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Warrior Kings: Battles Orbis has been plunged into chaos and war rages across the land like the fires of hell. Anarchy has spread like a plague across the seas to the Empires of the South and East. The Empires, Nations and Kingdoms of Orbis have collapsed in on themselves, breaking down into Baronies, Provinces and City States. Each man?s hand is set against his brothers? in terrible bloody battles for survival and supremacy. Chaos is driving the provinces apart and the Empire closer to war. Warrior Kings: Battles is set in the amazing and living medieval fantasy world of Orbis. To conquer it will take all the cunning, resourcefulness and tactics you can muster. [Strategy First Inc.]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1299
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy, General
Company / Developer
Strategy First / Black Cactus
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Warrior Kings: Battles reviews ( 3 )

Rangles33, Nov 21, 2011

While this game is not as good the original it does deserve to be played. Adds very good battle units to the series which will definitely come in handy to the player. There is no story to the game but it is all about conquering a fictional Europe and Asia. A very good game for its age. It would no longer be considered a leader in the strategy genre but it's got to be played.

AnthonyC., Mar 7, 2004

Recently bought this game its ok but if ur going to buy it for multi no one plays it any more!!!!!!!! Good point it has good graph and a good play style.

TaliesinH., Feb 27, 2004

I liked this game but the technical problems, I and other people have and the none existent support lets it down greatly it should have been fixed before they sold it. If you dont believe me check the warrior kings battles forum.