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WildStar WildStar is an massively multiplayer online adventure game where players make their mark as Explorers, Soldiers, Scientists or Settlers and lay claim to a mysterious planet on the edge of known space.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 8915
Genre Sci-Fi, Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
NCSOFT / Carbine Studios
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WildStar reviews ( 7 )

rebel0740, Jun 9, 2014

Wildstar is a game for MMO enthusiasts. If you're like me, and you've given everything on the market a try then you know it's hard to find something to really invest in. The movement of the game alone makes it worth checking out and the combat is second to none. And that housing system... I was totally blown away!

inoxcopia, Jun 4, 2014

If you are planing to play an mmo for long time, apart from the endgame, there is also one other thing that really matters. This is gameplay and Wild Star has the best one you can find! On par with WoW on responsiveness level and with even better battle mechanics. This makes PvE battles great and PvP ones even greater! Welcome to Wild Star, it's gonna be a very long trip....

Zrave, Jun 3, 2014

Best MMO on the market right now. I love the combat system, because it is highly dynamic and the telegraphing is a great feature. I like how deeply you can customize your character, from appearance down to your skills and abiltiies, making each character unique. You choose 8 skills from a large pool, and then tweak their emphasis with ability points. You can also customize further with AMPs, their version of talents, of which there are 90 total to choose from. The housing system is also amazing. Each player gets a house around level 15, and you can customize it in infinite ways, with very powerful tools to do so. There are hundreds if not thousands of items you can place in your house, and you can rotate them along 3 axes, scale them up or down, and place them exactly where you'd like. Finally, if you haven't seen it already, check out the developer video on raids, it's awesome :D

GuruChaz, Jun 4, 2014

I have played WoW and other MMOs and I would never give an MMO a bad review just to make another game look better. That's pretty cheesy and lame. That said...I'm really enjoying Wildstar. I've only got to about level 20 but it'sa very well done and well animated game. For those who want perfect animation in their MMOs, this one is it. Also, great atmosphere and fun quests that are out of the ordinary. I loved the weightlessness quest but I won't say anymore.

Aswalez, Jun 9, 2014

Great game so far. definitely worth a purchase. Art is really about Love or Hate, and questing is like any other mmo. But dungeon and adventure design, music, difficulty, progression, action combat system, crafting and housing are AMAZING. The lore in my opinion is really good, the cinematic parts and the cubes you will find in the world (voice acted) are really good. Like I said, the questing could be a little more varied and the not voice acted quests are the only drawbacks for me. WOULD RECOMMEND

Stellen, Jun 4, 2014

Fun, for a little while... Then it soon seems generic, and the interest evaporates. There are few classes, and the difference between the two sides is only cosmetic. The Dominion quests and NPCs were much less irritating though; if you really want to try the game out, go Dominion.

Xelluse, Jun 13, 2016

This is worst optimized game ever, also with very low player base for MMO. It's not that I can't recommend to try, but nothing good left in this game, unlike to fix problems they just totaly cut gameplay, go F2P to somehow save game and now they try to use Steam, but all problems from 2014y are still alive. Most of AMD card owners do not have huge problems with the game, but even GTX1080 players on onf forums say that they can't even get stable 60FPS... So forget to play the game on 600, 700 or 800 GPU versions. Also instead of fixing code problems they are forcing players to use side guides and changing gamer optimized systems to somehow normally run Wildstar and make all other games unplayable on this systems, also some of that fixes may harm you machine if you don't know what and how to do... So take care. Very strange that Wildstar graphics level game can't run better, even same like Black Desert or Star Citizen... (some funboys say that Wildstar have Better graphics than Black Desert or Star Citizen... Happen... O.o) Graphics are way old for resource consumption, even Legion expansion provides same level graphics with very low resource usage, will say nothing how far Wildstar is from WoW. But ideas of the game on lunch was cool and really fun, but all even live features (don't wait new ones at all) are cutted off and optimized for very low online Steam helps a little to increase player base, but anyway there are very low number of players who play it. Can't say do not try it, maybe you will like it, cos game still have nice ART and still left some interesting features, but game which developers don't want to fix 2-3 years old problems and make game somehow playable for its level can't be scored by me. So sorry, but 0/10, Shame to NCsoft after so many great projects creating Wildstar...