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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 The sequel to the critically acclaimed Vermintide is a visually stunning and groundbreaking melee action game pushing the boundaries of the first person co-op genre. Join the fight now!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1914
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Arcade
Company / Developer
Fatshark AB , Fatshark / Fatshark AB, Fatshark

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 reviews ( 6 )

antiprodukt, Mar 20, 2018

The game is lots of fun, even better than the first one. Sure, there were (and probably still are) some bugs, but the developer is spending time and fixing them, so that's cool too. Also, yes, some parts are hard, sometimes you play with other people who suck, but a lot of time it's pretty great fun. I've put almost 40 hours into this game so far and I look forward to playing more.

Ludecan, Mar 16, 2018

Sequels done right. Improves upon nearly every aspect of the original. If you liked the original Vermintide or like coop/melee games in general you won't be dissapointed!

tyr8338, Mar 9, 2018

I find this game very amusing, it`s hard and forces you to stay with your team to survive. Graphics are much improved compared to previous part and it runs very good on i7 @ 4.2GHz + GeForce 1070 OC with almost maxed out settings.

noxo33, Mar 26, 2018

Super jeu, pour le prix on s’amuse vraiment, il y a encore quelques bug mais ça reste super fun, c'est plutôt beau, très belle réalisation artistique, vraiment un gros potentiel pour la suite du jeu :)

lo_cash, Mar 17, 2018

It's like Medieval Left for Dead. If you don't know what that means, there's an AI director that watches the player (or players) and adjusts the flow of enemies or adds specialized units to add challenge pending on difficulty level and modifiers you acquire through the game. You slash and shoot enemies with a decent variety of weapons with abilities that range from crowd control, armor piercing and shield breaking. Weapons and equipable items have power ratings and in some cases traits that enhance your abilities whether it be your attack, defense, health, and/or movement. if you played the first one, what seems to be new is character sub-classes, level/experience buffs within those classes, as well as at least one passive and one active special ability. That means each of the four characters has three variants each with their own unique ability and buff sets, and no, you don't have to worry about leveling each one, meaning if you're at level 12 you'll have access to choose from those sub-classes but you can also pick traits respective to your level for each one, in this case (level 12) you'll have access to two skill tiers, of which you can pick one of three options that will affect your traits in a variety of ways. Players sub-class abilities range in a variety of ways, generally, some will kill enemies (such as seeking arrows/fireballs and attacks that move through multiple enemies in a row, however, some abilities have a range of effects that break engagements and provide an additional buff for a period of time. The levels are all well made leaving room for labyrinthian exploration but manages to funnel you in the right direction every time. I think the levels also have a lot of character as well, each level belies an unspoken narrative (though you can get some lore talking to the old lady by the portal after each successful mission). Sometimes you're traversing a village that appears recently ransacked, littered with mutilated bodies that depict all kinds of horrors, another level will have you exploring dwarven ruins now inhabited by chaos and vermin, another will have you explore a beautiful forest that hides long forgotten elven ruins. All are well designed with minimal areas for players to hole up. Difficulty levels seem to spike in the beginning but the more you play it gets easier, in part because you always gain XP for leveling up and you generally get better loot respective to your level (and challenge level). You get more loot for successfully passing each mission which can get better depending on whether you look for Tomes, Grimoires, and "Loot Dice" which can multiply the benefits of those rewards (which means you're more likely to get rarer gear with special abilities. Do you like a particular weapon, and or trinket? there's a forge to level it up, re-roll properties, or straight up craft from blueprints you progressively acquire the more you play, of course, you'll have to break down items in your inventory to get materials to do all that. Great game, look forward to expansions, also beware of Assassins and Hookrats, and **** Bile Trolls.

megabear, Mar 22, 2018

Pros: - Good gameplay, at first - Graphic is fantastic and character design is really top notch - Top notch voice acting to go with top notch character design. Cons: - Repetitive gameplay. Even with loots the game gets dull quickly. - Game is unstable. Expect to crash and lose 30 minutes of progress once every few hours if you're unlucky. - No dedicated server, so expect to lose all progress if host leaves or gets disconnected. - Toxic community, more so than average toxic games.