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Westerado: Double Barreled Brought to you by the indie game developer Ostrich Banditos, Westerado takes you on a pixilated journey through the Old West where you must avenge the murder of your family. With a deep narrative and a new mystery every time you play, Westerado presents a full experience rarely seen in free casual gaming. So strap on that six shooter and get ready for some serious avenging. It's time to play Westerado.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1470
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Adult Swim / Ostrich Banditos
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Westerado: Double Barreled reviews ( 6 )

dimitreze, Jan 20, 2017

One of the best games that I ever played on my life. I was so invested in the story. It reminds me of the Lucasarts adventure games and Westworld. Anyone who likes a good western, pixel art and the previous things I mentioned, this is a game for you.

Boggybean, Apr 28, 2015

This is one of those rare games that almost never comes around, unfortunately being stomped on by the huge amount of faux-retro indie games. This is not one of those games. It's got gunfights, it's got humour, it's got quests, it's got an open world. Sure it's small, but that doesn't take away from everything that it does so well. Its best part is that you can do anything, confront anyone, pull a gun during a conversation, anything, and the game will adapt. For example, if you killed a major figure in the game, it wouldn't show a "GAME OVER" screen and make you load a save. It just ends any quests to that person, and can even make people act negatively towards you and even kill you. The size of the game is surprisingly large. There's a main story that's a bit short, but is sweet all the way, helped by the hundreds of side quests, free-roaming and mini-games that you can find. When you complete the game's main story you can continue from right before the ending starts, so you can continue any other side quests and explore things you missed. You can also play as different characters that you unlock through playing the game, that can change the playstyle completely. Its gunfights are incredibly unique too, due to mechanics like reloading and cocking guns. First you have to draw your weapon, then cock it so that it's ready to fire, then pull the trigger. This can make for sometimes annoying fights (especially when first getting used to them) but ultimately makes them fast-paced, satisfying and fun. Another thing to mention that may be annoying to new players is that you can only shoot side-on rather than up and down, but when you get used to it, feels very good when you actually hit someone. The sounds and music are just amazing. The music has got it all going for a Western-themed game, with banjos, harmonicas and trumpets humming in the background that truly immerse you in the game. Sounds are just as brilliant, with birds chirping, buffalos trotting, horses galloping, shotguns blasting. Westerado is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that can't be passed up.

GrumpyDan, Jul 10, 2015

Westerado is a good game with a lot of replayablity. There are tons of missions, bounty hunting, and exploring the map. The combat is by far the best idea I've ever seen, you are able to reload your bullets one by one if you wish or all at once, it has a decent selection of guns, rifle, shotgun, etc. Also the best part of the game is, during any conversation you can just pull your gun out on them. It gives the player a freedom most dialog choices don't. Get this game, its a gem.

Apolsc, Apr 24, 2015

good stories, beautiful pixelated graphics, huge scenarios and nice game mechanics that combines action with old adventure/detective games and also rpg mechanics when you have to talk with every npc to advance in the story. It also has great humour with references to movies and games.

RMDsilva, Apr 19, 2017

Very basic indie game. Funny to play with for an hour, but really not that fascinating to deal with exploring superficial characters, broken economic system and shooting.

malcolmm, Nov 16, 2016

Everything about this game is horrible, I have no idea why the reviews are so positive. Of course the graphics are terrible, but I expected that from the screenshots. The biggest negative is the simplistic gameplay. All you do is talk to everyone and get assigned mind numbingly boring fetch quests. This is the sort of nonsense I use to play back in the 8 bit computer days. It was boring then and it is boring now. There are so many better games out there, in fact there aren't that many that are worse than this one.