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Windforge You find yourself awakening in a new world, on floating islands in the sky with no memory of how you got there. It's a strange, exotic and seemingly endless realm filled with both friendly and hostile encounters alike. You start your adventure discovering how you arrived, why you're in this place and where to go from there. Use your imagination to explore and build to your heart's content or unravel your story and dig deeper into the mystery!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 55 / 100
User rating
Downloads 824
Genre Action, Action Adventure, Adventure, General, Platformer, Sandbox, 2D
Company / Developer
Snowed In Studios / Snowed In Studios

Windforge reviews ( 5 )

baltazargambka, May 20, 2014

The best Game with Giant Wales Ever. Once I started to read about it i thought it will be another boring indie production. Then I decide to give a chance Windforge and it was good decision. It has uniqe storyline no other game indunce in myself so pro-ecological pro wale fealings. We can create a lot items here. And have procedural generated world. I think this game is very good and man no other game has giant flying wales.

Crunchtheist, Mar 31, 2014

This game has tremendous potential... And it is unfortunate that it has yet to make use of it all. First, I think I should cover the positives, since it seems the available reviews are incredibly sparse on details concerning the things that were "FUN" about the game: -I absolutely LOVED the ship-building system! (despite the awkwardness of making a flying vessel that isn't even REMOTELY aerodynamic, and never turns ;-)) It was this ability to customize a mobile "base of operations" that proved the greatest incentive for me to play this game the whole way through, in spite of the bugs and eventual lack of challenges after getting fully decked out in end-game materials. I spent many hours designing a handful of different ships for different tasks (for instance, a mining ship, an agile fighter, and a nearly-indestructible juggernaut with redundant systems so as to never lose vital components in a fight), It was great! -the crafting system was pretty well executed. I would have appreciated a few more organization options, such as a search function, as late-game, I ended up with so many recipes that it was difficult to find what I needed as quickly and painlessly as I would have liked. Despite that small complaint, I felt it was, for the most part, appropriately "balanced" in terms of material costs and rarity of components to rarity of the completed item. It felt rewarding to use the crafting system, but not so much so that you end up breaking the game... At least not until end-game, when there are no more enemies capable of challenging your might. -The "world" in which the game takes place is presented in a very unique fashion; three layers of different "climate types", "strata", "biomes", or whatever you want to call them, of chunks of land-mass held aloft by some mystical global circulation of wind. The wind currents themselves provide a sort of "sub-biome" in between them. It's all pretty surreal. Of course, there were some pretty ugly down-sides to the game, and the overall "unpolished" feel of the final released product was fairly disappointing... In specific: -One of my biggest issues was the fact that I lost track of how many times the game crashed on me in the early days of playing (the updates helped remedy this problem GREATLY, though it still locks up on occasion), -There were also a small number of instances in which bugs or a total lack of available information made accessing things that I REALLY REALLY wanted, and I found that this made it difficult for me to want to continue playing. The foremost of these cases in my mind being an issue involving building the upgraded smelting furnace, which went from literally impossible in an earlier patch, to insanely unavailable in the next. There weren't even any HINTS as to where you could obtain the components necessary to build it, and you could go the entire game without EVER seeing more than ONE! I understand the concept of "secrets", or elite gear being difficult to obtain, but this was just plain WRONG! Ultimately, this game still felt like a totally worth-while purchase to me. I would have appreciated a more fine-tuned and polished final release as much as the next person, but all-in-all, the positives outweighed the negatives, and I got many, many hours of enjoyment out of it. If you have little tolerance for rough edges, you're probably better off passing this one over for now, at least until they fix more bugs and add more end-game content for balance. But if you can overlook that kinda stuff, there is a really great core concept to this game that made it a great play from start to finish.

FreelancerTrent, Dec 17, 2014

(Haven't had a single crash in all my time of playing this, although I've had a few times where the gameworld would pause as if it might crash but then it would keep going fine.) Windforge is a treat for the fans of open-ended adventure, and for Minecraft fans like myself who have wished for customizable creations that could travel with them as they adventure into new lands. While there are plenty of areas where you can spend much time casually racking up easy kills and materials from enemy airships or loot from caves, gamers who love going on almost suicidal adventures into tougher territories - à la Fallout 3 & New Vegas - will be right at home as they try to jack increasingly powerful enemy airships in challenging environments. To experience less of a learning curve, you might want to simply prepare yourself for its fast & floaty movement and on-foot combat with free flash games like Raze 2, Assault Heroes, or Raze 3. Windforge's combination of arcadey fighting, plentiful ammo, and the shenanigans of a great grappling hook system give the on-foot experience its own attraction, especially when swinging between islands and catapulting around with centrifugal force in search of loot crates. It is a great time to be had destroying the hostile airships of the world for their building blocks (or the occasional peaceful airships, if you're a deviant like the), and even if you positively annihilate an enemy airship in order to slay all its crew and own it yourself, you can repair all of its components back into existence, then sweep across them with the deconstruction tool to move them into your inventory for your own airship building plans. Boarding airships is good fun, as is ramming them repeatedly into cliffs until they break, or destroying the critical components that keep them afloat (possibly dousing them with flame as their flammable dirigibles break). This game has no survival element, although from negative reviews I've read it sounds like many people are having a hard enough time surviving as it is XD . The food items could become suddenly much more engaging if they provided nourishment, and if the healing potions providing some lasting health regen or damage reduction perhaps, otherwise I will stick with my stash of 140 nuts hotkeyed to the F key and utterly ignore the system of cooking meat from hostile wildlife. FYI: lots of retarded flying wolves XD I haven't even raided my second temple yet in the story, as I've been busy leveling-up my character's stats and unlocking recipes like the cluster bomb turret (which is satisfyingly potent), and yet I am looking forward to the next temple and to hear more of the story. The gameworld has a lot of obvious love put into it and an immense catalogue of objects, so when I see some lulzy lack of polish such as default item descriptions ("Firestorm Pants: this is a Firestorm Pants." lel, thanks game), it doesn't really detract from all of the fun I'm having, or my enthusiasm for building an airship resembling an end-of-level boss from bullet hell style games. Windforge has that distinctive flavor of being like a great free game you'd find for download on a site like the now departed Gamehippo... and it is a game which may quickly absorb your attention away from the big-budget titles in your library. Its nature as in-development shows most poorly in the lack of enemies or content in certain dungeons, or the lack of diversity in weapon models, making assault rifles and sniper rifles certainly less satisfying to wield, as they don't make your character look more awesome. I hope this information served you well.

JohnnySantos, Mar 25, 2014

Windforge is an intriguing game, with a fantastic world and decent artwork, but it's technical issues and confuse design choices makes it too frustrating to be enjoyable.

joeyleo, Jun 27, 2015

This game COULD have been so good. I mean....flying airships all around and shooting leviathans straight from the air. Its like Terraria on steroids! but....but its not good. Lack of ambience, crappy controls, a bunch of weird empty generated structures. What I thought was going to be a handsome twin to Terraria, ended up just being a leech on its belly