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West of Dead Descend into the grim and gritty world of Purgatory in this fast-paced cover shooter which combines the fluidity of twin-stick controls and tactical cover usage. Dodge behind cover as you try to outgun your enemies in the unknown procedurally generated hunting grounds.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 65
Genre Action Adventure, General
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Raw Fury / Upstream Arcade
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West of Dead reviews ( 7 )

RaysOfGrey, Jul 13, 2020

(the 10 is ony to offset the LOW rating, which I think are unfair.) Overal I would rate this game a 8/10. The combat is very satisfying. That`s what keeps me going. The story is kinda interessting but not the reason I keep playing. I encountered a few bugs, but nothing mayor. Ive been playingi t for 8 hours now, and i`ll likely play some more. I like it.

MarkusCreed, Jun 20, 2020

West of Dead è riuscito a consolidare le aspettative create dalla beta del gioco, che aveva suscitato un certo interesse. Sugli store digitali è arrivato un gioco che ha un’identità sua, capace di distanziarlo dalle produzioni e dall'etichetta rougelite da cui prende ispirazione. Probabilmente tale diversità nasce più dal suo comparto estetico che dalla struttura di gioco, la quale comunque si dimostra solida e in grado di regalare molte ore di gioco. In primis sarà la voglia di sbloccare un po’ tutto a spingere il giocatore a continuare la sua partita, in questo modo potrà adottare un approccio diverso oppure migliorare quello utilizzato. Perfino la voglia di scoprire il mistero dietro al Predicatore terrà vivo l’interesse del giocatore, nonostante la storia sia in secondo piano rispetto ad altri elementi. In sostanza, il videogioco saprà accontentare soprattutto chi vuole una sfida stimolante e non cerca a tutti i costi una narrativa profonda nei videogiochi.

MohammadBAghri, Jun 27, 2020

This text does not contain spoilers And that's just a short review, not all parts of the game, and it's just a summary. One of the strangest things has happened in recent times, where the title doesn't have significant graphics and the PC version needs a relatively good system. The gameplay in the early hours of my experience of this game is very attractive, but gradually and with the end of the game, it becomes very monotonous and repetitive. This title does not include the desired story, and if you are interested in a twisted story, this game is not suitable for you at all.

dynamiczero, Jul 20, 2020

I may update this later if I keep playing, but so far this game is a total disappointment. The base gameplay is good, even though unpolished, but the progression and everything surrounding it is obnoxious at best. They tried to tack on the story into everything, so the game is a drag. For example, they used the same progression system as Dead Cells, with the "spend all your x currency on something before moving forth to the next level", but in that game it was lightning fast. Here there's a dialogue that has 2 or 3 variations, and gets annoying fast. I just want to spend my money and move forth. Whenever you start a new run, the main character will always say that the bartender has something to talk about, but more often than not it's a thing that he's already said, and 100% of the time it's just flavor text with no importance and really boring. Balancing is terrible, the first boss can legit kill you in two hits, and he's not easy to dodge since it's not programmed to stop once it reaches a column or something in the environment, he just keeps going. Not really a well designed fight. I can't say more about other bosses because I honestly can't get myself to keep playing this game, and haven't yet beaten the Wendigo, and that's a pity because I read that killing him awards you an item that makes exploring easier. See, there's these blue fiery circles every now and then on the levels and I guessed they worked as warp points like in Enter the Gungeon, but they do nothing. Unless you've beaten the Wendigo. Why keep such an important part of the game locked from the start? Would it hurt to let players warp from the very beginning? It hinders exploration a lot since the levels have lots of multiple paths and if you want to fully explore a level (you know, in order to find more things that can make the boss fight easier) you need to backtrack, walking slowly through all the different paths. And as a final nitpick, why the **** is there fall damage? Did the developers really want me to not skip a 10 second long (maybe it's shorter, but it feels that long) animation when going down a ladder? I want fluidity in my arcade roguelikes, not realism. Overall this game could've been a lot better and I think all the things I mentioned can be fixed. It certainly wasn't a development constraint issue, just good gameplay with really bad ideas around it. This game has the base to be really really good, I would love for it to be fixed.

PdePerro, Jun 24, 2020

El juego tiene una gran ambientacion y atmosfera. Te sumerges en esos tiroteos y la mecánica de coberturas. Su principal problema es el gameplay: muchas veces se fija un objeto o unos tabiques de una puerta y da igual donde apuntes que va a disparar a esa direccion, a veces fallas tiros apuntando correctamente, los enemigos tienen una precisión de francotirador ruso sabiendo donde estas cuando no deberían. El hecho de que el botón de ataque a distancia y cuerpo a cuerpo sea el mismo da problemas a veces quieres disparar y atacas a mele (haciendo un daño irrisorio) y otras veces te pasa lo contrario. El menú de la bruja esta rotisímo y no puedes ver las diferentes opciones en condiciones, con el mapa pasa lo mismo cuesta horrores moverse. Todo esto lo he experimentado con teclaod y ratón desconozco si esta igual de mal con mando. Buen juego pero necesitan pulir la jugabilidad ojala lo arreglen en futuras ediciones

Rbox, Jun 29, 2020

The lack of decent aiming mechanics is on itself already enough to stop playing this game. And that is truly unfortunate, because I would really like to like this game. I find the visuals to be great. They are just like some comic books I read when younger. This game needs the following: a dedicated melee button, distinction between between taking new cover and just vaulting over the one you're at. Better registration when you want to ignite the lamps. But above all the aiming needs to be fixed. The twin stick mechanic that is used is implemeted just as it would be in a bullet hell action shooter. That does not work in this game. It needs a lock on and more forgiving aim. As it is now, the game does not give you the tools to defeat the baddies in a fluid manner.

ApocalypseSound, Jun 23, 2020

I really tried to get into this game. The atmosphere, art and rogue like elements are right up my ally. The only problem is the gameplay. The aiming and melee portion of the game is broken. Your cursor is pointed right at the enemy and it shoots to the right. The melee system does not work at all. They used the same button as you use to shoot with. So you try to melee and all you here is your empty gun clicking. It really is a shame because if they would of put as much effort into the actual gameplay as they did the atmosphere, they would of had a game that rivals enter the gungeon. Hopefully they patch but until then this game will make you rage quit because of the cheap deaths.