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Wayward Manor Neil Gaiman & Wayward Manor invite you to jump into the afterlife of a disgruntled ghost, trying to reclaim his house from its newfound owners.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 43 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1298
Genre General, Adventure, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Moonshark / Moonshark
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Wayward Manor reviews ( 3 )

iamdog, Jul 17, 2014

An impressive first effort in the gaming world from Mr. Gaiman. The story is engrossing, with a similar tone to Coraline and The Graveyard Book— perfectly fit for the inquisitive (and slightly macabre) teen. The gameplay offers simplistic, yet subtly challenging puzzles. There's a sense of mystery left at the end, one that makes me yearn for more. A pure gaming experience.

Marinerblu, Jul 18, 2014

I sat down with Wayward Manor for an afternoon only knowing that the game was a puzzle casual style game with quirky art. For older audience, like myself, I suggest looking at the challenges. At first look, I was able to breeze right though the levels but when I focused on getting the achievement unlocked, then I saw that the game had more depth. I suggest that anyone that picks up this game to give it to their younger child or try to tackle the challenges because that is where the real entertainment can be found. There are some bugs but nothing that didn't keep me from completing the game.

OHIC, Jul 17, 2014

I can't remember ever having played a commercial game that was completely unenjoyable. Usually there's something there: a nice environment in which to wander, at least one nice gameplay aspect, some fun character work. Not so with Wayward Manor. I suppose you could say that Neil Gaiman's writing style provides a few decent turns of phrase, but they can't allay such a relentlessly repetitious clanger as this. The game is about 2.5 hours long, and you'll wish it was shorter. It is the opposite of fun. I helped to crowdfund this game, so I have every reason to tell myself it's good in order to feel like less of a mug, but it's really not. Originally, this game asked for funding in July 2013 and promised a Fall 2013 release. It sailed through further release targets, and told the community right up until release day that it hadn't been able to supply gameplay videos because the team was focussed on "making the game awesome". Review copies didn't go out until a few hours before the keys went public, with good reason given the sub-50% reviews it's now receiving. That's not a nice way to treat investors or new customers.