Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach Crack/Patch

Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach is a 3D turn-based strategy game like you’ve never seen before: fast, immediate, deep, impressive to look at and incredibly fun! Fight through a dark era of carnage and endless war and lead the Space Wolves in a struggle to defend the last bastion of mankind.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 961
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General
Company / Developer
Slitherine / Strayllight Entertainment

Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach reviews ( 5 )

Blackness, Feb 23, 2017

Wow, I've been waiting since Dark Omen for a good warhammer turn based strategy. This game has some flaws, but they're all easily fixed, and the core mechanics is good. As long as the devs keep working on it and adding content, I see a bright future for it.

Aloo, Apr 6, 2017

Review after finishing the single-player game. For me this game was a very strange experience. The first 2 missions didn't get me interested in the game. The first few times that I sat down to play it, it was not exiting, I just had some time and got bored of Civilization, Panzer Corps or Crusader Kings. Once I got playing I could not stop and was fully engaged. Now that its finished I cant wait for expansions. The Bad: - very simplified briefings. Much could be improved here - the maps and the environment are graphically very simple - need more in game explanation of what each unit does - some balancing is needed - some small bugs -weird controls; they didn't feel logical even after playing the whole game - missions are unbalanced; some skirmishes can be difficult now that the time to finish has been shortened. On the other hand some of the later missions are easy to finish with minimal losses The Good: - good looking units - feels like a good translation of the Table Top game to PC's - its WH40k - nice choice of units - a semblance of unit progress; would be nice if we could make some choices here but at the moment its random - some epic battles where you really are not sure you can stop the ork waves - once you get into it and understand the rules it becomes really fun

yeled, Feb 3, 2017

Sanctus Reach A turn-based tactics game, that plays like a mix of other Warhammer 40k titles. From Battlefleet Gothic, we have the mission structure: occasional story missions, linked with optional ones. This time, the optionals have 3 versions: defend victory point, take victory point, or both. Maps and objectives are randomly generated, so you might get 7 defensive missions in a row, taking away the edge somewhat. Still, these missions are quick and sweet, unlike the story ones. Well, let us say "story" instead, for there is none here. It is about Space Wolves hunting orks, that's it. From Armageddon, we get the point allowance system - you build your army from set amount of points, with each unit having a score, based on their value. Logical, well working system, too bad, that before each mission, you have to chose from a pool of given options. The game offers you units, but not necessarily the ones you wanted. For example: you get to take 4 bolter squads. If you have units you used before, they will be available for you, but even if you have some well seasoned terminators, you can not bring them in, if the game did not allowed it for you. Armageddon also lends the repetitive dull mission objectives too: it is always about taking victory points - or defending them. From Chaos gate, here are the unit leveling up, and mild, but fun rpg elements. If a unit takes enough scalps, they advance a level, and get a random boon from a pretty big selection. Some are more useful, than others, but it is a nice feature, and it makes it important, to keep the troops alive. Finally the first Dawn of war lend us hte graphics. All right, that is not true, but it certainly felt that way. Still, I don't care for looks, so the plain, outdated quality wasn't an issue for me. The biggest positive was the unit pool: I find a use for all troops from the weakest to the strongest, and none of them became outdated throughout the campaign. It is always clear, which unit can do what, and choosing who to engage and how is the real challenge. Overall, the gameplay, while it can be sluggish on later missions, is still fun and engaging, even if it is a bit too easy. However the boring mission objectives were a detriment of this enjoyment. The only level I remember fondly was the penultimate one, where I had to make a last stand using only low level squads against the full might of the ork hordes. The whole game should had been like that. The side missions were more fun, since there, point allowance is lower, and there is a turn counter, so there is a sense of urgency - even if it isn't as restrictive, as in Armageddon. As a summary: the units are quite varied and useful, well rounded, the leveling up adds some depth, and they even managed to find a better solution for melee, than Armageddon did - now you can tie down ranged units. Sanctus reach adds up to be a solid, pretty fun game. 7/10 Good.

destinyfan1, Feb 8, 2017

This is a good turn based tactics game but doesn't do any special in the genre but is a good fan service for warhammer fans ( i like warhammer games but not fan ).Especially by the many units and rpg elements but missions are repetive . My opinion : kinda boring

Vasot, Nov 30, 2017

Am amateur piece of sofware with weird gameplay choices and with a poorly designed user interface. The AI is either completely stupid or is cheating by having unlimited reinforcements (especially in the Red WAAAGH DLC campaign the AI has overpowered ork units and gets reinforcements in most missions this is extremely annoying and not fun). Most of the missions are extremely repetitive along with poorly designed maps. it also comes along with mediocre sound effects most units sound dumb there is nothing epic about them. I wish a better company made this game.