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Warhammer Quest Helm a party of brave adventurers through the dangerous dungeons of the Warhammer world in the search for wealth and fame, as players uncover and explore new settlements. In their quest for legendary weapons, players encounter enemies including evil Night Goblins, dangerous Orcs, gigantic River Trolls and hordes of the evil Skaven, hellbent on destroying the band of adventurers.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 57 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1491
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, General, Fantasy
Company / Developer
Chilled Mouse / Rodeo Games

Warhammer Quest reviews ( 7 )

deafknight, Jul 10, 2016

Superb but short lived. Still worth the bucks by far. It gets repetitive and a bit tedious, like most rodeo games, awesome vision, but not enough time spent to make it an awesome realisation

RD_Rabin, Jan 14, 2015

This is a great game and very true to the original Boardgame. (I still have it in my games cupboard) Please ignore the 'MicroTransaction' whiners/trolls. You never need to buy gold and the 'Deluxe' version of the game for less than £20 includes all the current content. Way cheaper than buying it all on iOS too. I'm quite a way into the game and have no issues with it, or with making enough gold to level the characters up. If you loved the Board Game from GW, you'll love this. Worth every penny.

Wolftame, Jan 13, 2015

This is a great and accurate interpretation of the classic Games Workshop dungeon crawler, faithful down to the sometimes annoying random events (in the original game as "roll a 1 phase"). I find the art quality excellent (doesn't feel as sharp as the iOS though on my large screen) and I'm happy to finally be able to play this game on my PC. I just don't get all this whining about micro-transactions, don't you want the game to expand and update? No one is forcing anyone to buy anything (what's with the mentality today "I want it all, and I want it all for free!"), you can just grab the basic game and stay with that (you will already have more than the basic iOS version). The company put effort into developing and adding new material in the form of areas, heroes etc and this cost money, do you want them to do that for free out of the kindness of their hearts because you can't be bother to spend a little on something you supposedly like? Another view is this, in the original game you also only got what is in the basic game here. All the extra heroes, loot cards, expansions with new maps and fancy special gear was extra purchases (expensive) so the game holds true to that. My only concern with micro-transactions is that they sell gold because you can lose gold in random events and it's BAD to have game mechanics that lose you cash money. Oh and I saw someone complaining about random events in the dungeons... It's PART OF THE GAME, it always was, it's keyed to the wizards roll for magic points, whenever he rolled a 1 (0 in the digital game) an event occurs, in dungeons that's usually an ambush. In other words, it's always been like that and is how it's supposed to be. As suggested earlier I would really like to see the dice rolls and it would be nice if they had ironed out a few more bugs before release, but that seems to be the norm of games these days. To sum it up, I really like and enjoy this game and think it's worth the money I've paid for it several times over (bought it for my brother as well). I give it 8 for what it is and is supposed to be, I would give it higher if we had dice rolls and no game stopping bugs (I have encountered one), I'd bump it to 10 if we could also get co-op at some point.

Greywolf2001ca, Jan 27, 2016

This game is NOT Warhammer Quest. It does not even respect the Warhammer universe! It feels like a dumdum diable but turn-based. It way too easy to be Warhammer Quest. What the hell is that crap about villages and towns selling magical items? Are we in Forgotten Realms or the Old World of Warhammer where magic is rare and dangerous? Rodeo Games didn't do any kind of research for this game and it shows. They suck! On top of all of that, the video game, even with all its puny dlcs that have barely something in them, does not even come close to 20% of the base game of Warhammer Quest where you have zillions of different monsters, and especially a good challenge as well as infinite replayability... This Rodeo Crap has not much replayability. Once you finish the game, there is really no point in playing. Oh and get this! Your backpack is rarity based. Really! You cannot carry more than 4 common, common and rare items! LOL What are these idiots at Rodeo Game smoking? Are we playing World of Warcraft or Warhammer Quest? Why did they screw up this really nice game of the 1990s?

RocKeR999, Mar 12, 2015

Awesome game, I enjoyed it a lot. But in few words, you need to invest hard if you want to get all the fun here. The price for every item is too high for such a simple (yet great) game.

Der12te, Jan 14, 2015

After Hours of playing this Game you will crash against the Pay wall. You have to buy Gold for Real Money to Level up your Toons. If you buy the Deluxe Version and sell the Epic Weapons to an Merchant they are gone. You cant buy them back, Nice Game, **** P2W !

onetime40, Jan 7, 2015

PLEASE NOTE: most of the reviews for the original iOS version are from many years ago, before microtransactions were implemented. There is a good game here, which recreates an old board game. Worth an 8 or 9 (a 10 if you could actually see the dice rolls) and the production values are high Though the game gets a 1, why? The microtransactions. This is a "dungeon crawl" game were you hunt for gold and loot. Most of the characters are paid DLC. Most of the loot you get is for those DLC characters. They are very expensive to buy INDIVIDUALLY. The gold rewards are dropped at a dismal rate. So there is a "gold store" where you buy gold with real money to speed things up. Yes, almost like a facebook game. There are also game breaking weapons you can buy, so you never have any challenge with the game. The whole point of the game is to dungeon crawl, survive the challange and find loot and gold (that is the board game in its entirety) Yet this video game version allows you to buy stuff from the start so you can skip all that, leaving you with a hollow game because there is nothing else to do. As stated, the gold drops for those who dont spend real money to progress has been designed so its a very slow progress. Gold is used for everything, from buying items to levelling your characters. iOS users also get shafted, as they need to spend about $50 to unlock everything compared to the PC users who get a "deluxe" edition which has everything included for about $30, although still with the gold store microtransactions. There is also a basic version on PC, where you need to buy everything individually like the iOS. $30 itself is on the high-end for such a title ($50 is just ridiculous) It is a horrible system, one which abuses it's customers and anyone defending it is guilty of ruining gaming. The developers have also stated some of the sleaziest PR talk you can imagine such as: "Some customers prepurchased the game expecting to buy in-game gold" and "We can't remove the gold store, as it would break the game" They are not catering to fans of the board game, they are not catering to gamers, they are catering to that "facebook game" personality type. Shame on this developer.