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Wings! Remastered Edition Experience a World War I storyline from the perspective of a combat pilot.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 952
Genre Action, Shooter, Rail
Company / Developer
Kalypso / Cinemaware, Kalypso

Wings! Remastered Edition reviews ( 5 )

honestabe, Jun 14, 2015

This is one the professional reviewers got wrong and don't know what they are talking about. This is not a "simulation" this is a "game" therefore it plays like a game with all the fun of arcade action. It's one of the best flight arcade games I've ever played and the linear driven story is fun an interesting the first time through also. For a few bucks you can be having the time of your life. Don't let misguided and simpleton socalled pro reviewers spoil your fun.

StrikerFIN, Oct 18, 2014

Top notch recreation of the Amiga classic, they really hit all the right notes. HD graphics, orchestrated music and good voice acting added, but the game is essentially the same - arcade WW1 flying game, with engaging story. They didn't change it in wrong parts, like the people who did Speedball HD did. If you loved the original, you'll have blast. But don't expect it to be a simulation or anything really complicated, it's some of the best of early 90's gaming brought back to life, better than ever.

gas, Oct 24, 2014

Here there is to consider that the game is a remastered edition of a Commodore Amiga classic, and also its to consider the price, back in the days this game was really a great game, very fun and addictive, with a lot of attention to details and a great 3d engine. The new engine is quite good and the game is still very enjoyable nowadays, sadly its nothing revolutionary anyway, the overall quality of the release is in line with the price. The game is still very fun and addictive as gameplay, it requires skill going on, it gives a lot of satisfaction, but it lacks variety, as it was in the original. Honestly i would have preferred a triple A quality engine/grahics/effects with a co-op/multiplayer possibility paying a full price tag, but thats it, the game is good anyway even if it looks quite dated for 2014 standards. If you are new to this game i suggest to check some video on youtube, if you played the original i think it worth the price.

Sjalka, Nov 13, 2014

This game has good and bad sides. The very good thing is that is touches a very interesting era that - strangely - has not been touched by many developers ( world war 1 ). It is less simulation than arcade - BUT - and i think that is quite important... it deals with the time in a fairly good way. It has a story that, it has a playercharacter that becomes "someone" that is kind of relatable and likable ( which is more than most arcade simulations like Hawx and similar fail to achieve ) There are some things that i did not like at all though - the game is ugly, - ugly as an average IOS game ( or similar mobile game ). Considering it is on the PC, deals with very small areas and fairly slow planes, one should have expected MUCH greater detail ( which is possible without AAA budget ) - the AI is not too smart. While an individual enemy plane conducts manouvers fairly OK, the squadrons do not work together - it quickly becomes quite a messy skirmish up in the skies - the 2d minigames are a chore. But i was told they were part of the original, so i guess that is why they are in this game in that form. from my pov, it is a 5/10 - a solid one. It is a fun, casual game that does not exceed the complexity of a mobile game ( but could have done so with more efford easily ). If i was the correct target audience ( players who grew up with the original i guess ) i could have awarded an 8/10 easily i guess. the game IS remastered, much more than many "lazy" so called "HD" remakes - BUT a little more efford would have elevated it much higher. - Maybe it can be a precurser to a Wings 2 ... .

bigsilverhotdog, May 5, 2016

I never played this one back in the day so I'm looking at it without any rose tinted glasses mucking up the review score. I suspect all the positive reviews here are from people drunk on such nostalgia, because this game is very poorly designed and fails spectacularly to stand the test of time. The controls and gameplay are limited to the absolute bare bones basics. Strafing is a slow Zaxxon-style isometric shooting with very little to shoot at or run into. Bombing is a very slow top down 1943-style arcade timing exercise without much to bomb or shoot at. 3D combat is the most maddeningly tedious of all, because these planes don't have rudders or throttles. Up-down-left-right and fire is all you've got. You can also "look" up-down-left-right, but that is LITERALLY all there is to the "fighter" combat. It's nearly as simplistic as Sopwith, and that was 2D shareware from 1984. In fact, maybe you could argue Sopwith was MORE advanced, because it had throttle control and takeoff/landing. Further, Dynamix's Red Baron was released the same year as this game and is far better developed than this "remaster", to say nothing of the much rougher original. The "story" is poorly written cliched drivel (with English narration and American text as others have mentioned). The "Remastered" music is nice and fits the mood of the game -- that's the only reason the game gets 2 stars. I played it for an hour and deleted it, never to be touched again. To be honest I had seen all there was to see after 10 minutes. Maybe this tedium was fun for a few in 90-91, but I wouldn't know -- I was busy playing Railroad Tycoon, Civilization, Star Control, and King's Bounty. These games all survived the test of time. Wings, even "Remastered", does not.