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Warhammer: Mark of Chaos Over a year has passed since the Great War, during which the brutal Chaos armies swept across the Empire lands. Many fierce battles still rage across the Old World. Portions of the defeated Chaos armies have retreated to the distant Northern Wastes, while others have fallen to hostile groups. Among these tribes, new Champions rise up in an effort to reunite the Chaos forces, yet eventually all fail. None can match the power of their fallen leader, Asavar Kul. The united Empire and High Elf forces hunt the Chaos hordes from the Empire territories, still alert because danger lurks around them in the form of smaller enemy warbands that loot the settlements of the border lands. Now, four fully playable powerful armies - Empire, Chaos, Skaven and High Elves - as well as additional controllable races (Orcs, Dwarfs, Vampires, and Goblins), clash amidst breathtaking scenery in an epic battle for land and power. [Namco Bandai]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1612
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy, General
Players 1-6
Company / Developer
Namco Bandai Games America , Namco Bandai Games / Black Hole Games

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos reviews ( 5 )

HungN., Dec 28, 2006

I hope they make an expansion pack for this one because I enjoyed it quite a bit. The writing is superb along with the voice acting. After a few patches, they put in flanking and charging feedback and that really made the tactics a lot more obvious. If Namco keeps supporting the game with patches, it will keep getting better and better.

DarrenC., Sep 18, 2007

I hope you like my story in the game, I tried my best to make it relate to Warhammer. I love WarHammer very much. I hope you enjoy. But Namco did do some changes to my story. =-/ oh well. Anyways I'll do my best on #2 of mark of choas. TY =-)

YanM., Nov 27, 2006

Yet another victim of premature release. While it certainly might appeal to Total War fans yearning for some magic and Warcraft-like hero action, as well as many WHFB fans would certainly enjoy just any PC title bearing the Warhammer logo (it's been 8 years since Dark Omen!), Mark of Chaos is too disappointing in single player (or should I just say it's incredibly boring?..) and hence it's not gonna be the favorite in the online RTS gaming community either. Despite the gorgeous graphics engine and the pretty decent core of gameplay mechanics there's simply not enough content to make the game fun. They still can fix it in an expansion or something, but at this moment Mark of Chaos doesn't really have anything to withstand the competition in the genre.

PaulJ., May 22, 2007

After reading the previews and reviews in Micromanía (Spain) I was looking forward to the game, however I was soon disappointed. The start-up movie is great and really sets the scene, but although the graphics are good, the gameplay lets this game down. Basically, WH: MOC plays like WH: Dark Omen; this is a really old game that I had for my PS1 and apart from the graphics and different missions, they're practically the same game. Average

[Anonymous], Nov 23, 2006

Very loose translation of table top game to an unsatisfying real-time format. The beautiful graphical recreation of the dark and gritty Warhammer setting is the only highlight of this tactically shallow, half-finished arcade game. Warhammer fans and real-time tactic gamers should look elsewhere.