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We Are The Dwarves Imagine an inverted galaxy, a dwarven race built off of stars and the danger of extinction as they begin to burn out. This is the setup as you embark on your journey to help 3 dwarven astronauts find the salvation for their race.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 62 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1133
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General
Company / Developer
Whale Rock Games / Whale Rock Games

We Are The Dwarves reviews ( 7 )

Lossy, Feb 26, 2016

This game requires a lot of patience to complete it. I found it absolutely brilliant and I have seen no bugs at all! The game runs smoothly and nicely. This is a treasure from a great indie games legacy!

MrClicker89, Mar 1, 2016

A great game that deserves a place in your games library! It has a truly unique setting and challenging game-play that makes you think twice before taking any action. There is no feeling that you have been cheated somehow after numerous failed attempts, but it rather pushes you to discover new ways of achieving your goals. All your characters represent unique classes that add a lot to your strategy arsenal. Along with unusual atmosphere it multiplies expectations. Guys from Whale Rock Games did a great job. Thank you!

jaguararx, Feb 27, 2016

It's a beautiful and interesting game. Don't trust these newbies, who tells you that this game is too difficult. It's a logical game, it must be difficult. But after few hours you can handle easily any group of enemies and really hard encounters are rare. On contrary, I found some big battles rather enjoyable especially after winning it in a last hit before dying.

Leondor, Mar 1, 2016

This game has an interesting mix of stealth and combat mechanics, with a heavy emphasis on using the environment to your advantage. It is often quite challenging, but never seems unfair, since every encounter has, at least, one clever solution. Unique setting, great art and ambient music together create an awesome atmosphere of underground exploration and adventure. Overall, despite a few minor issues here and there – a must-have for the fans of real-time tactics games.

molokow, Dec 25, 2016

This game has some real strategy. I mean real strategy. The learning curve is hard. But I honestly really really enjoy this game. It really makes you think.. I love games like this.

snovyda, Mar 5, 2016

Very hard, but incredible intresting game. Wonderfull world, epic story, grate mechanic. And real, brutal, dwarves! Most original game on my memory. Must buy.

TomJ, Mar 13, 2016

I like the idea of this game to let dwarves to be main character and rts style game system. but I don't recommend this game because there are some flaws in control part. 1. control set is contrary to general game nowadays. For example LMB is giving command and RMB is rotate camera. Although it's not a big problem and acceptable. but I think it's better to follow main stream control set to let player play this game more easily. 2. RMB cancel skill function doesn't work sometimes. have to click RMB several times to cancel skill. 3. Sometimes can't click/select enemy even mouse cursor on it. Actually there're still some detail problem in this game. but I think to make a immediate and reliable control is the most basic and important thing for this game right now. This game is quite creative. I hope they can make a new game with this idea but more complete in the future.