Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc Crack/Patch

Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc Play as Joan of Arc. Live out the most exciting years in the life of Joan of Arc, the ultimate female warrior, in the ultimate epic battles! As you progress through her campaigns, other great military medieval leaders will join your cause and bring their own unique fighting abilities and characteristics into the fray. Fight Epic Battles. Orchestrate your troops through eight massive maps featuring formidable strongholds, lavishly detailed cities and myriad landscapes, from rolling hills to thick forests and flowing rivers. Experience firsthand the sheer intensity and savage brutality of medieval castle sieges brought to life in amazing lifelike 3D. Engage in Intense Action Fighting. Slash and slay enemies from a thrilling third-person perspective view. Wield the sword to your advantage by executing unique combo attacks with perfect timing to devastate the enemy. Acquire New Weapons. Train yourself to master new fighting techniques to unleash your full fighting capabilities, then acquire an increasingly devastating arsenal of weaponry to overwhelm your foes. [Enlight Software]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 62 / 100
User rating
Downloads 942
Genre Action Adventure, Historic, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Enlight Software / Enlight Software

Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc reviews ( 3 )

AngieP., Feb 6, 2004

I have only played the demo so far but am definatly getting this game!!! I love it. I would recomend it to everyone. You don't see many females in games it's great that they put her as a main charter and she doesn't look like barbie.

JonathanM., Jan 26, 2004

I played a beta copy of this game. It is very engaging real-time strategy with great battle scenes. Smooth gameplay and Great graphics. I recommend it.

Chimp, Feb 15, 2004

I've only played the demo and I can't beat the defense of Orleans mission, the stupid citizens keep dying. But what I'm seeing looks on track, with fun battles, rpg like stats, the ability to command units and multiple heroes...and it sounds even better with the siege weapons and rts factors of the game.....i'm sure the later missions will be really cool.....my only problem is in the mission i played when i switched to metz and was killing brits and later switched back to joan she was in the same spot....also the camera can be a little bit tricky but I will probably get the full game.