a 8/10. My overall score therefore is a 3/10.

Novakin2, Mar 16, 2019

I purchased the game via Steam at a bad time. I don't know why, but there seems to be some type of anti-pirating software that shuts the game down during launch if you use controllers. There are documented threads on the support forums of tons of gamers having their games shut down for no reason at all. I will raise my user score when I can actually play the game that I paid for.

Johangir, Feb8, 2020

Doesn't have much going for it. The dialogue is very often cringey, it's not even campy or fun like the advance wars games, it's just... bad. The sprites are serviceable, but all the character portraits have these red noses, like they're all alcoholics or something. The game IS very well balanced, but at the cost of not being fun. Battles very quickly transform to "slowly creep forward and win by attrition", which may have been novel in Advance Wars at the time, but is grating here. There's a lot of modes, but really no incentive or drive to play any of them. It's just not very good.