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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is a fast-paced third person action-shooter from Relic Entertainment allowing players to don the armor of one of the emperor's chosen in a battle for the very survival of humanity. Featuring a seamless mix of melee and ranged combat, Space Marine will deliver a true next generation experience when it launches on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5992
Genre Action, Role-Playing, Action RPG, Shooter, Third-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Players 16 Online
Company / Developer
THQ / Relic
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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine reviews ( 7 )

green_81, Sep 6, 2011

Alot better than I expected. The combat system with the range system works as well as I would hope, and there was enough diversity in the weapons that it kept me interested. It gets pretty overwhelming at times with the onslaught of enemies on you, and gets pretty challenging. It is really satisfying when you get the hang of the stunning and destroying the enemy to gain health. I haven't played the Multi-player yet, but I have a feeling it's going to be pretty awesome! I like this type hack and slash game, and it's a good break from a stressful week! I recommend it.

The_VoidX, Sep 9, 2011

A great 3rd person action game! The sound design is well done just like the warhammer 40k atmosphere. It makes a lot of fun to fight through the hordes of orks and chaos space marines, only the multiplayer modes would have been more tolerated but it may still make a lot of fun because of the many unlockable items.

Krazkog, Sep 6, 2011

I didn't had a lot of hope for this game, I was doubting it a lot. But after playing some time, I realised how amazing it is! It seems easy, and simple, but I actually had a lot of fun kicking ass with a Spacemarine. The weapons are devastating in their own, brutal way. The campaign is a bit shorter then I expected, but it has a good plot and gameplay. I also like the difficulty setting then other shooters these days, both 3rd and 1st. You have to be careful and look around carefully so you don't get your ass beaten. This was the same for the multiplayer. At first I just charged in blindly, which resulted into me dying a lot. Speaking of the multiplayer, I haven't fully done it yet, but I can already tell it seems to be a fun experience. I have great hopes for Spacemarine, and I will certainly be playing it for a long time.

Xradus, Dec 11, 2012

If you played the Warhammer 40k strategy games you're gonna love it for sure, but even if you didn't play any Warhammer games before you're gonna love the campaign. I played so many games in my life, from Final Fantasy to Amnesia, so I can say that this game has a really solid story better than most of the games that came out in 2011/2012. You really get into the story and how the Warhammer world feels and you really get into your character you play. Along with a great story you get a combat system with a lot of action, you have a lot of weapons to choose from and every weapon has some pro's and con's so you need to choose what fits you the most. You actually also feel some progress with every new weapon and upgrade and don't feel like you get some useless junk you're never going to use. It actually gets pretty challenging when you get almost an endless horde of enemies storming at you, it's a hack and slash but you can die easily sometimes if you don't shoot some other more dangerous enemies first. You get also quiet a lot of different enemies from the very weak you can kill in one shot to the tank that smashes you to death in 3-4 attacks. I can't give any review to the multi-player because I didn't played it yet, I rather enjoy a single-player campaign with a good story than multi-player but maybe I'm gonna give it a try sometime. I give it a 8 because it's better than a lot of other hack'n'slash games out there and quiet underrated compared to others, but there's still a lot of potential that could have been done in the game, like upgradable armor and skills like in the Warhammer strategy games.

Endiablado, Oct 21, 2011

Overall a really nice representation of the Warhammer 40K Universe. Some of the material makes more sense to fans of the tabletop game. However the plot seems to drag on sometimes with too many inconsequential objectives before you reach the final goal. I felt it was worth the money, but then I am a fan of the overpriced tabletop game.

Dusty_Hayes, Nov 22, 2013

Space Marine is a decent, satisfying bone crunching hack-and-slash shooter coupled with nice graphics and let down by its single player modes linear gameplay, dull environment and short longevity Warhammer 40K fans will like Space Marine but should grabbed in the Steam sales at 75%+ off.

T5ZK, Sep 17, 2011

This is the worst console port of 2011. Single: No fun at all to its ending. Multi: Out of balance. The graphic engine is damn old. This may suit for kids under age of 12. Others surely hope to get refund back.