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Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Deck out your Ranger squad with the most devastating weaponry this side of the fallout zone, test the limits of your strategy skills, and bring justice to the wasteland.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 89 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2436
Genre Role-Playing, Western-Style
Company / Developer
InXile Entertainment / InXile Entertainment
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Wasteland 2: Director's Cut reviews ( 7 )

Vault-Dweller, Nov 5, 2015

A further improvement to an already good game. It has now better balancing, better graphics, better interface and cleaned out most of its bugs. Fans of old school rpgs should look no further, Wasteland 2 DC is up until now the best of the kickstarter crpgs!

sumelf, Nov 2, 2016

I thought I became old and that's why no games give me chills or overjoy and then Wasteland 2 came out. Now I know that I'm not old and I can enjoy games as I did in my childhood, but publishers and game developers are **** **** who make **** (not always, but often. There are always some cool new games). Wasteland 2 gave me chills and I played it 133hrs, but I'm over 60%-70% of game yet.

atalhaderici, Nov 11, 2015

Great old school RPG - LOVE IT!!! I enjoyed it. Don't expect it to be Fallout 2.5 though. True oldschool Fallout feeling. The developers keep making huge updates, the dlcs are free. From such a small budget they made an amazing game.

CoreGamer1408, Sep 8, 2017

Fallout 1 & 2 had a great sense of adventure, but crappy combat. Fallout tactics had decent combat tactics, but no sense of adventure. I finally found a game that combined the best elements of the older Fallouts all into one game, aka Wasteland 2. The new Directors Cut content adds for a more deeper and immersive experience, but for some reason the game looks worse on Unity Engine 5 than on old Unity Engine 4.

justanhonestguy, Nov 4, 2016

------> Update After Playing for about 40 hours Even better than the first review that follows, with these following changes made: The writing is actually pretty good, the quests actually have some thought put into them. The game is rock stable on my Win7/4.3 ghz/GTX750/16 gig system, I can 't get enough and am embarrassed to say how I am glued to the PC on this one. Lots of fun, some good humor thrown in to the mix, a few nitpicky issues with design but these don't really take too much away from the fun factor..... still rating in the mid to high 80's , just edging upwards from my original review as follows..... P.S. gotta love how friendly fire works for enemies also, some of the dumb ones surpised me by tk'ing their own guys, just enough times to have a laugh. This game provides laughs. Wow.... having a total blast with this one and all things considered I'll go into the mid-eighties for scoring. Yeah, there are bogus weapon jamming and aiming odds and quirky profanity-inducing mechanics at times, and camera control/in-map orientation could have been done better, but all in all I haven't had this much turn -based fun in a long time.This is reminiscent of the excellent pace and mechanics of JA 2 back in the day The balance is just tough enough on the "normal" or "seasoned" settings to make it a challenge, and perhaps force a reload or two when you blunder over traps or succumb to a ghastly unfair lucky shot from your foe, but not enough to make you quit. This game has the feeling of being designed, written, and play-tested by guys that wanted you to laugh and enjoy the game. I paid $43 CDN for W2DC, and consider it one of my better gaming purchases in recent memory. Like many others, i rebuilt my squad from the ground up after about 2 or 3 hours of gaming, once I learned the ropes of what worked and how. More than anything, the fun factor is what did it for me here. Even though there are a couple of balance issues, and an old school patently unfair odds based hit/miss system, at the heart of it it IS just a game, and this one feels just right for my turn-based iso- view squad mapping tastes. I've put in over 20 hours of intense blasting goodness since purchase last week, and no sign of boredom yet.. I simply want to have fun and alleviate boredom with my gaming, and W2DC delivers really well. Good job InXile and 83-85% from me. One of those games that just makes you say :D

agurczuk, Dec 14, 2016

Wasteland 2 scratches all the classic Fallout itches but is still a far from perfect game. I think this game is a mix of the classic Fallout series (1 and 2) and Fallout Tactics. Praying a lot on the nostalgia so people loving the mentioned games will feel right at home. I admit the atmosphere is there. Travelling wasteland is fun and engaging. Combat is well designed and satisfying. The quests are varied and most of the times interesting giving multiple ways to tackle the problem (most of the times at least). There is a steep learning curve though and having played it once I would have made a completely different starting choices. Which is a shame as I did take the original pre-defined party of characters. It's not bad but due to my choices on levelling up some characters ended up as cannon fodder rather than the useful team members. Guns are fun but some of the gun classes feel useless. Especially the handguns and shotguns. I wanted a varied party so had a medic with a pistol and guy who was supposed to be close combat shotgun wielder. Sadly had to re-purpose both of them changing the first into energy weapon sniper and second to standard rifleman. The shotgun just felt so useless. Quests for the most part are well designed though there's quite a few of 'go and fetch' ones. Some require a bit of thinking and are not all that straight forward which is a nice change from the current generation of "go to this spot and press this button" missions. However there are some really badly designed - one for example hints that there are multiple ways to approach the problem but there are actually two. And while the first one is obvious the second one unlocks only after you acquire the part required for first approach. And the part is somewhat 10-15h of game play away (out of around 60 for the whole thing in my case). That is just stupid. And you can't even go at it guns blazing as this is the only part of the game that has super turret guns killing you instantly no matter how many explosives you throw at it. Really annoying. There is a few quests that are not interesting especially near the end but those you can tackle with guns blazing approach which was nice. The amount of text in dialogues seem to get out of control at certain points without any real benefit to the game. This is also a game of two parts. The Arizona one which feels more fleshed out and the LA part which for some reasons changes mechanics, introduces completely not necessary plot lines and feels a bit rushed. It also introduces an instant spike in difficulty making all enemies two times stronger. Luckily from the get go there is a vendor selling guns that are way stronger than your current loud out. Graphicly it's pretty bad. I played the directors cut which should be updated version with better graphics and assets. And it still looks bad. The texture quality is pretty low, the game sometimes look worse than Fallout 2 in my opinion. The camera works sometimes really strangely. There is no tilt control, and the angle sometimes feel weird - though you can get used to it. The worst looking part must be the world map though. Such an ugly thing. Audio wise - there's not much to tell. Didn't notice any soundtrack. The voice acting is good although not sure why some characters have the voice and others don't (excluding the main characters of the game). The screaming goats are pretty annoying and not sure who decided it was a good idea even if meant as a joke. Overall I'd say a decent title. Had fun for the most part with exception of some annoying situations. Wouldn't recommend it for everyone but for all Fallout 1/2 without a shadow of doubt. Good world design, fun storyline, engaging game play, a bit disappointing ending

Scruffey, Dec 30, 2017

I'm a big fan of turn-based games : Dragon age, XCOM and, recently, Divinity Original Sin 2. I bought Wasteland 2 after some hesitation... What a deception ! Sepia tinged isometric views. Very oldish graphics. All in all, a very dated looking game. Zooming in, out and about to try and get a good view of the action is very trying. I must admit that I haven't played the game for hours as I was quickly frustrated by the "combat" sequences. My sniper couldn't hit anything and my assault rifleman missed almost every time. Guns kept jamming. Even my knifeman kept missing ! Action points melt away so that you can nearly do nothing. I don't mind a challenge but having my team nearly beaten by 4 giant rabbits was a bit too much. This is - maybe - what is known as a steep learning curve. Anyway, for me, it's back to Divinity and up to date games.