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Waves In Waves, the player controls a heavily armed ball. The goal is to clear the board of enemies while racking up a big fat Combo with swift kills and well timed Bombs and if it all gets a bit too much you can use your "Time Buffer" to slow down the action and turn defeat into victory. Players can compete across five different game modes with online high-score tables and Achievements in their pursuit of perfection.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1006
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Squid In A Box / Squid In A Box

Waves reviews ( 5 )

tonycarboni, Jan 30, 2012

Does everything perfect from a developer perspective. Funny, Fun, and Intense.Achievements are a wonderful icing on the cake.Clearly this game is not a result of not enough play testing, every mechanic is pushed to it's near theoretical limit. The bad guys do spawn a bit too close, especially for a top down shooter emphasizing on not getting hit. It's a bit counter-teaching from a developer standpoint. My only real beef is with soundtrack. The songs vary in tempo from very slow to very fast, randomly picked, and too short. If the developer threw together a contest at OCRemix, I'm sure those guys would be delighted and honored to throw together some additions to the soundtrack. It'd be good marketing too. Still deserves a perfect score. Graphics and gameplay are bar none.

Archontos, May 28, 2012

I hardly can believe that such a simple game can give SO MUCH fun!I downloaded demo because the screenshots just looked interesting. I played a few times and... woooow... :D Can't stop trying to invent some new tactics of yielding better and better hi-scores ;pBTW, I think that brilliant music is sth like 49% of the fun ;)BTW2, my girlfriend and brother say, that just looking as someone other plays is also great (they want me to play so they can watch ;p).

KouDy, Mar 27, 2012

There is basically nothing you could say that is wrong with this game. It is prime example of how arena shooter should look like. Built on UT3 engine, implemented physics. There are few game modes to play and all of them are fun. Add low price and you will get hooked up. For anyone who played and enjoyed good old GridWars, Waves is a must get game.

russ-angel, Oct 21, 2012

Great fun = Asteroids with a twist.Exceptional.Well done for creating a really interesting indie shooter,£1.74 on Steam is a bargain.A gem just like Super Crate Box.

zerosix, Mar 14, 2012

It's the year 3000, and you've just scored a job rolling around in a digital petri dish. On your first day, you take some acid--purely for the visual experience, not the ego death. Flowers bloom. Explosions decorate the eyes. Enjoy.