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West of Loathing West of Loathing — a slapstick comedy stick-figure wild west adventure role-playing game.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1515
Genre Role-Playing, General
Company / Developer
Asymmetric Publications / Asymmetric Publications
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West of Loathing reviews ( 7 )

iampsy, Aug 16, 2017

Awesome game! Great dev team. Best $$ i've spent on a game in ages! If you're a fan of Kingdom of Loathing, then you'll love this game, and will be happily familiar with many characters and enemies!

Svarokok, Aug 31, 2017

One of the best games of the year so far. One of the best rpg games ever made considering the amount of fun it offers. The depth of the quests is amazing, you have tons of options to solve any situation.

SPQY, Aug 11, 2017

The art is charming and the animation is well done, but the writing in this game has been especially and consistently good--which is great, because this game is largely about its writing. It is frequently very funny, and everything has been genuinely delightful to explore. If you're not a Kingdom of Loathing (KoL) player (of which, this game is a spin-off), I absolutely still think this game is worth checking out. If anything, this game is MUCH more accessible than KoL, and, frankly, seems like it would be a better introduction to the Loathingverse than the original game. If you are a KoL player, then I recommend this game even more. The writing captures the same fun tone as the original game, the combat has been greatly streamlined, and the side-quest structure evokes the same feeling as playing KoL except that it doesn't seem nearly as repetitive, as many of the side-quests move quite quickly. Big thumbs up from me! 11!

shellninja, Aug 17, 2017

A wild west adventure with the narrative prowess of an absurd David Foster Wallace in the best of ways! An hour spent with this game is an hour you won't regret. I'm putting this at number 2 of the top 10 best games of all time. Number one is reserved for Asymmetric's next game.

datavortex, Aug 12, 2017

There's not much I can say here that hasn't already been covered well by release day reviews in The Escapist, Polygon, PC Gamer, Venture Beat, Pixel Related or Recombu, all of them absolutely glowing. What I can tell you is that this made my face hurt. Why? I was laughing out loud so much my cheeks were sore the next day. What I can tell you is that my wife banned me from playing the game after she went to bed, because the roaring laughter at a new spittoon gag or crazy dialog about a cow would wake her. And what I can tell you is that I had hours and hours of fun (about 50 so far) solving all the puzzles and crazy, quirky side quests. I don't 100% a lot of games but you can bet the farm I'm going to get every cheevo on this one. Every piece of writing is the highly polished, subtle, droll humor you expect if you have played Kingdom of Loathing. Chock full of references not just to American pop culture and nerd-friendly media, but also deep cuts in literature and tons of gaming tropes. Everything from undergraduate D&D games to Skeleton fort is represented in hilarious fashion. Polygon says that it's "a genuinely deep and hilarious game" and I can't overstate my agreement. It's a huge game, bigger than you think before you buy it, bigger than you think when you start playing it, and bigger than you think when you finish your first playthrough. Don't be deceived by the low price point, this is hours and hours of face-hurting levels of belly laughs and incredible fun. The systems are fun, the puzzles have a great range of difficulty, and combat is satisfying and offers a diverse selection of available approaches. If you like Kingdom of Loathing, if you like things that are funny, if you like nerdy or pop culture references, or if you just like silly walks or horrifically disgusting descriptions of spittoons, you'll love the game. If you only like games that are in all purple colors and Japanese, you probably will not.

jimtheburger, Aug 15, 2017

I played Kingdom of Loathing a while ago. It was a suggestion that i didn't take too seriously till i played it. The second i started however i just couldn't stop playing it. West of Loathing is no different. I love the flow of the game. You almost immediately know your goal when you enter a new area. The comedy is spot on. Even the options for the game are humorous like a "color blind" option which you don't need for the game being black and white. With a game that has had a immense amount of care put into it i would suggest this game to anyone. A $10 price tag feels like a steal (in my opinion for this game).

Pdfortune, Sep 3, 2017

It isn't that funny. Too much reading of nonsense. It would have been better with audio dialogue. It seems like a game from 30 years ago. Very little depth to the game. It is fairly repetitive and boring.