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Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr Enter the Chaos-infested Caligari Sector and purge the unclean with the most powerful agents of the Imperium of Man. Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr is a grim Action-RPG featuring multiple classes of the Inquisition who will carry out the Emperor’ will in the darkest reaches of theEnter the Chaos-infested Caligari Sector and purge the unclean with the most powerful agents of the Imperium of Man. Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr is a grim Action-RPG featuring multiple classes of the Inquisition who will carry out the Emperor’ will in the darkest reaches of the Imperium!… Expand
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 59
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General
Players Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Games Workshop / NeocoreGames
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Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr reviews ( 7 )

Ronch, Jun9, 2018

Great game! Fun and tactical, slower paced which I like. For the emperor! P.S this game got a lot of bad reviews due to unstable servers on launch day and from the beta/early access period. Actual release is miles better!

geistreiches, Jun7, 2018

don't trust the negative reviews, the game is fun, it feels like those solo missions in starcraft where you have just one unit under control and have to go through some objectives with story elements.. you got ton's of different gear and skills to upgrade, the story, atmosphere, music and graphis are all very polished, multiplayer is also integrated to upgrade more stuff and get better equipment.. people are right the game is slow paced but that's fine for me, just relax while you purge.. best evening activity

WonszMorski, Jun7, 2018

The best Warhammer 40k game I've ever had a chance to play in. The amazing atmosphere, the well-reproduced world of W40k, Endgame is a must for W40k fans,

gambidt, Jun7, 2018

I created an account here just to write this review and warn people. So it started when i went on here (metacritic.com) to check the reviews for this game and then i bought it and had high hopes that this game would be the game to end my diablo 3 days. i was so, so wrong. this is the first product i have ever requested a refund for on steam (having over 300 games). I am a veteran of the ARPG genre, having over 4,000 hours logged in diablo 3, PoE, and Torchlight. I will explain, in detail what is so bad about this game. (i got to lvl 12 btw) 1) First off (and my biggest issue) is that the characters aren't what determine your skills. so i picked a sniper character thinking 'oh cool, ill be able to level up my snipe skills and get really good at going in cloaked and then surprise attacking!' nope. the skills are attached to the weapons that you swap out every mission for upgraded weapons, and there's no way to upgrade those skills. the only things that you have upgrades to are a really weird skill tree system that gives you small non-game-changing bonuses like +1% dmg. cause ya know, that's fun. If you get lucky you can find a weapon with a set of skills that your really like, like the sword i got had a leap with a poison AoE, but then i was stuck using that weapon and didn't want to swap out for the weapon that i knew was better, and had higher dmg and power level. really seems like the core of the game was made wrong. 2) second reason is that the game feels extremely slow. the hack & slash game play of the great ARPGs is not present in this game. you start a level where you walk very slowly through hallways (they say this is tactical) and pick off very small groups of enemies (groups of about 2-3). and after about 20 minutes of this, you eventually run into an elite guy that can take a few shots. this guy isn't fun either though.. you can either just LoS (line of sight) him until you wither him down, or just face tank him because he doesn't actually hit hard (even on hard difficulty). If you happen to encounter a boss enemy you might actually get to use your skills! 3) third reason is the loot... or i should say the lack of loot. it really feels like they just put random colors on the items and had them be generated from a pool of randomly selected stats with no balance. like i said before i come from the diablo 3 community and it seems like there should be certain stats on certain items and not on other items, but instead, i got grenades that regenerate my health. yeah that makes sense. also the rate at which loot drops seems very low. 4) fourth reason is enemy variation. i know the destiny games got made fun of for this, but this game is a lot worse. there's about 12 different enemies that I've fought in my time playing the game, and about 8 of them die in 1 hit before they can even act, so then we are left with those things that just look like strongmen wearing leather vests and the big robot walkers that shoot missiles. if you like only fighting these 2 things, this game is for you! 5) fifth reason not to get this game is that you cant play the missions that you want to play, co-op. if you initiate the co-op computer (its literally a thing on your ship) it plops you into a random mission where you just kill all the baddies. no progression on story. no choices. i will say this. the game has really nice graphics - like where the bosses shoot missiles that track to you, so ill give this game 3 points for the graphics and 1 point for the fact that the game actually works and doesn't crash/isn't buggy. other than that though, if you are an experienced ARPG player, this is not the game for you. the leveling feels like a slog and the rewards for leveling just aren't there. if you are just a warhammer 40k fan, then please by all means try the game out. it is stylized the way i expect warhammer games to be. but don't think that this is how all ARPGs are.

regardless, Jul 19, 2018

I Really wanted to like this game. But there's simply too much B-grade here to recommend. 1. The world is not an open world sandbox like advertised. Literally nothing about this game is an open world. So off the bat the lies don't sit well 2. The enemy animations are abysmal. Good luck feeling satisfied with killing enemies in this game. 3. The randomly generated maps are boring and repetitive. every one may technically be different but they certainly don't feel it 4. grinding for ages for 1% increases in stats? wow...just wow 5. the game generally isn't very fun....Cover doesn't work properly, The movement is slow, the objectives are boring and there's no reason to recommend it to friends

Jrdp, Jun 22, 2018

Currently the game is a mess. They have already launched it after several months of beta and weeks on delay over the oficial date just to release a broken game without any end game content, several broken mechanics, graphical and game breaking bugs, and the worse balancing seen in years. The key points: - Open world and Persistent: To put it easy, it's just a plain lie. The game is neither open word (no more than Path of Exile) nor persistent it's a pure blatant lie. - Graphics: Graphics are ok but the performance is atrocious. With a 7700k at 5Ghz and a 1080 i get framedrops to the 10th fps level and in ocasions the game plays like a powerpoint. - Content: Game leght is 10h if you dont count grind as content, the history is regular (not very good but at least have a wh40k feeling) but it's too short and you are just releyed to repeat the same missions again and again and again in a grindfest of 50h-100h depending on the class to reach the end game level. All the content is just plain grind, for example first even was just kill 5000 mobs, not more not less.. - Mechanics: Half the mechanics are just wrong or not working at all, for example cover is just a mimic (is a lot more safer just shoot the enemy that take cover and then shoot), the "Open World" are just the same small maps (2 min leght to clean them, with veeeery minor variations) that repeat each time till you could make them with the eyes closed, they dont are even remotely random. - Loot: You have a loot driven game that have a mechanic that force you to replace your items with new and inferior ones or have a damage done and damage receive penalties (in the order of 200% or 80% damage done penaltie to make a full 20% damage), i could not even think what the hell the developers where thinking. - End Game: Simple, Don't exist at the moment. - Class balancing: Don't exist at the moment, after months of beta, they didnt have time to balance the classes. A good 20%-40% of perks are not working properly. - Grind: It's only what exist at the moment, you need to run 10 basic missions to have the curency to run an "advanced" (Tarot) missions, one mission is 1/20 in xp of a Tarot or main quest mission, and you only have quest misions to reach lv20 of the 50 levels. And as they dont have any end game currently they have even increased the grind from lauch to have the people grind more and need more time to reach the non existing end game. Also, the dificulty is non existing, they match dificulty with repeat the same again and again till your eyes bleed.Of the hundreds of missions done to reach lv50 i think that iv'e failed maybe one and just because i was not paying attention and doing the level mechanically. - Coop or Pvp is unplayable due lag. - You need online connection not to play the game, just because the developers use it as a cheap anti-piracy. You could even continue playing a mission after the server goes down and dont crash till you end the mission and the game tried to store the mission rewards. - The game is full of cheaters, cheat is as easy (or at least was) as editing the game resource files, not to talk of more "complex" cheats of trainers and memory editting. If the missions the game never makes any calculations on the server (it dont even need the conection to the server) and is all made client side. You could have a player with several thousand of kills less than an hour after an event goes online.

tpol, Sep1, 2018

The game feels more like a very long concept demo rather then a fully fleshed game. The itemization is the worst I have ever seen in ARPG, seems that the only thing that matters is quality (ilvl in other games) and not actual stats. Sometimes you get to a point where for several levels the items can roll exactly the same stats ranges but the quality level raises anyway?!?. It is a broken game, I really regret having bought it full price. There are other things like bugs and the very small and boring maps. Save money and time, play something else.